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Today I'm going to share the easy Kit Kat and Reese's Cup Cake Design that I made for my chocolate-loving daughter this past weekend!

I had the BEST time making this simple chocolate cake, and although the Kit Kat and Reese's Cup design is extremely easy to achieve, this cake is always a crowd pleaser!

Delicious Kit Kat and Reese's Cup Tutorial by! Online cake tutorials, cake recipes, cake videos, and more!


It didn't occur to me at the time to do a blog tutorial on this Kit Kat cake, but the design is so simple to put together that I'm going to just tell you about it! File this one away for a day when you need something quick, fun, and chocolatey!


I whipped up a chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, and peanut butter frosting for the filling (optional). I wanted a smallish cake but nice and tall-- so I went with three 6 inch round cake layers.  After assembling the cake and stood approximately 5 inches tall.

I frosted the cake with a fairly thin coat of chocolate buttercream.  Then, before the frosting had a chance to crust, I pressed Kit Kat sticks all the way around.

You'll want to snap them apart individually so that they can easily conform to the curve of the cake as you make your way around.  If the Kit Kats are not breaking easily for you, you can freeze them for a few minutes.

*Kit Kat cakes are all over Pinterest and so you should definitely check out all of the variations for more inspiration!  Since my daughter loves Reese's Cups AND since our cake was nice and tall, I had just enough space at the bottom to sneak in a row of mini peanut butter cups.  Hooray!

Once everything was placed, I swirled chocolate frosting rosettes over the top with a 2D piping tip, and piped a quick shell border of chocolate buttercream with a Wilton tip 21.


Here's the cake!  The peanut butter cup on top made a nice birthday candle holder too ;0)



Kit Kat Cake with Reese's Cups! Such a fun Chocolate Cake design! Easy cake tutorial by!


I was so happy with how this cake came out--and how quickly it came together!  Even more, my daughter and her friends loved it.  I hope you'll give it a try too.  See you next time!


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Kit Kat and Reese's Cake Tutorial by!

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