Elephant and Wagon Cake with Buttercream Ruffles!- Video

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In this two part cake Elephant and Wagon Cake decorating video, you will learn to create an adorable cake topper of an elephant in a wagon, along with a fabulous ruffled buttercream technique!

Whether you're interested in learning how to create the perfect topper for baby showers and young birthdays, OR how to pipe a unique vintage style buttercream ruffle, this video has something for you!

Adorable Elephant and Wagon Cake Decorating video tutorial by MyCakeSchool.com! Featuring sweet elephant cake topper and buttercream ruffles! MyCakeSchool.com Online Cake Decorating Classes & Recipes!

Part One:  Learn to create our elephant and wagon cake topper!

Part Two:  Decorating with unique buttercream ruffles!


For the topper:

Rice cereal treat- we used a 22g. size

Fondant with tylose powder kneaded into it (or gum paste)

Templates for the sides of the wagon (optional)

Small circle cutter for wheels (we used a large piping tip)

Coloring Gel:  We used Americolor super black, Teal, Deep Pink, Electric Green

Pink Petal Dust (optional) - Watermelon is the shade that we used

Pearl Dust (ours was ultra super pearl)

Americolor Black Coloring Pen (optional) for eyes

Floral wire for balloons in a sturdy gage (20 gauge for example)

Misc.: Sharp knife,

Part Two:  Buttercream Effects

Medium consistency buttercream/frosting

Piping tip 70 (this is a leaf tip)

Cake boards to boost the cake while piping (I used 4 stacked and wrapped 8" cardboards).  Optional, but I find that it helps to get a good angle as you make your way to the bottom of the tier.

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  2. I am new at this whole adventure! I am going to start making a cake or cupcakes every weekend and giving them away to my family/friends for the experience. I would love to make this shower cake or any shower cake for that matter; can the animals be made and frozen or stored ahead of time? Also what would you easiest shower cake be to make for a beginner? Is there a video for it? Thanks for all your help

  3. Hi Lorryn! Your family and friends are so lucky for all of the sweets that will be headed their way ;0) - Gum paste or fondant cake toppers can be made well in advance and just stored at room temperature in a dry place out of the sun (as the colors can fade). I like to store mine in a bakery box or something that can breathe a little. (We still have toppers from old videos that are over a year old!) ;0) -

    Some of the easiest in my opinion are the ones with fondant or gum paste cut-outs (for instance a stork or teddy bear, etc.). I also love the baby shoe cake toppers because they can easily be made using the provided templates and they look so cute on top of a cake! Here is the link to the shower cakes in our member section:

    We also have some cute and easy baby shower cakes in our "free tutorial section" as well-- Here is a link!:

    I hope this helps!

  4. could you please tell me the size of each tier in the elephant wagon and the number of layers in each ttier i am havintrouble with sound on my computer thank you