Quilted Buttercream- A Video Tutorial

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In this video tutorial, we'll show you how to create a beautiful quilted buttercream effect as well as a ruched buttercream design! 

This cake would be perfect for any special occasion, from birthdays to bridal showers and more! We'll show you how to make a quilted design using an impression mat, as well as how to create an elegant ruched effect.

Gorgeous Quilted Buttercream Cake VIdeo Tutorial by MyCakeSchool.com

This cake design would make a great birthday cake idea, bridal shower cake, or for any occasion that calls for an elegant cake design.


This cake is two stacked (6" & 8") tiers which are each on their own cake cardboard. The top tier is supported by 4 bubble tea straws from beneath as usual (For more info on tier stacking, see our video tutorial). The tiers are frosted with our Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream recipe from the Recipes section.

Your crusting buttercream of choice (we used our Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream recipe but our Classic Vanilla Buttercream is a great choice also!)

Clear/Plastic Diamond Impression Mat (I've had mine for years but you can find them on Amazon as well as most cake decorating websites.)

Lollipop stick (or skewer, etc.) for the ruched technique. I wanted to mention that you could do something in the same spirit of the ruched design by dragging a small tapered spatula through the frosting before it crusts for a textured look, but we preferred this effect of creating impressions for today's cake.

Piping tip 81 for the Chrysanthemum petals, Piping tip 4 (any small round tip will do) for a small bead border.

Gold dragee  (or your dragees/sugar pears/decoration of choice) for the center of the flower

*Allow approximately 20-30 minutes for the final coat of smoothed frosting to crust before creating your impressions.  Crusting buttercreams can be effected by humidity- it may take a bit longer to crust if it is very humid it your kitchen.

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You can use this cake design with all sorts of cake recipes! Some of our most popular are our white velvet cake, lemon cake, strawberry cake, and yellow cake.

Don't miss our full collection of cake recipes and cake decorating tutorials for even more design and recipe ideas. Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Enjoy the Video!

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  1. Love this! I also love buttercream cakes! May I ask what you do with all these cakes after you are done decorating? So sorry if that's a nosey question but I have a list of "want to do cakes" but I wouldn't know what to do with them.....I sure cannot eat them all :)

  2. You made my day ... again ... with the all buttercream cake!!! I love this and I just so happen to have that impression mat. I'm wondering/hoping that it would work with an all chocolate icing and I can dust the mat with cocoa. Thanks!!!

  3. Hi GuppyLove, We give some of our cakes to neighbors, it always makes people smile to be surprised with a cake....and our families love cake.

    Hi Joan, If you are using a crusting chocolate frosting it should work fine, and a light dusting of the impression mat with cocoa is perfect.

  4. Hi girls, have you ever used the second method on fondant? Is it just as nice? I have used the quilt on fondant but was just curious about the other method...thanks Melissa and BeBe!!

  5. Hi Teri- We've never experimented to see how much of a ruched look you can get with fondant through impressions as we did on our top tier in this video. As long as your fondant doesn't set up quickly, you can make nice impressions on cakes that have been freshly covered with fondant as we did on the middle tier of our Ruffled Rose Cake Tutorial linked below (21 minute mark) -


    The ruched fondant tutorials that I've seen involve applying the ruched/gathered fondant pieces section by section which is a time consuming process but it does have a nice look to it. We hope to add a tutorial soon on this method, and I'm sure we'll also experiment a bit with ruched impressions when we do ;0)