Ghost Meringues Cake

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Celebrate Halloween this year with this CUTE and simple Ghost Meringues Cake!

We just love to make meringues for cake decorating- not only because they are delicious and easy to make, but also for their fun, puffed appearance. 

Ghost Meringues Cake- A Free Cake Video Tutorial! In this cake video, we'll show you how to make a simple meringues recipe as well as how to create ghosts for a fun Halloween cake design!

In today's short video tutorial, I'll show you how to make meringues, as well as how to create the cute meringue ghosts that we use to decorate the cake! 

We loved making this Halloween cake, and we hope that you'll love it too!

How to Make Meringues

This recipe for meringues is our favorite as it is so simple to make.They are light and crisp on the outside, and soft and slightly chewy in the  center. 

*You can find our full, printable recipe below, but here is a quick rundown: 

  • We started with egg whites which we whipped using our electric mixer and whisk attachment until foamy soft peaks formed.
  • Next, we slowly added our super fine sugar and clear vanilla, followed by powdered sugar and continued to beat until stiff peaks had formed.
  • Then, we piped our meringues onto a parchment lined cookie sheet and baked at 175 degrees F for about 1 hour and 45 minutes-- start checking on them at this time, but you'll know that they are ready when they are dry to the touch and can easily be moved on the parchment. 
  • We then turned off the oven, leaving the meringues inside for another hour as they continued to cool and dry.
  • Once the meringues were completely cool and dry, I drew on their little faces with a food coloring pen. (My pen was a Wilton Candy Decorating Pen but any Foodwriter pen should work fine!)
Ghost Meringues Cake

Making Meringues- Tips for Success

This recipe is very easy, but here are a few important tips to keep in mind!

  • Any trace of fat/grease inside of your mixing bowl or on your whisk attachment will prevent the egg whites from whipping up. You also want to be very careful when separating your eggs that no egg yolk makes it into the egg white mixture. This can also interfere with the egg whites whipping up as it should.
  • Meringues are more difficult to make in humid climates. Rainy days or even steam from running dishwashers can cause the meringue not to whip up properly. Also, meringues left out will absorb moisture in the air, making them slightly softer. 
  • Once your meringues are cool and dry, they can be stored in an airtight container.
  • Bake your meringues on the lowest rack of your oven to prevent browning. 
  • We use clear vanilla in our meringues as real vanilla can give an off-white tint to the cookies.
  •  If meringues are baked at a heat that is too high, they are more likely to brown. My recipe calls for baking at 175 F. When I baked at 200, my meringues had more of an ivory or cream-colored tint.

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Meringue Ghosts Cake- A Free Cake Decorating Tutorial

Enjoy the Video

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