Heart Meringues Cake with Chocolate Drip

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Today, I'm going to show you how to make a Heart Meringues Cake with chocolate drip!

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we've chosen a delicious scratch Cherry Cake drizzled in dark chocolate ganache, and loaded with heart shaped meringues.

Enjoy the tutorial!

Beautiful Meringues and a Chocolate Ganache Drip Cake! Cake Video Tutorial by MyCakeSchool.com- Online Cake Decorating Classes and Recipes!

**Update Feb 2019- We now use a slightly different recipe for meringues which has become a favorite for us. You can find the link in the Materials list below. It's the recipe that we use in our Meringue Roses Cake.

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Meringues Recipe - (updated Feb 2019) You'll notice that this recipe is slightly different than the one that I made in the video. (Addition of powdered sugar, no cream of tartar). This is our new go-to meringues recipe.

Dark Chocolate Ganache (1:1 ratio of chocolate to heavy cream. We used 10 oz chocolate to 10 oz heavy cream in the tutorial, but had a good amount left over. An 8 oz to 8 oz ratio would be a better choice if you don't plan to fill your cake layers with ganache also.)

Coloring Gels: Wilton Rose (or your preferred pink)

Lollipop Sticks

Candy Melts (for attaching meringues to anchors)

How to Make Meringues and Dark Chocolate Drizzles! Member cake decorating tutorial by MyCakeSchool.com. Online Cake Decorating Tutorials, Videos, & Recipes!

Enjoy the Video

We hope that you enjoy this Heart Meringues Cake! It would be perfect for Valentine's Day. This design works on all sorts of cake recipes! You may also enjoy our collection of favorite Valentine's Day Cake recipes as well!


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  1. Lovely cake Melissa and certainly one I'll try. I know some of the meringue decorations are on lollipop sticks, but wondered whether the others are just positioned on the ganache before it sets or anchored with candy melts?

  2. Thank you so much Melissa! Love those meringues!!! and the entire cake! I want to make this for my daughter's birthday coming up in February. She wants strawberry cake with white chocolate ganache. What ratio should I use for a white chocolate drizzle?
    Thank you! Arelys

  3. Thank you all so much for your comments!!!

    @Sue - Thanks!! If I remember correctly, the ganache was just starting to set up when I placed some of the meringues upright and they did not fall. However, it's perfectly fine to use a bit of crusting buttercream, ganache, or chocolate to glue them into position. (In our last cake video, for the reverse drip cake, I used buttercream to anchor my meringues with no issues).

    @abCakes1 - I'm so glad that you'll be making something similar for your daughter! (I love strawberry cake) ;0) - A 3:1 ratio of white chocolate to cream worked just fine for us in our recent video that featured a white chocolate drizzle. Here is a link if you'd like to see!:


  4. Beautiful cake.......... I have a couple of questions
    1. how far in advance can you make the meringues and do you leave them out or store them in the fridge till you need them.

    2. can you insert the lollistick before baking them so you don't have to glue them with chocolate ?

    thank you

  5. Hi Stella, After the meringues have cooled you can store them in an air tight container, or a bowl covered with 2 or 3 layers of plastic wrap. We have stored them for 2 weeks with no problem, store out of sunlight or bright lighting if the meringues are colored. We have not tried baking the with the lollipop stick inserted, so I am not positive on that. Let us know if you give it a try.

  6. Hi BeBe
    I did a "test run" on these fun meringues, I have to make a St Patty's day cake and i made shamrocks instead of hearts , not bad for a test run, I'll make them again but change a few things. What I did try is inserting a lollipop stick before baking them, they came out great! I just need to cover it up a bit more next time. I was concerned that the lollipop stick would brown but it didn't ..
    Just need to improve on my shamrock making skills and I'll be good to go!! Thanks for sharing this awesome tutorial.

  7. Good to know, Stella!! I'm glad to know that the sticks didn't become brown. That will make the process simpler! ;0)

  8. Hi Melissa, we LOVE so much that my 10 year old little girl requested i make it for her birthday (wish is today) i was wondering can i store the left over meringue that has been baked yet?? This is my first time making meringue and chocolate ganache so i am a little nervous :0)

  9. Hi Debi, Baked meringues can be placed in an airtight container and be kept for at least 2 weeks, probably longer. If you have colored the meringues, store away from sunlight or fluorescent lighting as it could fade the color. I have never tried to save unbaked meringue, but I think over a few hours stored in the refrigerator it would begin to deflate. If you give it a try let us know what you fine. Happy Birthday to your daughter!