Pretzel Monster Cake Tutorial

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We have a fun, easy, and CUTE new Halloween cake video to share for a Pretzel Monster Cake!

Halloween is such a fun time of year for creating kooky and colorful cake designs! This funny monster cake may just be a new favorite, and it's so easy!

Cute and easy Pretzel Monster Cake Video Tutorial by A free tutorial

Cake decorating with candy coating

Candy coating is one of my favorite cake decorating mediums because these decorations set up so quickly, and are a fabulous way to add an extra boost of color and texture to cakes.

Whether you're creating decorations with candy coating or just using it as a coating, it couldn't be easier.

There's no waiting around for hours (or days!) for decorations to harden as is the case with fondant and gum paste. Just create, chill, & go!

How to make A Pretzel Monster cake

Today's cake features a collection of funny, colorful monsters made from a assortment of candy coating, sprinkles, and google eyes!

Pretzel monsters have been a popular dessert choice for Halloween parties over the years, but it wasn't until recently that we realized they would also make the perfect cake decorations.

It is a matter of dipping pretzel rods (We trimmed ours down) into melted candy coating or almond bark, and using various sprinkles and google eyes to decorate. Chill, and then apply to the frosted cake!

The BEST thing about making monster cakes is that anything goes! Whether your pretzel monster has a bumpy texture or smooth, one eye, five eyes, a smiley face or no mouth at all, it all works! We hope that you enjoy making this cake as much as we did-- have fun!

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Quick Tips for the Pretzel Monster Cake:

It took about 32 pretzel monsters for me to make my way all the way around.  If you don't have time for that many monsters, this cake would also be cute with just a few monsters across the front ;0) -

As you saw in the video, I trimmed my pretzel rods with a serrated knife. The monsters were all between 4 ½- 5 ½ inches in height. A little variation is fine.

Pretzel monsters will set up at room temperature on their own, but if you are in a rush, you can chill them to firm them up in a few minutes. 

Pretzel Monster Cake

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Colorful Pretzel Rods, decorated as monsters, wrapped around the sides of a cake.

Pretzel Monster Cake Tutorial

Learn how to make a colorful Pretzel Monster Cake for Halloween in this fun and easy decorating tutorial!
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  • *In this tutorial we decorated an 8 inch cake (approximately 4 inches tall) frosted in buttercream.


  • Pretzel Rods for me, it took about 32 rods, trimmed to the approximate height of the cake
  • Candy coating/Almond Bark/Candy Melts of choice
  • We used Candiquik for most of our pretzels, tinted with Americolor Candy Coloring Gel
  • Oil Based Candy Coloring if tinting your candy coating
  • Black food coloring pen optional- I used on some of my pretzels for eyes & mouths, but they don't always work well on candy coating. You can also pipe on dark candy coating instead for mouths, etc.
  • Google eyes or sugar pearls
  • Various sprinkles
  • Candy corn or your candy of choice for the top of the cake


  • Cardboard cake circle trimmed to size of cake for cake to rest on optional, cake base or pedestal, Piping bags, plastic spoons, waxed or parchment paper, spatula, turntable & bench scraper optional


For the Monster Pretzels

  • Line a cookie sheet with parchment or waxed paper.
  • Using a serrated knife, trim pretzel rods to desired height by sawing gently back and forth.
  • Melt candy coating (tint with oil-based candy color if you'd like). Spoon over pretzels, allowing excess to drip back into bowl.
  • Add sprinkles, eyes, etc. as you like. Place on parchment-lined cookie sheet.
  • Allow to set and firm up at room temperature or chill briefly in freezer or refrigerator to speed-set. (A few minutes should do it).

Decorating the Cake

  • For this tutorial, we decorated an 8 inch cake (approximately 4 inches tall) frosted in vanilla buttercream (we used our fluffy vanilla buttercream recipe).
  • My cake was on a cardboard cake circle cut to the size of the cake. I crumb coated the cake as usual with an offset spatula, and then frosted the final coat of frosting and used a bench scraper to smooth out the frosting while spinning on the turntable. 
  • Transfer to cake base or pedestal if you haven't already.
  • Press the monsters into the freshly frosted cake. You can use additional buttercream as "glue" if needed.
  • Top it off with candy corn!



Decorate the pretzel monsters however you like! You can top it off with Halloween M&Ms or another type of candy if you don't like candy corn ;0) There are so many fun options with this cake!

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  1. This year I had decided not to make a Halloween cake, but can’t pass on this one. The grandkids will love it. So clever and cute. THANKS! I get tons of ideas from you. My excellent teacher for a pure amateur.