Witch Shoes Cake

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Halloween is almost here and we have one final cake tutorial to share for a cute and easy Witch Shoes Cake!

Witch Shoes Cake- A Free Cake Video Tutorial! This fun cake is perfect for Halloween parties!

This cute and brightly colored Halloween cake features textured buttercream, striped witchy legs and her colorful polka dotted fondant witch shoes! (The bows are my favorite!)

We finished things off with a ruffled orange skirt for an added dose of cuteness.

How to Make an Easy Witch Shoes Cake

*You can find the full, printable detailed instructions below in the card below, but here is a quick rundown!

  • Use whatever cake size you like! For this project, I used a 6 inch double barrel (tall!) cake which stood about 7 inches tall. My cake was four cake layers with a cake cardboard halfway up and four bubble tea straw supports beneath.
  • If you decide to use a different size of cake, you can simply adjust the size of your witch shoes and legs-- this would be great on top of a sheet cake also!
  • Roll out your black tinted (or pre-colored) fondant-- if you have any tylose powder on hand, you can knead a little into the fondant for faster, firmer drying but that is optional.
  • Cut out your shapes using our templates (also linked in the card below).
  • Allow the shoes, bows, and legs to dry until they've firmed up a bit- several hours or overnight is fine as the shoes are mainly supported from behind by the cake.
  • Add decorations to the shoes and paint stripes onto the witch legs
  • Add a buttercream ruffle using a large petal tip (Wilton 125 is a good option.)

Learn how to make this CUTE and easy Witch Shoes Halloween Cake in our free cake video tutorial!

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Enjoy the Video!

We hope that you enjoy this Witch Shoes cake! We had so much fun making it.



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  1. Cute cake! I am looking for your Halloween cake from a while back that was orange with a yellow circle and black witch, BOO, and black bats on top all made from fondant. I made it once and can't find that tutorial anymore. I think it had the templates and I need the witch template. Can you tell me if its still in the school and how to find it? Thanks so much!! Love that cake!

  2. I just came across your site by accident. At first I was a bit skeptical because there are so many online cake classes that I thought "This is just another online class that leaves you hanging." However, I must admit I was wrong. I had to watch one of your FREE videos before becoming a believer. You are very detailed and thorough - definitely a teacher. This is amazing.

  3. I’m a new, self- taught cake decorator. Your tutorials are so helpful and encouraging. I appreciate that you get right to the point, without a lot fluff. Thanks so much!