Buttercream Chrysanthemums on Textured Buttercream

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In today's video tutorial, you will learn how easy it is to pipe beautiful buttercream chrysanthemums onto your cakes. 

We just love fall cake designs and this simple creation would work as a single tier, double tier, or even a sheet cake design!

Buttercream Chrysanthemums! Member Video Library- MyCakeSchool.com

Why we Love It

There are many reasons to love this elegant fall cake! Here are just a few:

The diagonal textured buttercream is so simple to create.

We love the color and dimension of chrysanthemums (and even beginners will find these buttercream flowers to be very forgiving)!

Perfect for fall birthday cake ideas, Thanksgiving cake ideas, and more!


(In this video, we have frosted 8" and 6" tiers with our fluffy vanilla buttercream which is tinted with a touch of Americolor Ivory. Our Classic Vanilla Buttercream is a great option also (and contains no shortening.) 

As usual, each tier is resting on its own cardboard cake circle which is cut down to the size of the cake, and the top tier is supported from beneath by four bubble tea straws.)

Piping Tips for Buttercream Chrysanthemums

Any "u shaped" tips will work great for buttercream chrysanthemums.  I happen to own three types/brands, so I used all of them in the tutorial.  

I used a Wilton 81 tip (which is the smallest of my u-shaped tips), a Bakery Crafts tip 79, and an Ateco 80.    

Round tips:  I used a Wilton 10 for the center dot of my flowers although smaller tips would be fine too as I discuss in the video.  I used a Wilton 2 for the tiny red dots that I added as a final touch.

Coloring Gels

I used Americolor Tulip Red for the Red and Coral colored flowers, and Americolor Egg Yellow for my yellow flowers.  I also used Americolor Ivory to tint the buttercream that my tiers are frosted with.

Spatula for texture

You can create the diagonal buttercream impressions that I demonstrate in the video with any number of spatulas or tools but I used a small tapered offset spatula (Wilton).

*I also used a bench scraper to smooth the frosting around the sides of my cake just before texturing the buttercream.

This technique is similar in some ways to the horizontal ridged buttercream technique that I often do on my cakes! 

Fall Cake Designs

Thanks so much for stopping by! We have created many more fall cakes over the years that you may like to try!

Our Fall Wreath Cake, Autumn Brush Embroidery Cake, and Autumn Leaves in Chocolate Cake are just a few favorites.

As for cake recipes, any our recipes would do for this design. Some of our favorites are Vanilla Buttermilk Cake, White Velvet Cake, Spice Cake, and Pumpkin Cake! You can find our full listing in our Cake Recipes section!

Enjoy the Video!

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  1. Gorgeous cake!! Great piece of art!! Great for the fall!! You make the Chrysanthemums looks easy. Thank You!! Gotta try this flower!!

  2. This is a beautiful cake and perfect for an event I will be baking a cake for! I see that it is using your standard 6" and 8" cakes. Can you tell me about how many slices you usually get? I have made myself a bit crazy looking at all of the serving charts and would just like an average number to have in my head.

  3. Thank you!!

    @Michelle-- I'm glad that you are making this! For 8" and 6", a good estimate is approx 25 ;0) By Wilton' s party serving chart, closer to 30. Hope this helps!

  4. Gorgeous cake. I will be making it for my friends wedding anniversary in December.
    Thanks for making cake decorating so much fun.

  5. I'm been asked to make a 6'' and10''cake for a Baptism, more or less how much should I charge for it? I never made a cake for outside of the family bounderies please help!!!!!!!!!!

  6. @Anita-- These are 3 layers ;0) --

    @Maria-- This answer will vary greatly depending on your location. For instance, in my area, it is common for buttercream frosted tiered cakes to go for approximately $3.25 or $3.50/serving. Your 6"/10" cake will yield 40 servings if going by Wilton's party serving chart.

    The best thing to do is to call local nice bakeries in your area to get a feel for pricing. Then, price your cakes somewhere in that range. Of course you'll want to make sure that whatever you charge, you are covering all of your expenses and compensating yourself for your time. This will keep you motivated to take on more orders in the future--good luck!