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In this free cake decorating video, we'll show you how to create a CUTE and simple Dragon Cake! This cake is perfect for kids birthdays.

This buttercream-frosted dragon cake is sure to bring smiles! It is one of the first tutorials that we made on our site years ago. We hope that you'll give this design a try, or make it your own! The colors and textures can be easily changed up for a different look.

How to Make a Dragon Cake

I had so much fun creating this sweet buttercream-frosted dragon cake! Here are just a few notes that we cover in the tutorial.

Making the Dragon's Body from Cake

Just as a quick overview, I used a Wilton Wonder Mold pan for the main body of the cake, and the head and neck are formed from a six inch round cake layer. 

The tip of the dragon's tail and head are from compressed & shaped pre-made rice cereal treats.  

You can easily modify this dragon cake design to fit whatever size of cake you need!  You could also use this basic design to create a dinosaur cake, with a few modifications of the head and tail.

My dragon is a cheerful one---but you could create an angry dragon by simply changing  the facial features.  You know I couldn't resist a cute dragon with a party hat! 

Dragon Wings

The dragon wings are formed from a circle of gum paste draped over bent floral wire and ruffled with a toothpick. I think they look very realistic!

In a pinch, you could cut out wings from card stock and attach to lollipop sticks for anchors, or you could even let fondant wings rest against the dragon's back. (I'm sure that even dragons give their wings a rest now and then!) ;0)

More Dragon and Dinosaur Fun

In addition to today's dragon cake, we've also made a tutorial for cute and easy Dragon Cupcakes!

Also, dragon and dinosaur body shapes are so similar that most of these ideas would work for dinosaurs as well (minus the breathing fire part!) ;0) -

Check out these dinosaur design ideas too!: 

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More Birthday Cake Ideas

If you're looking for more Kids' birthday cake ideas, don't miss this great roundup of favorite cake recipes and kids cake themes: Birthday Cake Ideas. There is something for everyone on this list!  

A few of our most popular are our Cars and Trucks Cake, Fluffy Puppy Cake, Farm Cake, and Jungle Cake.

Our Cartoon cake is a fun and easy style as well that works for all sorts of birthday themes! 

Collage of birthday cake recipes and design ideas

Birthday Cake Recipes

Here are just a few popular cake recipes that you could use for the dragon cake! Make sure to check out our Cake Recipes section for a full listing!

Cookies and Cream Cake

Lemon Cake From Cake Mix (Here are more Cake Mix Recipes!)

Vanilla Buttermilk Cake

Classic Chocolate Cake


Enjoy the Video!

Thanks so much for stopping by! We hope that you have fun with this tutorial. You will notice that the video is one our first (2011!) but the information is still good. We hope that you find it helpful! ;0)

If you give this dragon cake a try, we would love for you to leave a comment and photo below!

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  1. Yes Melissa ..thank you very much .
    Please can you email me the almond sour cake recipe.
    Also how many cup I have to prepare butter cream frosting for this cake?

  2. My grandson selected this cake for his 6th birthday. The tutorial was spot on!! I particularly was interested in trying the Rice Krispie bars for head and tail….never done before. They worked just great!!! Thanks for that special idea. If not done that way, I’m sure it would have been quite the struggle to cut that cake as needed. Thank you!!
    Excellent tutorial….very thorough. The wings took an extra bit of time, but worked great!!

    1. Hi Rita! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the tutorial- your cake looks awesome!! So happy for your feedback, I know your grandson loved his cake ;0) xo

  3. The dragon cake is outstanding. I would like to use the link on my dragon mania site, May I please use a link to direct to your tutorial?