Easy Cheeseburger Cake Tutorial

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In today's cake decorating tutorial, I'm going to show you how to make an easy Cheeseburger Cake Design with buttercream!

This cake would be perfect for cookouts, summertime birthdays, or your cheeseburger-loving friends and family.


Easy Cheeseburger Cake- A free cake video tutorial!

There are lots of carved cheeseburger cake tutorials floating around, (we even have one of these oversized cheeseburger cake tutorials in our member section)--but this cheeseburger cake design is so much easier & faster, not to mention it is SO cute!

How to Make an Easy Cheeseburger Cake

  • For this cake, we used a double barrel six inch cake. In other words, it was tall! This extra height allowed me to make a gigantic cheeseburger.

This design is great for sheet cakes also. Really, anything goes. Simply adjust the cheeseburger cake design to fit the height of cake that you are working with. 

  • For my double barrel cake design, I had a total of four 6 inch cake layers, with a cake cardboard halfway up and four bubble tea straw supports beneath.


This not only gives tall cakes extra support, but it keeps the cake slices to a more manageable height when it's time to serve.  (You can see our free Cookie Jar Cake blog tutorial if you'd like to see more information on double barrel cakes.)

  • To make our buttercream cheeseburger cake design, we loaded tinted buttercream into piping bags for our red (tomato), dark brown (burger), yellow (mustard), and light golden brown (bun) and snipped the tips away. (I didn't use piping tips for these colors.)


  • For the lettuce, I fitted my bag with a ruffle tip 104, and used a tip 3 for the sesame seeds. For the cheese, I used a small amount of orange fondant.


Next, it's just a matter of piping on the cheeseburger, layer by layer! Have fun!

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Easy Cheeseburger Cake Tutorial

Enjoy the Video!

We hope that you enjoy the video! If you give this easy cheeseburger cake a try, we would love for you to leave a photo and comment below. 


Easy Cheeseburger Cake Tutorial

Easy Cheeseburger Cake Tutorial

This fun and easy Triple Cheeseburger Cake design is perfect for cookouts, summer birthdays, and your burger-loving friends and family!


  • For this tutorial, we used a 6 inch double barrel cake (4 six inch cake layers with a cake cardboard halfway up and 4 bubble tea straw supports beneath). Adjust the cheeseburger design to fit all sizes of cakes including sheet cakes!
  • Coloring Gels: We used Americolor Super Red, Electric Green, Lemon Yellow, Chocolate Brown, Orange (for the bun, we used a touch of brown + a touch of yellow)
  • Piping Tips: We used a tip 3 for the white sesame seeds, and a tip 104 for the ruffled lettuce. For everything else, we simply snipped the tips away from our disposable piping bags.
  • Orange fondant for cheese- optional (you could also use buttercream if you'd rather)
  • Decorative pick for the top of the burger & checked basket liner (or something similar) for added details. I found these items at Party City.
  • Potato Chips for final details (optional)
  • Cake base or pedestal of choice


  1. We frosted our double barrel cake with our fluffy vanilla buttercream recipe but our classic vanilla recipe or any vanilla frosting of your choice would work as long as it's good for piping.
  2. Using our tinted buttercream, we piped on each detail of the cheeseburger. We tried to go in the same order of layered "toppings" but that's up to you! We also used fondant "cheese".
  3. I smoothed the buttercream bun with my spatula but mine was still slightly textured. If you wanted it perfectly smooth, you could chill the cake just until firm and go over the frosting with a hot spatula, or you could use a Viva brand paper towel to smooth over the crusted buttercream.
  4. I added final details of the checked liner paper, potato chips, and a decorative pick on top!
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