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Today I'm going to show you how to make an adorable Snow Globe Cake! This is a new favorite of ours for Christmas, and is such a fun and unexpected addition to any dessert table.

Snow Globe Cake Video Tutorial by

Snowman Snow Globe Cake Design

We created a cute and easy fondant snowman family inside of our snow globe but the design options are endless! Whether your snow globe features snowmen, Christmas trees, gingerbread men, or even toy figurines, the cake is sure to be a hit.

Materials for Cake:

For this cake, we used two 6 inch cake layers, frosted in our Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream frosting. Our Classic Vanilla Buttercream is a great choice also.

The glass globe has a 4 inch opening. It is resting on a cardboard cake circle cut down to size, and supported from beneath by 3 bubble tea straws cut to the height of the cake.

The cake is also resting on it's own cardboard cake circle cut down to size (so that it can be easily moved to the cake pedestal/base). 

Joy Template

Buttercream (We used our Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream Recipe but use whatever you like)

Fondant with tylose kneaded into it (You could also use gum paste.)

Paper covered floral wire for snowman arms (We brushed ours with brown coloring gel mixed with a little vodka for faster drying.)

Black Food Coloring Pen

Coloring Gels: We used Americolor Super Red, Orange, Mint Green, Black, Brown

Vodka (optional- we used a little to mix with our brown coloring gel to paint the floral wire for arms

Glass Globe- I bought mine at a craft store for a few dollars- it has a 4 inch opening.

Piping Bags (we used disposable)

Snowflake Plunger Cutters (optional)

Christmas Sprinkles (optional- we used holly leaves, red sprinkles, and snowflakes for little details)

Piping Gel (or your edible glue of choice)

Clay extruder is helpful for "Joy" (We use Makin's Ultimate Clay Extruder)-

Miscellaneous: Small paintbrushes, turntable, vegetable shortening is helpful

Snow Globe Cake Video Tutorial by

Snow Globe Cake Notes:

You can see in the photo that we swapped out our bow for a loopy one! Of course, anything goes with the bow- or you could skip it altogether!

You may want to consider adding the globe to the cake close to the time of the party so that you don't have to worry about transporting. My frosting was deep enough that it was fairly secure, but just to be on the safe side...

Also, be so careful when handling the glass globe...I of course dropped it on the countertop just before we started filming ;0) - But amazingly it did not break.

You could easily use the snow globe design with a tiered cake, or even on a larger tier to suit the servings needed.

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Adorable Snow Globe Cake Decorating Video Tutorial by (Member Section). PERFECT for Christmas entertaining!

Cake Recipes

There are all sorts of cake recipes that would be perfect for this cake! Some winter favorites are our gingerbread cake, eggnog cake, peppermint cake, and red velvet cake. There are so many. more great options in our cake recipes section!

Enjoy the Video

Thanks so much for stopping by! We hope that you enjoy the video! Make sure to check out our full collection of cake decorating tutorials, as well as our hundreds of cake recipes!

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  1. Absolutely adorable!!!! I think this may be my favorite snowman cake ever....and with your awesome instructions I think I can make it!!! Merry Christmas and thanks for all the inspiration throughout the year!!