Easy Halloween Pound Cake

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In this CUTE and easy cake decorating video, I'm going to show you how to turn an ordinary pound cake into a Halloween Pound Cake!

It's the season for spooky, festive Halloween desserts and today's Halloween Pound Cake design couldn't be easier.

We'll show you how to dress your pound cakes and bundt cakes with chocolate spiders, truffle eyeballs, brightly colored flowers and more in this fun and festisve Halloween cake tutorial!

How to Decorate a Pound Cake for Halloween

Pound Cakes and Bundt Cakes are often overlooked in cake decorating because usually they are very simply decorated with a glaze or a dusting a powdered sugar.

Not today! We'll show you how to decorate a pound cake that would be perfect for any Halloween gathering- and it's sure to bring smiles.

First, we added a ganache glaze to our chocolate pound cake. This is a completely optional step but you can find the recipe here if you would like to do the same: Easy Ganache Drip!

Next we added Halloween sprinkles! I chilled the cake in the refrigerator as I prepared the other decorations.

We did this to firm up the glaze so we could more easily pipe our buttercream decorations on top of it.

Let's Decorate the Cake!

You can find the full, printable directions further down in this post. Here is a quick rundown of our steps!

We filled our Halloween Pound cake with lots of fun, easy, and colorful decorations. I love how our cake came out!

We have white chocolate truffle eyeballs, chocolate candy coating spiders with candy bodies for lots of dimension, brightly colored buttercream ribbon roses, and tons of little buttercream "monsters".

I think that you can never have too many google eyes- that is definitely the case with today's cake!

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Enjoy this Easy Halloween Cake!

We hope that you have fun making this easy Halloween Pound Cake! If you give it a try, we would love for you to leave a comment and photo below!

Easy Halloween Party Cake Design

Learn how to decorate a pound cake for Halloween cake with chocolate spiders, truffle eyeballs, buttercream flowers, funny monsters in this free cake decorating tutorial!
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Your Pound Cake or Bundt Cake of Choice (See Notes)

For the Eyes:

  • White Chocolate Truffles we used Lindt Brand
  • Blue Fondant small amount, thinly rolled
  • Piping tip for cutting the blue circles any standard tip, we used a tip 12
  • Coloring gels: We used Sky Blue and Electric Green
  • Food Coloring Pen: Black and Red
  • Vodka or Everclear to create “paint” for mixing with coloring gels- optional. Small paint brush.

For the Chocolate Spiders

  • Parchment or wax paper-lined cookie sheet
  • Assorted brown chocolate candies- I used M&Ms Junior Mints, and Chocolate balls- anything goes! ;0)
  • Chocolate candy coating we used almond bark coating, melted. We used two small blocks.
  • Disposable Piping Bags
  • Google Eyes- optional
  • Piping gel corn syrup, frosting or edible glue of choice (for attaching fondant to truffle)

For the Buttercream Ribbon Roses

  • Coloring Gels: We used Americolor Orange Super Black, Regal Purple+Deep Pink (to brighten the purple), Electric Green
  • Petal Tip 104
  • Rose nail wax paper squares

Buttercream "Monsters"

  • Piping tip 233 grass tip/fur tip
  • Google eyes various sizes


  • Halloween sprinkles candy corn, confetti sprinkles, etc. are all great options for extra color!


  • Bake and cool your Pound Cake or Bundt Cake of Choice

For the Truffle Eyes

  • Cut out thinly rolled blue fondant circles with piping tip. Paint (optional) with coloring gel mixed with a touch of vodka or everclear.
  • Add pupil with black food coloring pen. Attach fondant to truffle with a dot of piping gel or edible glue of choice (corn syrup, etc.). I only used three eyes- adjust. number to your liking.
  • For the Chocolate Spiders
  • Melt candy coating (we didn't use much, maybe two small squares of our almond bark) in microwave for 30 seconds, then 5-10 second increments as needed until almost completely melted. Stir until smooth.
  • Load melted coating into disposable piping bag with a small amount of the tip snipped away. Pipe chocolate legs connected to small blob of melted chocolate onto wax paper (lined cookie sheet). Add chocolate candy body to the center. Make several in different shapes and sizes.
  • Chill them on the tray before placing on the cake- 5 minutes or so in the freezer, or longer in the refrigerator. These are much more fragile if you handle them at room temperature.
  • For the Ribbon RosesWe used our Classic Vanilla Buttercream
  • Cut out several wax paper squares. Pipe a dot of buttercream onto rose nail and attach wax paper square.
  • Pipe ribbon rose onto square, rotating the rose nail as you pipe the tinted buttercream to form the rose. Pipe using a 104 tip. Small end of the tip should face up.
  • Make several colors of roses in different sizes. Freeze until firm, then place on the cake.
  • For the little Monsters
  • We used our Classic Vanilla Buttercream. Pipe the monsters directly onto the cake using a grass tip 233.
  • Pipe the little mounds here and there all over the cake in various colors- they have a round pom-pom look to them. Add google eyes!



Use any favorite Bundt Cake or Pound Cake for this cake design! Popular Choices would be our Chocolate Bundt Cake, Chocolate Whipping Cream Pound Cake, and Chocolate Cream Cheese Pound Cake. (Chocolate Bundt Cake is the most rich and dark.)
A butter-based buttercream (rather than shortening-based) is best for our buttercream flowers because it firms up very quickly when chilled. We chilled our flowers for about 15 minutes- chill until firm and easy to pick up and peel from wax paper.
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