Buttercream Wave Cake with Chrysanthemums

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In today's free cake video tutorial, I'll show you how to create a beautiful buttercream wave cake with piped chrysanthemums.

We hope that you enjoy these fun and impressive buttercream techniques!

Beautiful Buttercream Wave Cake with Chrysanthemums

Buttercream Chrysanthemums

Fall is here and I just love chrysanthemums! We wanted to feature these flowers in buttercream form on today's cake because they are so colorful and much easier to create than they appear.

No matter what your skill level of cake decorating, I really think that you will enjoy creating these flowers! 

If you love chrysanthemums, make sure to check out our other buttercream chrysanthemum cake tutorial as well! (Same technique, but different style of cake).

Buttercream Wave Cake Technique

We will also show you how to create a buttercream wave cake. This simple technique is popular now and if you can easily create it with a bench scraper of any size or even a cake comb if you want a more textured look.

I love buttercream techniques and this is just one more that you can add to your cake decorating bag of tricks ;0)


You can create this design on any size of cake you like. We used a double barrel 6 inch cake (tall cake!) which is four 6 inch cake layers divided by a cake cardboard halfway up and four bubble tea straw supports beneath.

Buttercream Frosting- We used our Classic Vanilla Buttercream- our Fluffy White Buttercream is a good option too.

Bench Scraper (any size is fine- does not have to be tall like ours)

Piping Tips: Wilton 81, Bakery Crafts 79 (Either of these for they flowers), Wilton 352 leaf tip, Tip 4 for the border

Coloring Gels: Americolor Red (for the red and coral shades), Americolor Lemon Yellow, Egg Yellow (for the golden yellow color), Avocado green

Small Rounded Spatula (optional) for creating the spiral on top of the cake

Miscellaneous: Disposable Piping Bags, couplers, cake boards (we had one halfway up within the double barrel cake and one that the cake is resting on), bubble tea straw supports (if doing a double barrel cake)

(If you'd like to learn more about double barrel cakes, this video will help!: Double Barrel Cake Tutorial)

If you need help with bead borders and shell borders, click here: Bead borders, shell borders


Make sure to freeze the chrysanthemums for 15-20 minutes (or longer in the refrigerator) to firm them up before placing on the cake.

If you apply a slightly thicker than usual crumb coat and freeze the cake for about 15-20 minutes before adding the second coat of frosting, you are less likely to remove too much frosting when creating the wave effect because you have a firm base coat already.

Cake Recipes

There are many cake recipes that would be perfect for this wave cake tutorial! A few of our favorites are Almond Cake, Lemon Cake, White Velvet Cake, and Orange Cake

We also have lots of delicious fall cake recipes as well! Our pumpkin spice cake, sweet potato cake, and gingerbread cake are just a few examples!

Beautiful Buttercream Wave Cake with Chrysanthemums

Enjoy the Video!

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