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Today we're excited to share a sweet Bunny Cake video tutorial that is as simple as it is cute.  If you've scrolled through our springtime tutorials, you may have noticed that we love bunny themes!



Cute Bunny Cake- Free video tutorial by


How to make a cute bunny cake for easter and spring gatherings

  • I'm going to share a couple of fun cake decorating techniques in this video tutorial. First, you'll learn how to make a simple double barrel cake construction.


If you're not familiar with this, a double barrel cake is a tall cake that is divided halfway up with a cake board and supports. It's the same idea as a tiered cake, only both tiers are the same size and are frosted as one.

Of course this design could work with a standard sized tier also!

  • Next, we covered the cake in short buttercream grass piping for a unique textured look! The star of the show our sweet fondant bunny cut-out. With our template, this decoration could not be simpler, and it's just too cute!

We added a few additional accents  to our bunny with buttercream piping, an edible ink pen, a little pink petal dust here and there, and a sweet bow!

This bunny cake is perfect for springtime or Easter gatherings. I think it could make a precious baby shower cake too no matter what time of year! We hope that you enjoy the video!

Cute Bunny Cake! This free cake video tutorial by is perfect for springtime gatherings, baby showers, and Easter gatherings! Online cake tutorials, recipes, videos, and more!



Here's a link to our fondant Bunny Template


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A few additional Notes for this Sweet Bunny Cake...

In this tutorial, we use our Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream Frosting Recipe. Any crusting vanilla buttercream will do! 

**As I mentioned in our video, piping buttercream grass over an entire cake looks SO cute but it takes time. I don't want you to hate me for this! Ha! So in case you missed it, just know that this double barrel 6 inch cake took 40 minutes for me to cover in grass.

I love the look and the texture that the all-over buttercream grass adds, but if I had been in a time crunch, I definitely would have either just quickly twirled my cake on a turntable and added horizontal ridges with my spatula, or kept it smooth. There are endless quick and easy options to add easy texture to buttercream!



Cute Bunny Cake Tutorial- Free Video Tutorial

Cute Bunny Cake Video Tutorial by! Free cake decorating video! Perfect for springtime and Easter gatherings! My Cake School online cake tutorials, recipes, videos, and more!

Learn how to make a CUTE and easy bunny cake in this free step by step video tutorial! Perfect for Easter and spring gatherings, as well as baby showers!


  • Template for Bunny
  • Four 6 inch Cake Layers
  • Piping Tips Wilton 233 Ateco 133, Round tip 2, Round tip 12 for tail, Tip 2
  • Piping Gel (for attaching bow)
  • Coloring Gels We used a combination of Americolor Avocado Green and Mint Green, Deep pink (nose)
  • Buttercream We used our Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream
  • Cake Boards and Supports For double barrel construction. We used 2 boards and 4 bubble tea straw supports
  • Miscellaneous: Parchment paper, jelly beans, small paint brushes, pink petal dust, Food coloring pen for eye


  1. Crumb coat cake with green buttercream
  2. Chill until frosting is firm and move to the final cake base or pedestal.
  3. Cover the tier in short buttercream grass.
  4. Knead a bit of tylose into fondant for the bunny. Roll to about ⅛ inch thickness. Using the template, cut out two bunnies and allow to dry on parchment.
  5. Allow to set up until it can be easily picked up and placed on the cake. (I waited approx 30 minutes.)
  6. Draw eye onto bunny with a black food coloring pen and apply pink to the cheek and ear with pink petal dust.
  7. Apply buttercream to the back of the fondant bunny and secure to the front of the cake.
  8. Add a tiny bead border outline to the bunny (optional) and dots for accents.
  9. Add fluffy tail with a tip 12
  10. Add jelly beans to pedestal (I secured mine with a little buttercream.)

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Cute Bunny Cake Video Tutorial by! This free cake video tutorial is perfect for springtime and Easter gatherings! online cake tutorials, videos, tutorials, and more!



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  1. Hi Melissa, this is adorable and I'm trying to make it for this weekend, I'm having abit of a problem piping the grass, the buttercream and I are wrestling..... It is very hard to go come out of the tip, I wonder if I'm doing something wrong. My fluffy buttercream came out a bit grany looking, I substitute it the milk with heavy whipping cream, maybe that's the problem, but you have the expirience, maybe I shouldn't of switched...., also I want to know if you use the same buttercream to outline the bunny.
    As always thanks a million for your tutorials, I think you are awesome!!!

  2. Hi Millie, Melissa is on a short vacation with her family so I will answer for her. If the frosting is hard to come out of the grass tip, I would add milk to the buttercream. Add 1 teaspoon at a time until it is the consistency you like. Melissa did use the same frosting to outline the bunny and outlining the bunny is optional. It is time consuming to cover the cake using the grass tip but it is very cute. The cake would also look very cute if you used any other technique for covering it. Here is a link to a Spring Bunnies picture tutorial that uses a cute but simple technique if you decide to do something else, Using heavy whipping cream instead of milk will make your frosting a bit softer and take longer for it to crust but it is fine to use it. The whipping cream did not cause the grainy problem. We have found that some brands of powdered sugar that say "pure cane sugar" on the label can still cause a grainy problem. We used to use Dominos or Dixie Crystals (both say pure cane sugar) but a few months ago the Dixie Crystals began causing grainy buttercream. Both brands have cornstarch in them but Dixie Crystals must have changed their formulation because it is not the same. So now we only use Dominos or the U.S. brand from Costco works well. Hope all goes well.

  3. Hi, the milk did it!! Thanks, I made it with a double 8" and out came out really pretty. Thanks again for your help. You do an amazing work!!