40+ Baby Shower Cakes

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Today we are sharing a roundup of the CUTEST baby shower cakes, tutorials, and ideas! If you've been searching for the perfect cake to fit your baby shower theme, we have you covered.

Roundup of the BEST Cake Tutorials, Cake Recipes, and Ideas as featured on MyCakeSchool.com!

Baby showers are one of the most popular special occasions for a celebration cake. There is never a shortage of CUTE cake design ideas, just as there is never a shortage of cake recipes to try!

If you are in search of a great cake to celebrate a new baby on the way, you are sure to find something in this list!

Easy Variations of these Cakes

Any one of these baby shower cakes would make an adorable centerpiece for the dessert table! Feel free to recreate any of these baby shower cakes as they are, or simply pick and choose from your favorite techniques to create a new design.

Most of these baby shower cake designs can be easily transferred to cakes of any size, including sheet cakes. Anything goes!

Colors can be easily changed to to pink, blue, or a gender neutral color palette. We have a roundup of Baby Shower Cakes for Girls and Baby Shower Cakes for Boys as well!

Baby Shower Cakes and Young Birthdays

As you scroll through our collection of baby shower cake designs, you will find several birthday cake ideas listed in this roundup as well. Many of these sweet cake designs would be perfect for young birthdays and baby showers!

Enjoy the Baby Shower Cakes

We hope that you find the perfect baby shower cake ideas to fit your theme! If you give any of these cakes a try, we would love for you to leave a comment or photo below.

You'll find everything from sweet cake topper ideas (teddy bear cake) to buttercream cake designs (buttercream bassinet cake), floral cake designs (buttercream palette knife painting), and more!

Roundup of the BEST Baby Shower Cakes, Tutorials, and Ideas as featured on MyCakeSchool.com!

Baby Shower Cake Recipes

There are so many great cakes in our Cake Recipes section that would be perfect for baby showers.

We usually go with vanilla cakes or light and fruity cakes. Here are a few of our favorites: Vanilla Buttermilk Cake, White Velvet Cake, Lemon Cake from Scratch, and Homemade White Cake, and Vanilla Cupcakes!

40+ CUTE Baby Shower Cakes, Tutorials, and Ideas!

Here is a collection of our favorite cakes that we've made over the years, which would be great for baby showers! These are all free cake tutorials- some are videos & others are blog tutorials!

We are also including favorite baby shower cake recipes as well!


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  1. I'm usually not all that into baby shower cakes. I guess in a way so many of them sort of irritate me with the choices people are doing. One idea I don't like what is to be the full blown belly of mama sticking up right in the middle of the cake and I guess its because I REALLY don't care to see an expectant mother wearing clothing tight and some so tight you can see the complete shape of her bellybutton and being that she's quite far along, isn't necessarily an attractive thing to see. I've seen cute ideas but in the last 5 years I've see a LOT of pretty BAD ideas for baby showers. It seems the trend is going more rude and crude all the time. However, I was SERIOUSLY impressed with the selection of cakes chosen here. They're tasteful, attractive, imaginative, unique and basically have lots and lots of "rights" and not any "wrongs" that I see anywhere. I'd be proud to serve each and every one of these cakes at a shower I was having for someone I cared about. Each and everyone of these decorators need to keep up their excellent work they're doing and set that example for other cake decorators who seem to be going down some very odd and weird paths lately.

  2. @June- Thanks, so glad that you liked it! xo

    @Pamela- Yes, simple & sweet designs are always my favorite- especially when it comes to baby shower cakes! I'm glad that you enjoyed these!

  3. Cuteness overload!! I love your cake school Melissa! Thanks for this "round-up!" Makes it easy seeing them all in a group. :)