Pastel Chocolate Drip & Reverse Drip Cake!

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This colorful pastel cake with its whimsical chocolate and meringue accents and reverse chocolate drip is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

We can't wait to show you how to create and apply these decorative accents to your cakes.

Beautiful Pastel Drip Cake and Reverse Drip Decorating Tutorial by! {member video}

Why we Love it

There are many reasons to love this beautiful pastel cake! Here are just a few:

Materials for Reverse Drip Cake:

*In this video, we are decorating a frosted double barrel cake. The cake was our white almond sour cream recipe (4  fat layers), and it was frosted with our Classic Vanilla Buttercream recipe (from the Recipes section).  

The cake is sitting on it's own cake board cut down to size, and has another cake board halfway up with bubble tea straws beneath. (We did things a little differently in this video because we flipped the cake. We used 8 straws total, but removed 4 of them from the top after flipping the cake.)

White Chocolate Ganache - 3:1 ratio of chocolate to cream. We measured by weight: 12 oz white chocolate chips to 4 oz heavy cream. (fyi: 4 oz heavy cream is approx ½ cup liquid measure.)

Oil Based Candy Coloring Gels (We used Americolor brand)~ Pink, yellow, & green.

Candy Coating/Bark - We used this for our chocolate shards and accents for the top of the cake

Meringues- (optional)

Coloring Gels (for the meringues) I tinted the bright white meringue with a little ivory coloring gel to get closer to the color of white chocolate before tinting so that the meringues would be a closer match to the ganache colors. We tinted the meringues with Deep Pink and Electric Green.

Piping Bags

Parchment or waxed paper lined cookie sheet or board (for creating chards)

Sugar Pearls or your sprinkles of choice.

Piping Gel

Beautiful White Chocolate Drip & Reverse Drip Cake with Meringues . Member Cake Tutorial by Online Cake Tutorials, Videos, & Recipes!

Cake Recipes

All sorts of cake recipes can be used for this reverse drip cake! Some of our go to cake recipes from scratch are our homemade chocolate cake, lemon cake recipe, white velvet cake, almond cake recipe, and strawberry cake.

Enjoy the Tutorial!

Thanks so much for stopping by! We hope that you enjoy this tutorial. If you give the drip and reverse drip method a try, we would love to see!

In addition, we hope that you will also give the meringues and chocolate shards a try as well. They are so much fun and truly unique!

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  1. @Carla- I've never tried but I think that the consistency wouldn't be right for this. Store-bought frosting can be microwaved and used as a glaze and so something like that could possibly work..(although I'm not sure how the reverse drizzle would go). But I don't think that microwaving homemade frosting would work in the same way.

  2. Hi Donna, yes you can just push them right in! ;0) -- It's best to handle them when they've been recently chilled though so that they will be nice and firm. Also, when making the shards, spread the chocolate thick enough that they'll be a little stronger. You just don't want them to be paper thin. I hope this helps!