Striped Buttercream Panels Cake

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Today's Striped Buttercream Panels Cake tutorial is so fun and unique! If you love buttercream cake designs, you will love this tutorial.

This cake design incorporates a couple of popular buttercream techniques: easy buttercream stripes, and the "pulled dot" or petal cake technique.

Enjoy the video and make sure to check out the materials and additional notes below!

Striped Buttercream Panels

Materials for Striped Buttercream Panels

*In this video, I'm frosting a double barrel cake (which is a 4 layer cake with cake cardboard halfway up and 4 bubble tea straw supports beneath).

Buttercream - We used our fluffy vanilla buttercream but our classic vanilla buttercream is a good choice also

Coloring Gels- Americolor Deep Pink (for both the light pink and dark pink)

Bench Scraper- I used a tall one from Evil Cake Genius. 

Turntable- helpful! 

Disposable piping bags

Piping Tips: Medium sized round tips work well- I used a tip 12. (I also used a small round tip 3 for a small bead border that I piped along the edge of the very last "panel" which was really just a vertical row of pulled dots to finish things off. 

*I used pink and white carnations on top, which were resting on a circle of parchment. I didn't use a water source but they will stay fresh looking for several hours--I was surprised that the carnations still looked good the next day after being in the refrigerator on the cake overnight! 

My little gold Happy Birthday was in a set that I ordered from Amazon. 

Additional Notes

It's a good idea to practice on wax or parchment paper to get a feel for this technique and how far the buttercream dots can be spread.

As I mentioned in the video, for extra wide buttercream panels, you can pipe short horizontal lines of buttercream (rather than dots) before smoothing with the bench scraper.

Also, you may find it helpful to heat your metal bench scraper before smoothing the buttercream for an extra smooth finish.

Striped Buttercream Panels- Member Video

Cake Recipes

You can use any cake recipe for today's buttercream panels design! Some of our most popular are our Vanilla Buttermilk Cake, Lemon Velvet Cake, Strawberry Cake, and Almond Cake.

There are so many great options! Make sure to check out our Cake Recipes section for the full listing.

Enjoy the Video!

Thanks so much for stopping by! We hope that you enjoy this tutorial on striped buttercream panels. Don't miss our full collection of cake decorating tutorials for all sorts of occasions!

You'll find everything from birthday cake ideas to elegant cakes, fun buttercream techniques and more!

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  1. If the stripes were shorter (squares) you'd almost have a gingham effect! Have you done a gingham or plaid cake? Regardless this one is lovely. Love your videos.

  2. Thank you!

    @Lisa- Yes, I experimented with gingham and shorter "squares"! It was almossst right but the scalloped edges that are created when the dots are pulled threw off the look a little...I plan to experiment more with buttercream gingham and plaid- love those looks for spring & summer! xo

  3. OMGosh! That is gorgeous! I love it! Much easier then I expected too - which is always perfect! Definitely going to give that a try :-)