Fun Cakes and Cupcakes for Father's Day! A Roundup.

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Today we are sharing a roundup of FUN cakes, cupcakes, and ideas for Father's Day!

We're featuring several cake designs and cake recipes from our site, as well as some favorite cake ideas from other pages! Many of these could be adapted for occasions year-round.

Also, make sure to check out our favorite cake recipe ideas for Father's Day!

Roundup of Father's Day Cakes, Tutorials, and Inspiration by!

Table of Contents

Father's Day Cake Designs

Here's one of our most recent free cake videos! This easy buttercream Cheeseburger Cake Design was so much fun to make and is perfect for Father's Day (as well as cookouts, summer parties, and for the cheeseburger lovers in your life!)

We piped our cheeseburger design onto a double barrel cake but it would make the perfect sheet cake design as well!

Find this free Cake Tutorial here!: Easy Cheeseburger Cake- A Free Cake Video Tutorial!

Easy Cheeseburger Cake- Free Video Tutorial!- This is such a fun cake and perfect for cookouts, birthdays, Father's Day, and more!

Here's a funny little Father's Day Cake: "Fishing You a Happy Father's Day!" This DAD shaped cake is so simple to carve from a 9x13 sheet cake (we provide a template)!

If you know any dads that love to fish, this is the cake for you!! This cute buttercream cake design has lots of texture and the buttercream techniques are so easy! Our free video tutorial will show you everything you need to know! : Fishing You a Happy Father's Day: Free Cake Decorating Tutorial!

Fishing You a Happy Father's Day! A Fun Fishing Themed Free Cake Video Tutorial by!

Continuing with the fishing theme, these fishing bobber cupcakes are SO cute and simple to make! Find the tutorial on!

CUTE Fishing Bobber Cupcake Tutorial by as featured on's Father's Day Cake Roundup!

One more for the fishermen! Simple can be SO adorable, and these sweet fishing cupcakes are the perfect example! Find the free cupcake tutorial by on!

Fishing Cupcake Tutorial from (as featured on My Cake School's Father's Day Cake Roundup!)

Next up, we LOVE these adorable Father's Day Cake Pops by Pint Sized Baker!! So creative and sweet!

The CUTEST Father's Day Cake Pops by Pint Sized Baker (as Featured on's Father's Day Cake Roundup!)

Next up, Father's Day ties & tees cupcakes!  In this tutorial, you'll learn how to make these cute & simple toppers.  You can personalize the t-shirts with food coloring pens to suit the Dad-of -honor {this is great for little ones who love to decorate too!} ;0)  Father's Day Ties and Tees! A Cupcake Tutorial!

Free Father's Day Cupcake Tutorial by! Learn to make CUTE Ties and Tees toppers!

Next up, for the Dads who love to golf, we LOVE this super-easy golf cake tutorial by The Dessert Chronicles!

Easy and Adorable Golf Cake Tutorial by The Dessert Chronicles as featured on's Father's Day Cake Roundup!

Here's another favorite Father's Day cake of ours-- I just love stick figure people ;0)  There's something so cheerful about them, plus you can't get much simpler!

For this free cake tutorial, we frosted our cake in buttercream and used quick and easy candy coating designs for the decorations! Find the tutorial here!:  Happy Father's Day! Stick Figure Family Cake!


Next, our Super Dad coffee mug cake!  I love this design not only because gigantic coffee mugs are a fun change from a traditional cake....but also really lends itself to all sorts of personalization.

Swap out our "Super Dad" logo for sports teams, funny sayings, etc.  for the dad of honor.  Keep this mug cake in mind for year-round birthdays or even a winter "hot chocolate" mug cake - it's a great tutorial to have in your decorating bag of tricks!   Giant Coffee Mug Cake!- A free Cake Decorating Tutorial.  

You can also find the video version of how to create a very similar but cake in our Valentine's Day version: I Love you A Latte Cake

Free Mug Cake Tutorial by! Online Cake Decorating Classes & Recipes!

Next, LOOK at this adorable lawn mower cake theme! Perfect for the dads that love to work in the yard. (by Cakefella from!)

 Lawn Mower Cake for Father's Day! By CakeFella of, as featured on's Father's Day Cake Roundup!

Here's another lawn mower themed dessert that could not be easier! Look at these adorable cupcakes by Kim Byers of!

Father's Day Cake Roundup! CUTE Lawnmower Cupcakes by!

Do you have a Dad who is out-of-this-world??  These funny Monster/Alien Cupcakes are always a crowd pleaser, and are SO much fun to make!  The great thing about monster and alien designs is that anything goes!  This is a great tutorial for kids also, and the more color and more varied the and design, the better.

Isn't there just something about google eyes that just turns everything into cuteness?   Adorable Monster and Alien Cupcakes!- A Free Cupcake Decorating Tutorial!

Free Monster Cupcake Tutorial by!

Next up, for the dads who love a cookout, we have the EASIEST cupcake topper tutorial that you will ever find. Hamburgers and hot dogs are made from cookies and frosting, what could be better? Hop over to see more!: Cookout Cupcakes! A Free Blog Tutorial!

Quick and Easy Cookout Cupcakes! Cake Decorating Tutorial by! Online Cake Classes & Recipes.

Here's another fun cookout cupcake design from! Look at this cuteness!

CUTE Grill Cupcake Tutorial from! Featured on's Father's Day Roundup of Cakes, Cupcakes, and Ideas! 

Here's even more cookout cuteness for you! I'm loving these Grill Cake Pops by!

Adorable Grill Cake Pops by as featured on My Cake School's Father's Day Cake Roundup!

For the Super DADs... (and also a great Groom's Cake idea)! by FlourJuice on

SuperDad Cake as featured on My Cake School's Father's Day Cake Roundup of Cakes, Tutorials, and Inspiration!

Awwww...our Love you Bunches was originally a Mother's Day post, but with a few color adjustments to the "Mama Elephant", you could have an adorable Father's Day cake also.  You can find our templates and a few quick instructions in our free tutorial:  Love You Bunches! A Sweet Elephant Cake Tutorial.

Love You Bunches! Sweet Elephant Cake {free} Tutorial by! Online Cake Decorating Tutorials & Recipes!

For the Chocolate-Loving Dads, how about a cake decorated in Kit Kats and Reese's Cups? You cannot go wrong here! :0)  Kit Kat and Reese's Cake Decorating Tutorial!

Kit Kat and Reese's Cup Cake by Free Blog Tutorial and the easiest way to decorate a chocolate cake!

This Sweet Giraffe Cake is a favorite baby shower  or 1st birthday cake design of mine, but the giraffe templates would be so cute for Father's Day also!

Sweet Giraffe Tutorial by

Another for those cookout loving, cheeseburger eating dads-- This gigantic Cheeseburger Cake (with a side of cake fries) is another from our collection of free cake videos.  These are not only fun to make, but always gets a great reaction!   

Awesome frosted Cheeseburger Cake Video Tutorial by! Online Cake Classes & Recipes!
Awesome frosted Cheeseburger Cake Video Tutorial by! Online Cake Classes & Recipes!

Finally, for the Dads that are DINO-MITE! These guys would LOVE to be a part of your Father's Day Cake!:  DINO-MITE Dinosaur Themed Cake Video Tutorial.

Hope your birthday is DINO-MITE! Sweet dinosaur cake from's member section. Online Cake Decorating Videos, Tutorials, and Recipes!

Cake Recipes

Our Father's Day Cake Roundup just wouldn't be complete without sharing a few of our FAVORITE cake recipes! These are all tried and true favorites and some of our most popular on the site!

This sinfully decadent Classic Chocolate Cake is the star of any gathering! It's our favorite, and can be paired with so many different frostings and fillings-- Oreo Cake, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cake, Mint Chocolate Chip, and so on!

The BEST Classic Chocolate Cake Recipe from Scratch! So decadent, moist, and delicious!Next up, Orange Dreamsicle Cake! This recipe is another favorite of ours and a fabulous choice for any summer gathering.

It consists of moist and flavorful Orange Cake layers with a simple and delicious Orange Cream Filling and frosted in a fantastic Orange Cream Cheese Frosting! It truly tastes exactly like an Orange Dreamsicle! Hop on over to save a copy of this deliciousness!:  Orange Dreamsicle Cake Recipe.

The BEST Orange Dreamsicle Cake Recipe by! You'll love this homemade Orange Dreamsicle Cake with Orange Cream Filling and Orange Cream Cheese Frosting!

Here's another summertime favorite!! This Classic Strawberry Cake is always a crowd pleaser! Hop on over for this scratch Strawberry Cake recipe: Strawberry Cake Recipe from Scratch(If you prefer working with doctored cake mixes, you'll also find a link to our favorite doctored strawberry cake in this post!)

Amazing Strawberry Cake Recipe from Scratch by!

Next, our Carrot Cake Recipe is always a favorite! This delicious scratch cake has carrots, coconut, pecans, crushed pineapple, and cinnamon. It is filled and frosted with delicious cream cheese frosting. This is one of my all time favorite recipes! (We have a delicious carrot cake mix version as well!

The BEST Carrot Cake from Scratch Recipe!

Banana Pudding is one of my favorite desserts and so naturally I LOVE this Banana Pudding Cake recipe! Moist banana cake layers are filled with a vanilla (pudding) cream, sliced bananas, and vanilla wafers! This is such a delicious recipe. We have an easy banana pudding cupcake version as well!

Banana Pudding Cake Recipe from Scratch

Thanks so much for stopping by, we hope that you enjoyed this collection of Father'd Day favorites! If you give any of these a try, we would love for you to leave a comment or photo below!

Father's Day Roundup of Favorite Father's Day Cakes, Cupcakes, Recipes, and Tutorials as featured on!

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