Elegant Vintage Buttercream Piping- A Cake Video Tutorial

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In today's free cake video tutorial on elegant vintage buttercream piping, I'm going to demonstrate a beautiful design that can be easily achieved with just a few simple piping tips!

This buttercream cake design would be perfect for all sorts of special occasions from birthdays to bridal showers, weddings, and more!

Elegant Vintage Buttercream Piping



Elegant Vintage Piping

"Old school" or vintage buttercream piping styles are making a comeback for cakes and cupcakes and we are so happy about it! There's just something so beautiful about buttercream piping- and for me, the repetition is relaxing-  I could pipe buttercream designs all day long ;0) - 

In today's tutorial, I quickly review and demonstrate a few great go-to borders that you may be familiar with already, and then I'll show you how I used these techniques to create an impressive (yet surprisingly simple) vintage design.

Experiment with grouping different piping patterns together

When preparing for this cake tutorial, I practiced a few different combinations of piping techniques and decided on this particular pattern, however the options are endless! Practice and experiment with the looks and piping combinations that you love most- have fun with it! 

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I'm sure that we will be creating additional vintage buttercream styles in the future- we would love to see yours as well! 

Additional Buttercream Piping Tutorials: 

We've made many buttercream piping tutorials over the years! The techniques featured in today's tutorial are from very basic piping techniques with star tips, ruffle tips, and bead borders.

For more details on piping with star tips, check out this tutorial! You can also find additional details on Round Piping Tip techniques as well as Ruffle & Petal Piping Tip Techniques in our free tutorials!


Vintage Buttercream Piping- Cake Decorating Tutorial (member section) My Cake School



Materials For Elegant Buttercream Piping:

For this beautiful buttercream cake, we used a double barrel (tall) cake design with four 6 inch cake layers. As with any double barrel cake, there is a cake cardboard halfway up with supports beneath (we used 4 bubble tea straw supports beneath the center board).

Buttercream-  We used our Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream Frosting Recipe by the Classic Vanilla Buttercream Recipe is a great option also- substitute any favorite frosting that holds it's shape.

Piping Tips: We used a Star Tip 21, Round Tip 3, Petal Tip 104, and tip 86

Cake base/pedestal of choice.

Miscellaneous: We used a turntable, small offset spatula, and straight edge/bench scraper for frosting and smoothing the cake. Disposable piping bags, coupler (for easily swapping one tip for another without changing piping bags)


Elegant Vintage Buttercream Piping- A Cake Decorating Tutorial by My Cake School (member section)


Enjoy the video!

We hope that you enjoy this video tutorial on elegant vintage buttercream piping! Have fun experimenting with different combinations of piping- it is so much fun and the design options are endless!




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  1. Gorgeous! I Love it! Piping is definitely relaxing once you get into the groove - sometimes it's hard to stop LOL you know like marbling fondant. LOL Beautiful as always! :-)

  2. This is such a pretty cake. I really like the old school piping and hope you incorporate this in more videos. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Melissa, I love this cake! Your video makes it look so easy. I think some of my vintage cake decorating books have cakes that look similar. Thanks for bringing it back! So pretty!

  4. Thank you all so much for your comments! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the video- I do love buttercream piping and so I'm happy to see that it's making a comeback! :0)

    @Nancy, it would be so much fun to go through the vintage decorating books! That's great that you have some!