Favorite Chocolate Chip Cake Recipes

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Everything is better with chocolate chips! Today we are sharing our favorite chocolate chip cake recipes.

These cakes are moist and flavorful, and would make great cake recipes for birthdays, special occasion cakes, or a quick and easy dessert just because!

Collage of Chocolate Chip Cakes

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Recipe FAQs

Yes! Any of the chocolate chip cakes featured in today's collection of favorites can be frozen- whether the individual cake layers, bundt cakes, or pound cakes. (However with layer cakes, we prefer not to freeze the entire decorated cakes as condensation can be an issue.)

Simply wrap the room temperature (or slightly warm) cake layers individually or bundt cakes in plastic wrap followed by aluminum foil. If you need additional support, you can place the layers or bundt cakes on a foil-wrapped cake board. Pop in the freezer-- they will stay fresh for up to three months!

To thaw: Bundt cakes take longer to thaw and so we prefer to move the wrapped cake to the refrigerator the day or night before we need it. Then, the next morning, move the kitchen counter and continue to warm to room temperature.

For Individual cake layers, you can move them straight from the freezer to the kitchen counter, still wrapped. Leave the wrapping on for 30-45 minutes before unwrapping and continuing to thaw. Thaw to desired amount for assembling the cake.

*If you must freeze a fully assembled, frosted cake due to a last minute change of plans, we recommend placing in a bakery box that is tightly taped shut, and then wrap the box in plastic wrap.

To thaw, bring to the refrigerator the day before, and then to room temperature the next day. Keep the cake in the box until thawed to reduce the amount condensation.

We don't have a preference in the brand of chocolate chips used in these cakes, however we do recommend using mini chocolate chips when possible. This is just an added precaution as mini chips are lightweight and less likely to sink.

These cakes would only need to be refrigerated if they have a perishable filling like homemade whipped cream or a fruit filling, etc. We do recommend storing them in an airtight container or under a cake dome.

When cakes need to be refrigerated, it is best to remove them a couple of hours before serving so that the cake and frosting have plenty of time to warm and soften.

We hope that you enjoyed this roundup of favorite chocolate chip cakes! If you give any of these recipes a try, we would love for you to leave a comment and photo below.

Some of our favorites are Chocolate Chip Cake from scratch and Chocolate Chip Pound Cake, and Cherry Chocolate Chip Cake!

Favorite Chocolate Chip Cakes

Sharing a collection of our favorite Chocolate Chip Cake Recipes!

Make sure to scroll through our huge collection of Cake Recipes, which includes our favorite scratch cake recipes, cake mix recipes, bundt cakes, and pound cakes! We hope that you find something that you would like to try for your next special occasion!

More Cakes with Chocolate

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Collage of Chocolate Chip Cakes.

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