Sweet Baby Bassinet Cake- Video Tutorial

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In this cake tutorial, I'll show you how to create a SWEET baby bassinet cake topper as well as delicate eyelet accents for your baby shower cakes!

Sweet Baby in a Bassinet! Member Video Library~ MyCakeSchool.com



No matter how simple a cake may be, a cake topper adds instant personality..and in this case, our bassinet topper brings a dose of adorable as well as elegance.  

We love how it came out! I also demonstrate another simple favorite of mine, eyelet!  It's the perfect accent for your spring and summer cakes (and very simple to create too!)

Our video is split into two parts:

PART ONE:  Learn to create a beautiful bassinet!

PART TWO:  Watch as we create the little baby for the bassinet, as well as a piped eyelet effect.

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Rice cereal treats: I used approximately six 22 gram bars for my bassinet
Liz Marek Fondant- My fondant of choice ;0)-- I used approx.  2 oz. (44g) for the bassinet, 18 oz. for the 6 inch tier and 24oz. for the 8 inch tier.
Piping Tips -Small round tips for eyelet & piping-- I used 00, 1, 2, 4... any small tips are great.
Extruder- Optional (used Makins Ultimate Clay Extruder (aff.) for my monogram.)
3 inch flower cutter (plaque on monogram)
FMM Multi Ribbon Cutter for fondant (optional)
Ribbon- We used thin ribbon as an accent on the bassinet
Coloring Gels: Americolor Deep Pink, Americolor Copper (for baby's skin)
Buttercream or royal icing for accents (We used Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream.)
Piping Gel or "glue" of choice
General Supplies: Cake boards for beneath each tier, supports/bubble tea straws for beneath top tier as well as topper.



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  1. Yes, that is not clear, Melissa used approximately 2 oz. (44g) for the bassinet. We used 18oz. for the 6 inch tier and 24 oz for the 8 inch tier. I have made that change so it reads correctly. Thanks for letting us know.

  2. Melissa, please help me, I can not watch the videos, get the green screen and not seeing anything. thank you

  3. I made the topper- LOVE IT!! I'll post the picture. Will be making the cake (dummy) tomorrow.
    Absolutely adorable. Thank you once again. Hmm.... now what to choose after this?

  4. Hi Melissa fantastic tutorial very well explained hope to make it soon thanks so much, looking forward to more great tutorials, thanks again.

  5. Do you have a good sugar free icing I am a diabetic and I would like to have one. One that I could make flowers with. I love your site.

  6. Hi Melissa

    I just did the sweet baby bassinet. Just wondering if it is alright to put it on a buttercream cake or does it have to be a fondant?

  7. Hi Peggy, I love the baby bassinet, I'm so happy you made it. It can be put on a buttercream cake. It does have some weight so you will need to add 2 dowels underneath the bassinet so it will not sink into the cake. Melissa uses bubble T straws but it is fine to use your dowels of choice.