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Today I'm going to show you how to make the CUTEST Cookout Cupcakes!

This tutorial is so simple, and would make any cookout even more festive and fun! These sweet cupcake toppers are simple enough for little ones to make too.  Okay, so who wants to invite me to a cookout?  I'm ready!

Quick and Easy Cookout Cupcakes! Cake Decorating Tutorial by! Online Cake Classes & Recipes.


How to Make Easy Cookout Cupcakes

Here's what we did:

First, I knew that I wanted to have a checked pattern somewhere (besides on my apron)-- so I decided to do a little painting....

I cut out fondant circles and let them sit out to set up a bit. Next, I painted them with coloring gel mixed with a bit of vodka. (You can also use lemon extract).

Combining the color with vodka or lemon extract helps the "paint" to dry quickly.


Now for the burger cupcake toppers! 

You can see the progression in the photo below-- We used mini Vanilla Wafers for the buns, and used tinted buttercream for the burger and toppings. Use small round tips (or just tip the end of your piping bag away) for all but the lettuce. For the lettuce, we used a tip 104 (any small petal tip works!)

Next, I'll show you how to make hot dog cupcake toppers!

Again, we used mini Vanilla Wafers. Simply saw them in half with a serrated knife to create the two sides of the hot dog bun.

Easy Cookout Cupcakes! Adorable step by step cake decorating tutorial by Perfect for cookouts and summertime gatherings!

Did I mention that I love Mini Vanilla Wafers?Fun and festive Cookout Cupcakes! Free cupcake decorating tutorial by My Cake School! Perfect for summer!

Place the two wafer halves into the buttercream frosting, and the fill with tinted buttercream to create the hot dog!

Cookout Cupcakes! Free cupcake decorating tutorial by!

Add extras if you'd like! I'll take mine with mustard and ketchup please....These ADORABLE Cookout Cupcakes are so quick and easy to make! The perfect dessert for cookouts and summer gatherings! My Cake School

If you don't like fondant...this next cupcake is for you! I piped intersecting lines of red buttercream with my tip 3. The CUTEST Cookout Cupcake Tutorial by! Learn how to make adorable hamburger and hotdog cupcakes toppers!

As an optional step, you can gently smooth the checked lines with a Viva paper towel (Viva paper towels have no impressions) once the frosting has crusted.

These Adorable Cookout Cupcake Toppers are the CUTEST! Free cupcake tutorial by!

Top with your little hamburgers and hot dogs! SO cute!Adorable Cookout Cupcake Toppers by! Free cupcake tutorail!

We're finished! Look at this cuteness! Fun and festive Cookout Cupcakes! Free cupcake decorating tutorial by So EASY!



**For our cupcakes, we used our delicious Classic Vanilla Buttercream. Don't miss our full collection of tried and true cake, cupcake, and frosting recipes in our Recipes Section! These are our FAVORITES!


Learn how to make EASY Cookout Cupcake Toppers!




More Cookout Fun- Here's an Easy Cheeseburger Cake!

If you're looking for the perfect cake to go along with your cookout cupcakes, we have just the one!

Check out this CUTE and easy Cheeseburger Cake in our free video tutorial! How to Make an Easy Cheeseburger Cake

Easy Cheeseburger Cake




Cookout Cupcakes Tutorial

Quick and Easy Cookout Cupcakes! Cake Decorating Tutorial by! Online Cake Classes & Recipes.

These adorable cookout cupcakes are so easy to make! Keep them in mind for your summertime celebrations!


  • Use your cupcakes of choice with Vanilla Buttercream (we used our Classic Vanilla Buttercream Recipe)
  • White Fondant- optional for white checked circle toppers
  • Mini Vanilla Wafers
  • Coloring Gel- Red, Green, Yellow, brown
  • Vodka or Lemon Extract (for painting)
  • Piping Tips - 104, 3


  1. Frost your cupcakes.
  2. To make hamburger cupcake toppers, use mini vanilla wafers for the buns and tinted frosting to create the hamburger & toppings. We used a 104 tip for the lettuce, and small round tip for everything else.
  3. For the hotdog cupcake toppers, use mini vanilla wafers (halved) for each side of the hot dog buns and fill with buttercream tinted for hot dog & toppings.
  4. If you would like to pipe a checkered design on top of a smooth frosting cupcake, pipe intersecting red lines of buttercream using a tip 3. If using a crusting buttercream, you can gently smooth over the design with a Viva paper towel after the frosting has crusted.



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  1. I can't wait to make these!!!! Perfect for the fourth of July BBQ! And super cute with the yummy nilla wafers!

  2. These are so awesome, they look so real. Perfect. However, I'm in the UK and never heard of these wafers. Is there anything else I can substitute with? I soooo want to make these and fool the kiddos, hehe.

    Thanks for sharing, Melissa.

  3. Hi Lisa, you could use a small sugar cookie, preferably one that is light brown in color to look like a hamburger bun. The mini vanilla wafers we used are very small, maybe only 1 inch across (I don't have one here to measure). You could use a cookie cutter to cut a regular sized cookie into smaller circles. We have had success doing this for other projects. Even if yours are bigger than the ones we made they would still be very cute toppers. Good Luck.

  4. I love these! My husband has concession trailers in which we serve hamburgers & hot dogs. I can't wait to surprise him with these cupcakes