35+ Box Cake Mix Recipes!

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Today we are featuring our favorite moist, delicious box cake mix recipes!

We love both scratch cake recipes as well as doctored cake mix recipes, and have added many to our Cake Recipes section over the years! Make sure to scroll through and save your favorites!

Today's collection of crowd pleasing doctored cake mix recipes have wonderful flavor and texture! Nobody would guess that they aren't from scratch.

What Can be Added to Box Cake Mix?

Cake mix recipes can easily be doctored up to change the texture, the flavor of the cake, and to increase the amount of cake batter.

These recipes are moist, easy-to-follow, and consistent. The options are endless!

When preparing our doctored cake mix recipes, the box of cake mix is just one of several ingredients. Many of our box cake mix recipes call for additional extracts, fruit puree,

Texture of the Cake

As you scroll through our box cake mix recipes, you'll notice several different ingredients that act to give the cake mix a slightly denser, more "from-scratch" texture.

These differ from recipe to recipe, but here are a few examples:

  • Adding Sour Cream or softened Cream Cheese to the Cake Mix
  • Adding a Box of instant Pudding to the mix
  • Adding an additional egg than what the back of the box calls for

Other Add-ins for Box Cake Mixes

In addition to the ingredients listed above, other add-ins can dramatically change the flavor of the box mix as well as the resulting amount of batter.

Flour and Sugar are often added in our Doctored Box Cake Mix recipes to extend the batter even further- most of our doctored cake mix recipes make three 8 inch cake layers (or about 28 cupcakes).

We've also added pureed fruit, fruit juice, extracts, coconut, chocolate chips, sliced fruit, zest, and so on. Some of our most popular examples of this are our Easy Strawberry Cake Mix Recipe, Italian Cream Bundt Cake, and Easy Carrot Cake Recipe, but there are so many more!

Once you fine a "base" doctored cake mix recipe that you love, you can change it a hundred different ways with extracts and add-ins to make something truly unique and delicious.

Enjoy the Recipes!

We hope that you enjoy these delicious cake mix recipes! If you give any of them a try, we would love for you to leave a comment and photo below!

Cake Mix Recipes

These delicious doctored cake mix recipes are so easy, moist and flavorful! They are moist with wonderful texture and flavor. Nobody would guess that they aren't made from scratch!

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  1. Can I substitute Betty Crocker for Duncan Heinz as it is no longer sold in Canada. Could I add anything to Betty Crocker mix to make it a lighter cake?