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Welcome to My Cake School! We are so glad you're here. My name is Melissa, and my mom (known by many as "BeBe") and I have been creating cake recipes and cake decorating tutorials for our website since 2010.

If you have a love for baking or cake decorating, this website is for you!

We could talk about cakes all day long, and are excited to share all of our tried and true cake recipes, advice, and favorite cake decorating techniques with you!


Yes! We used to be a paid membership site, but we decided to open everything up in 2022, making all of our hundreds of cake decorating tutorials free! You'll find all sorts of creative cake decorating techniques on our site for any occasion. 

We have a range of cake decorating tutorials, from beginner to a bit more advanced. Most are cute and creative designs that anyone can do. Our goal is to make cake designs that are achievable for even those that are new to cake decorating.

We aim to show the simplest way to create beautiful cakes! You'll find birthday cake ideas, baby shower cakes, bridal shower cakes, and more. We also have lots of tutorials on the basics of cake decorating!

You can find all of our cake decorating tutorials here: Cake Decorating

We love scratch cakes as well as cake mix cakes! You will find both as you scroll through our collection of hundreds of cakes! Don't be overwhelmed- you can search by flavor or cake type, or simply use our search bar to find the recipe that you need!

We have lots of favorite scratch cakes! Our most popular are: Carrot Cake, Almond Cake, Italian Cream Cake, White Velvet Cake, Chocolate Cake from Scratch, Vanilla Velvet Cake, and Lemon Buttermilk Cake. But there are so many more!

Make sure to take a second to scroll through our Section of Scratch Cakes!

We have some great cake mix recipes that we've created over the years!

Just as with the scratch cakes, it is hard to pick a favorite! Here are some of our most popular cake mix recipes: Carrot Cake Mix Recipe, Strawberry Cake Mix Recipe, Marble Cake Mix Cake, WASC Cake, and Easy Boston Cream Pie.

Make sure to scroll thorough our whole collection of Cake Mix Recipes!

We are happy to help you with questions about recipes and tutorials. You can leave a comment beneath the post, and also feel free to email us at

Also, if you are on Facebook, check out our cake group there also! You can find it here: My Cake School FB Group

The Early Years

About twenty years ago, I had my own cake business from home.  

Here I am on a typical Saturday morning back in my cake business days. I loved baking and cake decorating, creating fun designs, and playing a small part in so many celebrations.

My biggest challenge was not overbooking myself- this was way too many cake orders for one day! ;0)    

Cakes Everywhere!

My Cake School

Mom and I started My Cake School just as I was winding down my cake business. I was looking for a way to share what I had learned in my years of cake decorating, while also continuing to experiment with new ideas.

Mom (aka BeBe) has many years of baking experience, and so much valuable information to share as well!

In 2010, My Cake School was born.

My Cake School has changed a lot since we first began. We started as a membership-based cake decorating website. However, over the years, we've expanded to include hundreds of our favorite cake recipes as well. 

Switching to Free Cake Tutorials & Recipes

In August of 2022, we made a huge change to our website and phased out our paid membership section.

All of our cake decorating videos which were previously behind a membership wall are now open to everyone! 

We are so grateful to our past members who have been a part of our cake family for so many years! Our new format is an exciting change that will allow us to make all of our cake decorating tutorials and favorite recipes readily available to everyone.

Our Work

Our cake recipes and cake designs have been featured in all sorts of fun places over the years, from magazines to popular websites and more.

Free Cake Tutorials and Recipes- My Cake School

Thanks for Joining Us!

Whether you are new to cake decorating or are looking for new ideas, there is something for you on My Cake School!

We work on creating, troubleshooting and perfecting new recipes every day, as well as answering your cake questions!

New Posts

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We hope that you will stop by often to join us in our cake adventures. Thanks so much for being a part of our site! xoxo

Melissa & BeBe