Cheeseburger Cake Video!

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In this video tutorial, you will learn to make a giant cheeseburger cake!

We've frosted our cake with a crusting buttercream and added lots of fun details. Bring this to your next cookout! ;0) We hope that you enjoy the video.

Frosted Cheeseburger Cake! Member Video Library!


8/2022- Hello from the future! This video is an of our earliest (you can tell because we had not started to use a tripod yet- haha) - but the information is still good so we are keeping it up!

If you do not have an airbrush, do not worry about it! We just wanted to do a little experimenting with making it "toasty" ;0) 


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  1. Melissa, this is absolutely awesome work, and I also have to make this cake for a client nextweek. Thanks, you're the best!-:)

  2. Sorry, I need to ask a silly question. what is the settling process? I'm sure its allowing the cake to settle down before covering, but what is the ideal amount of time for this? Is it settled when its completely cool?

  3. I'm sorry that there are a couple of comments that slipped by me! @hedrindk--I'm so glad that the tutorial helped you! -- @joanne- I'm sure that you have your answer by now, but all cakes least a little bit on their own. So, if you frost a cake immediately after assembling the layers, you could have some issues with bulging or air bubbles beneath the frosting--or (if you are working with a crusting buttercream) you could also have hairline cracks. Best to let it settle before doing the final coat of frosting.

    @Luna-- I can see it on my end but sometimes re-embedding helps. I just re-embedded the video, can you see it now? If not, send me an e-mail to and so we can discuss! Thanks--

  4. that video was so cool you make it look so easy i feel like i can do it with confindence thank you so much as always i love your website

  5. My friend is having a barbecue for her birthday and asked if I could make this cake for her. I'm going to try it, hopefully it comes out as beautiful as yours did.
    thanks for the tutorial! You guys are awesome!

  6. Hi, this is great! Instead of using buttercream for the bun, do you think covering it in fondant would look as nice?? I only ask because I suck at getting my buttercream as smooth as you did and my fondant usually gets nice... thanks!