30 Favorite Coconut Cakes

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Calling all coconut lovers! If you love coconut cakes, you are going to love today's recipe roundup.

Today, we are sharing all of our favorite coconut cakes, from classic coconut cakes to light and fruity favorites, to chocolate coconut cakes, and more!

Favorite Coconut Cake Recipes

Some of our most popular cakes with coconut are our Coconut Pound Cake, Coconut Velvet Cake, Coconut Cream Cake. We also have favorite classic cakes like Carrot Cake, Italian Cream Cake and German Chocolate Cake!

There are so many delicious recipes to try for all sorts of special occasions. Whether you are looking for cake recipes from scratch or cake mix recipes, we have something for you in this list. Enjoy scrolling through!

Favorite Coconut Cakes

30 Coconut Cake Recipes

Sharing a roundup of our favorite coconut cake recipes! We are sharing classic coconut cakes, light and fruity favorites, chocolate coconut cakes, and more!

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  1. Do you have a recipe for coconut frosting that does NOT have cream cheese or any cream cheese, or other cheese substitute in it? NO ONE in my entire family likes to eat or can eat cream cheese, but they all love coconut. I have not found any coconut frosting that does not include cream cheese or its substitute with another cheese in it. Thank you!

      1. Thank you Melissa this is so helpful! Now my family just has to decide which one of these delicious cake recipes it will go on! I know we will have to try several different cakes and frosting combos till we find the perfect one for our family. I can see my scale going up, up up!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing recipes for Coconut cakes!!

    Coconut is my all time favorite flavor,and I look forward to making some of these delicious recipes.

    Again, thank you for your generosity of sharing such wonderful recipes to all your readers,

    Raquel Musgrave