White Almond Sour Cream Cake~Doctored Cake Mix

White Almond Sour Cream Cake

(Also known as the Extended Recipe)

This cake is delicious, and dense enough to work well with carved cakes.  However, if you have  a lot of intricate carving to do, the “Durable Recipe” in the Recipe section is probably the best bet.  You can use this basic recipe for any flavor of cake mix.  Enjoy!

Ingredients Do not follow ingredients on the back of the box, use the ingredients listed below.

1 box cake mix, sifted
1 cup all purpose flour
1 cup granulated sugar
generous dash of salt

1 cup sour cream

1 cup water

3 whole eggs

2 teaspoons vanilla

1/2 teaspoon almond or lemon or you can use all vanilla



    Combine dry ingredients and stir.  In mixing bowl, combine sour cream, water, eggs, & flavorings. Add about 1/2 of the dry ingredients and blend together, then add the rest of the dry ingredients & mix on medium speed for 2 minutes.

Pour into prepared pans and bake at 325 degrees….check at 35 minutes to see if middle of cake springs back when touched and the cake will be slightly pulled away from the pan.


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  1. Melissa Diamond says: #201

    Hi Kerrie–I wish that I could help! I’ll let you know if I am able to find anything online. Just fyi– the Pillsbury (which we often use) and Betty Crocker do have pudding in the mix….and Duncan Hines does not. Do you by chance have Betty Crocker?

  2. KERRIE ROWLANDS says: #202

    yes melissa we do have betty crocker..i will try that one then..many thanks

  3. Terri Tate says: #203

    Hi girls,
    Can you use a box red velvet cake for this? OR should I use the red velvet cake recipe already listed in this section? I just wanted one that was dense enough to carve…thanks!

  4. BeBe says: #204

    Hi Terry, you can use a red velvet cake mix for this. You could add an additional egg, it will give a bit more density, leave out the almond flavoring and use 1 teaspoon vanilla instead of 2. I would also add 2 to 3 teaspoons (sifted) unsweetened cocoa powder. The scratch red velvet cake in the recipe section is not dense enough for carving. How much carving will you be doing? The WASC is good for limited carving, I would not recommended it for the topsy turvy, tapered cakes, or more involved projects. If your project has a lot of carving I would use the Durable recipe from the recipe section.

  5. Fran Gentile says: #205

    Hi ladies – Have you tried adding mini chocolate chips to the batter? Just wondering if they held up or sank to the bottom. Thank you!

  6. BeBe says: #206

    Hi Fran, yes, we have added mini chocolate chips and they stayed in the batter and didn’t sink to the bottom.

  7. Fran Gentile says: #207

    Thank you for your response, BeBe!

  8. Sarah Baker says: #208

    i have always used duncen hins cake mix all just love it but doing lots of wedding cakes and want somthing to stand up to the stacking cakes is this still most and alot like the duckin from a box but a little denser cake?

  9. BeBe says: #209

    Hi Sarah, yes it is a bit more dense. The WASC is a very popular recipe and I think you will like it for wedding cakes.

  10. Fran Gentile says: #210

    Hi Bebe and Melissa – How much batter do you recommend I use for a 10″ cake?
    I will be filling 2 pans and was wondering if this recipe will be enough for both, or if I need to make another.

  11. BeBe says: #211

    Hi Fran, you will need to double the recipe. You will need approx. 6 cups of batter for one 10 inch pan. We use the Wilton chart for amounts as a guideline. The chart is found in Member Resources on the homepage, in the Helpful Links section. Here is a link to the chart, link to wilton.com

  12. Joan says: #212

    New here. I want to try making the leopard print cake and it calls for two batches of this recipe. Should I make both batches all together or make them separate? I have a 6 quart mixer so it can handle it, just wondering if recipe would just be doubled or what…thanks!! Also for the leopard print cake, do you start with a yellow cake mix?

  13. Karin Klenner says: #213

    Hi! Such an awesome site thank you! I’m wanting to make the leopard print cake and saw that you use the sour cream cake but it’s from a box. I always make my recipes from scratch but my vanilla etc is probably too runny, what ‘from scratch’ recipe would you recommend for the leopard print cake? :)

  14. BeBe says: #214

    Hi Karin, you could use the Classic White Cake recipe, here is a linkhttp://www.mycakeschool.com/recipes/classic-white-cake-scratch/

    Hi Joan, I’m sorry your question was overlooked. Yes you can double the WASC recipe

  15. Ethel Ann Dixon says: #215

    I am new to the site and I am loving it. I have just used the WASC recipe for my nephews’ birthday cake and everyone loved it. I used the Pillsbury classic yellow cake for the box mix and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for other box mixes to use with this recipe other than the basic yellow cake.

  16. Melissa Diamond says: #216

    Hi–I’m glad that you liked the recipe! I’ve used this with white cake mix, yellow, chocolate, & lemon. This is a really versatile recipe–have fun experimenting! Maybe others will have favorites to share too ;00!

  17. Kristen Lustic says: #217

    Hi :) When you have used a lemon mix for this recipe, what amounts of lemon and vanilla extracts do you use for it? And have you ever added any amount of food coloring to make it more yellow? PS. I absolutely LOVE your site 😀

  18. Vaishali Patel says: #218

    Hi BeBe,

    If I don’t use box cake mix what ingredients do I need to add??

  19. BeBe says: #219

    Hi Vaishali, you would need to use a box cake mix for this recipe. I will try to post a White Almond Sour Cream Cake recipe soon that is made without a cake mix.

  20. Vaishali Patel says: #220

    That would be great Be Be!!!!


  21. Jamie Madden says: #221

    Hi! I have a question and I am sorry if this is a repeat, I tried to look through previous comments but was unable to find anything. I am a new member and have started to watch some videos. In some of them you were using this mix and stacking 3 8″ layers. I was wondering how many batches of this recipe you used to get the 3 8″ layers?

  22. Jamie Madden says: #222

    Also, you fill your pans 2/3 full?

  23. Sarah Wright says: #223

    Jamie Madden…. I’m doing the same thing right now! Wasn’t sure if the recipe would stretch for 3 8″ pans or not. Didn’t see any posts on it. But it’s in the oven now so I guess we’ll see! So far it looks like they will be about 1 1/2 inch layers after leveling.

  24. Jamie Madden says: #224

    Thanks Sarah, let me know how they turn out!

  25. BeBe says: #225

    Hi Jamie, I usually double the recipe, this is more than enough for three 8″ layers so I freeze the extra layers for future use. We use this recipe more than any other. If you wrap in plastic wrap and then in aluminum foil they will be good for 2 months in the freezer. If using 8″ pans that are 1 1/2 inches deep I use approx. 3 1/2 cups batter, more if using pans that are 2 inches deep. They are filled 2/3’s full.

  26. Jamie Madden says: #226

    Thank you BeBe, I appreciate it!

  27. Carmen Mendez says: #227

    Dear Melissa, in my country I do not hace cake mix. How can I do it from The scratch? (Sorry if this question is already done, but I was unable to find it in previous comments). Thanks

  28. Carmen Mendez says: #228

    Hello! Dif you see my previous question? I would like to know for my kid bbday! Thanks

  29. BeBe says: #229

    Hi Carmen, I emailed you a recipe on 11/12/14, did you receive it? Could it have gone into your spam/trash file? I will send it to you again.

  30. Carmen Mendez says: #230

    Dear BeBe, sorry to bother but I have double checked and I do not have any email from you (neither in my inbox or SPAM folders). Do you want me to give you an alternative email? Thanks!

  31. BeBe says: #231

    Hi Carmen, I sent another from my personal email, hope that worked. If it did not, yes, leave an alternative email for me.

  32. Vaishali Patel says: #232

    Hi Be Be,

    Can I have that recipe as well as I am waiting for that !!
    Do you have my email address ?
    Do you wants me to send you?


  33. mrstucker1010 says: #233

    Help! I made this cake tonight and it came out very crumbly… the cakes not falling apart but the top where I cut to level it is all Crumbs… Is this normal? I have it in the freezer right now will it still work to decorate?

  34. BeBe says: #234

    Hi Mrstucker, No, it shouldn’t be all crumbs, did you level before the layers had cool a bit? Do you think you might have left out the eggs or sour cream? Taste the part you leveled off to see what you think. If it taste fine, I would try to decorate. Let me know how it goes.

  35. mrstucker1010 says: #235

    I added the eggs and sour cream and it taste great… I waited for about 40 mins before I leveled it… getting the order of when to level, when to freeze, when to remove from pan etc is the part I’m lost at! I questioned if I should have frozen the cake then leveled it… also I have a hard time removing a large cake 12 x 18 or larger from pan… I want to let it cool so it comes out easier but I know I need to wrap the cake warm to freeze it… Other than watching a lot of videos which is hard for me bc I have very limited internet data is there a good place to learn the basic “order” THANKS!

  36. Melissa Diamond says: #236

    Hi Mrstucker! I think that your cake will be fine. What did you level with? If you don’t have a cake leveler, a long serrated knife will do the trick. — It doesn’t matter if you level the cake after it has cooled off a bit or, if you freeze your cakes, you can level when it’s partially frozen. So, whatever you’d prefer… if the cake is fragile, you may rather level when the cake is partially frozen.

    When I remove a sheet cake from a larger pan, I just take a cake board the same size or larger than the pan and place it on top of the cake and pan, and then do a big flip over all at once. The cake will stay warm to the touch for a good while…we usually flip them out of the pan probably within 10-15 minutes of taking out of the oven.

    Here is a link to our Cake Decorating FAQs in the “Member Resources” section which is in the right side bar. I think the “Member Resources” section blends in a little so you may have missed it! I go through the whole rundown of the order that we do things in the first question. Just know that you do not have to do things just as I do…through experimenting, you may switch things up a bit and that’s fine! ;0) — Let us know if you have any more questions!

    link to mycakeschool.com

  37. Melissa Calegan says: #237

    I have a couple of questions about this cake. It’s my absolute favorite and I use it all of the time but usually with buttercream. Is this cake dense enough as an 11 x 15 sheet cake (doubled recipe) to cover with fondant?

    Also, I have to fill it with raspberry and carve into a number 2 shape. I want to make sure that my filling doesn’t bulge and I do plan to let it settle, but should I cut the shape first then fill so that I can use a buttercream dam or should I just fill then carve after it settles?
    Thank you very much!

  38. Melissa Diamond says: #238

    Hi Melissa–No problem to cover this cake with fondant. We do all the time. —

    Because of the filling, I would carve the “2” shapes first and then pipe the dam and fill with raspberry filling on the bottom layer, and slide on the top layer. You may find it easier (considering the awkward shape) to transfer the top cake layer onto the bottom if you chill it it the freezer first until at least partially frozen. Once stacked, you can wrap with plastic wrap and place a cake board on top, and your weight of choice…a thin book or thick magazine. Just something that will evenly distribute a light pressure over the cake for a few hours or overnight. Hope this helps!

  39. Melissa Calegan says: #239

    Thank you very much! It’s such a blessing that we can ask you guys questions and you share your wisdom with us. :)

  40. Melissa Diamond says: #240

    You are very welcome, good luck with the cake!

  41. paintmycake says: #241

    Hi Melissa. I use this recipe alot. Everyone loves it.
    I just realized that the cake mixes are now smaller than the original recipe for WASC which was based on an 18oz. box. I use the Duncan Hines which is now 16.5oz ( Betty Crocker is 15.5). Do any adjustments need to be made. I read on another forum that people are adding dry mix to make a total of 18 oz.

  42. Terri Tate says: #242

    Hello ladies,

    I would like to make a cake and put some frozen strawberries (w/syrup) as a filling to make a straweberry shortcake. Would this sour creme cake be the best recipe to do it in? Or should I use a pound cake recipe? I do know I must make a dam so that the filling doesn’t come out. What would be the best frosting to use other than whipped? Thanks in advance!

  43. BeBe says: #243

    Hi Terri, Either recipe would be fine to use. Frozen strawberries become very soft when thawed so be careful that the filling is not so wet that it will make the cake soggy. I would leave about an inch around the perimeter of the cake to help prevent the filling from coming out, this in addition to a stiff dam made with the Fluffy buttercream, or all butter buttercream, or a crusting cream cheese recipe would be good. Here is a link to a crusting cream cheese recipe that was posted on the Forum by Holly, link to mycakeschool.com I think it is very good.

  44. Tenia Leyton says: #244

    Sorry if this has been answered but kind of new to asking questions here. Why is it called the Extended Recipe?

  45. BeBe says: #245

    Hi Tenia, because it increases (extends) the recipe to give you more batter.

  46. renee Mikulin says: #246

    Would like to know if you adjust this recipe in any way for the newer smaller boxed cake mixes. Some have 16.25 oz. and some even 15 instead of 18.25.

  47. Yaneri Rodriguez says: #247

    I LOVE this recipe! Everytime I make it, I get good compliments about it!
    If anybody is interested here is what I do for a 11x15x2 inch (sheet cake). I spray my pan with Crisco Pan Release, sift a little flour around the edges. Line the bottom of my sheet cake pan with parchment. I make the recipe exactly but make 2 batches of it and use 1 1/2 batch of the recipe. Once I filled my pan I tap it on top of counter to make my batter even and let any air bubbles out. Prepare my convection oven to 325 and bake it for 50 minutes. It comes nice light brown, soft and spongy on top!!! I bake this cake 2 days in advance. Wrap it in plastic food wrap and aluminium foil and place it in flat part of the freezer!

    Hope this helps any newbie! 😀

  48. BeBe says: #248

    Hi Yaneri, thank you for making your post. I’m sure it will be helpful to many members.

  49. Yaneri Rodriguez says: #249

    BeBe & Melissa! Question. I wonder or have you tried using this recipe but using a Lemon Cake Box Mix? I wonder if it will work out? I’m thinking about not adding the almond extra and adding some lemon zest and perhaps some lemon extract? Hmmm? Wonder if it will work. I’m gonna do one and will let ya know how it turns out. Who knows it may be a hit!!! If so I will share with you!!! 😀

  50. Gloriaelena Mejia-Bowman says: #250

    Hi Melissa and BeBe, I was just wondering if I could use milk instead of water in the wet ingredients? Would it compromise the recipe? Thank you in advance. Always love all the info you both share!

  51. BeBe says: #251

    Hi Gloriaelena, Yes, it will be fine to use milk instead of water.

  52. Mindy Bryant says: #252

    Hi there! Should this recipe be adjusted to reflect the newer (smaller) sized cake mixes? Betty Crocker mixes are now 15.25oz, I believe.

  53. BeBe says: #253

    Hi Mindy, you can bake as the recipe reads, knowing it will not make quite as much. Some members on the site empty several boxes into a container and weight out the 18.25 oz. (weight before newer size). Now it seems that the brands all have different weights. This is a link to Anne Byrne, author of The Cake Doctor,link to cakemixdoctor.com, she says to whisk in 6 Tablespoons flour. Actually, cake mixes are very forgiving with additions. I have made the recipe both ways with good results.

  54. eunice says: #254

    On the recipe i don’t see any oil or butter?

  55. BeBe says: #255

    Hi Eunice, This version of the recipe does not have oil or butter. There are other White Almond Sour Cream recipes online that add 2 tablespoons oil. It would be fine to add the oil if you like.

  56. Stella Brown says: #256

    BeBe & Melissa,
    Im new to this community and really enjoy all the tips and recipes ya’ll have to offer….. My question is , for the WASC can the APF be exchanged for cake flour ? when using the white cake mix it calls for egg whites, If I add the whole egg and reg vanilla it’ll change the color and for this project I need a white cake.. how many egg whites would I need to replace the whole eggs?
    thank you for your help……..

  57. BeBe says: #257

    Hi Stella, Yes, you can use cake flour instead of all-purpose flour. Instead of 3 whole eggs, you can use 4 egg whites to achieve a white cake. Also, you will want to use clear vanilla. Good luck with your cake.

  58. Stella Brown says: #258

    Thank you BeBe……….

  59. Corinne Pike says: #259

    I am posting this for the benefit of those who live in Australia like me.

    I tried this cake today using a 16.5oz Duncan Hines French Vanilla cake mix (widely available at Woolworths). Unfortunately, I didn’t have almond extract on hand so I just added a teaspoon of vanilla extract. The batter was good for two 6×3″ round pans. Took an hour for the cakes to be fully baked.

    It worked out great. The cake was moist and had great texture. It sliced beautifully too. A little sweet for me but that’s probably just a matter of personal taste. Also, I think it would have been okey too if I had not added the extra vanilla extract as the vanilla flavour was already strong to start with.

    Hope that helps my fellow Aussie members.

  60. Angelique colon says: #260

    Hi,what kind of flour do you use?

  61. BeBe says: #261

    Hi Angelique, I use Pillsbury All Purpose Flour, other brands would be fine also.

  62. Stella Brown says: #262

    Hi Bebe & Melissa
    will this amount of batter be enough for 3 9 x 2 rounds? or do I need to double it?
    thanks for your help

  63. BeBe says: #263

    Hi Stella, this recipe makes approximately 7 cups batter. You will need to double the recipe to have enough for three 9 x 2 inch rounds. You will have more than you need so I would make extra layers or cupcakes and freeze until needed.

  64. Lisa Rossetto says: #264

    Can I use buttermilk in place of the water for this recipe?

  65. BeBe says: #265

    Hi Lisa, I have not tried using buttermilk, it would add more acidity to the recipe and it already has sour cream which is also acidic. You could add maybe 1/4 teaspoon baking soda. Cake mixes are very forgiving ……..let us know if you give it a try.

  66. Vaishali Patel says: #266

    Hi BeBe,

    I am still waitting for WASC cake receipe without cake mix.
    I would like to know , my daughter’s birthday coming soon..


  67. JohniseC says: #267

    Hi, just wondering if cake flour and be used in place of the all-purpose flour, when preparing the WASC recipe?

  68. BeBe says: #268

    Hi JohniseC, You can use either all-purpose flour or cake flour.

  69. JohniseC says: #269

    I also meant to ask if you can use tonic water instead of water? I have used it in other recipes…not sure if it would compromise the texture of the cake. Just wondering if anyone has tried it before?

  70. Sue Knott says: #270

    Hi Melissa & BeBe,
    For these doctored cake mix recipes should we always use a brand that does not already have the pudding mix in it like Duncan Hines? It’s just that in another recipe I noticed that you added a packet of pudding mix as a separate ingredient.
    Thanks Sue

  71. Sue Knott says: #271

    Hi, any news on post #270?

  72. BeBe says: #272

    Hi Sue, You can use either the “pudding in the mix” brands, such as Pillsbury or Duncan Hines ( that does not contain pudding) for the White Almond Sour Cream cake, or the other recipes in the Recipe Section. In the White/Yellow Durable cake recipe, a box of pudding is added for more denseness. You would need an extra dense cake if you will be doing a lot of carving. Our preference when making the Durable recipe is to use Duncan Hines cake mix.

    Your question regarding post #270……I looked at the post and it was answered, was there a specific question you had about my answer?

  73. Denise Oliver says: #273

    Hello. I have made this recipe for the 3 9 inch layer leopard print baby shower cake and doubled the recipe.. Worked great and tasted awesome! :) So today I am making a 1/2 sheet cake (Wilton 12×18 pan size) and need to know if I triple this recipe will that be enough batter for this size pan? I hope to hear back from someone soon… as my pan and oven is all ready for the batter. :) I truly enjoy being a member of this site… Melissa, I am learning SOOO much from you. Thank you!

  74. BeBe says: #274

    H Denise, we use the Wilton Chart for cake batter amounts, here is a link link to wilton.com. The recipe makes approx. 7 cups of batter so if you triple the recipe you will have plenty. The Wilton charts says 16 cups are needed to bake a 1 layer 12 x 18 pan.

  75. Denise Oliver says: #275

    Hi BeBe. Thanks for your reply. I just kind of winged it and did have batter left over. Had to bake it longer than 54 min. but turned out nice and full. :) Happy 4th of July to you and Melissa.

  76. BeBe says: #276

    Hi Denise, Great, I’m happy it turned out well. When baking in large pans, we add two or more rose nails to help radiate the heat to the center of the pan and cut down on baking time. Also, when you have a question on batter amounts, go to the home page of the site. Look for Member Resources (just above Melissa’s picture) and select the page, Helpful Links. There you will see Wilton’s Party chart and well as other info. that may be helpful to you.

  77. Denise Oliver says: #277

    Hi Again Bebe. Thanks for your reply. I just now seen it… and yes, I knew to add two rose nails to my cake pan before adding batter. This cake was for a high school graduation and this is the second time I have made this awesome recipe, and let me tell you, it gets rave reviews. Customers absolutely love the taste.. along with my homemade buttercream frosting. Thanks for this awesome recipe. :)

  78. Terri Tate says: #278

    Hi girls!!! Thanks for providing us with such a great school! I have learned so much!!! I have a question…does this recipe work well with using a red velvet cake box mix? Im just curious if it would make the red velvet cake dry. Thanks!!!!

  79. BeBe says: #279

    Hi Terri, We have not tried this but I think it would be fine to use a red velvet box mix with the WASC recipe.

  80. JOAN HUMES says: #280

    Hi Be Be! When I used 1 cup of sugar I was told that with the sugar in the frosting, it was a bit too sweet. I reduced the sugar to 1/2 cup and the cake was loved by all..

  81. Kays Cupcakes says: #281

    First – I LOVE THIS RECIPE! I use it as my go t0 for almost everything, then I adapt flavors as necessary (lemon, almond, chai, etc…). So here’s a new one: I am working on a menu for a French Tea Party. Do you think I could use this recipe and adapt it for rose water, or lavender cakes instead? Or would it be better to just make recipes for those separately. Any thoughts?

  82. cinthia says: #282

    Hi, I love this recipe I’ve been using it for a long time, I have a question has anyone made this cake using vegetable oil instead of sour cream? Does it have the same consistency and flavor? Is it moist too? Thank you I’m just trying not to use animal products, I know it has eggs too :( but taking out the cream is a start, thank you so much :)

  83. cinthia says: #283

    Sorry one more question, can I leave out any of the sugar to make it a little less sweet? and if I do should I substitute it with more water or something else? Because I’ve heard that the sugar helps it to be moist, thanks again

  84. trina karnes says: #284

    Omg I just made this and wow I’m in love the flavor is yummy must quit tasting it lol

  85. Melissa Diamond says: #285

    I’m sorry that we’ve missed a couple of questions! Not sure how they snuck by us! –

    @KaysCupcakes- So glad that you like the recipe! Did you try adapting to rosewater or lavender? Sounds nice! It seems that you could research recommended recipes for these cake flavors to get an idea of flavoring amounts. For instance, here’s one that I found on Taste of Home that calls for 1 tbsp lavender–http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/almond-lavender-cake

    Good luck!

    @Cinthia- I would probably just opt for another recipe that doesn’t call for sour cream. Also, you can adjust the amount of sugar– Joan Humes in a comment above said that she liked the recipe with a 1/2 cup sugar. Good luck as you experiment! ;0)

    @Trina– So glad that you like the recipe!

  86. Jody Finlay says: #286

    could you substitute plain greek yogurt for the sour cream???

  87. Tara says: #287

    Has anyone else had issues with cake falling in the middle with this recipe?
    I have baked several cake for the last 2 weeks with this recipe and all are completely sinking in the middle and will not rise! So frustrating. Luckily both cakes have a cream cheese filling so I’m looking at the positive and using the crater in the middle as a well. Just wondering if perhaps I need to adding some baking powder/soda? Could it be my location causing the problem? Cupcakes do fine, but cakes won’t rise in center. Any advice would be appreciated!

  88. BeBe says: #288

    Hi Tara, My first thought is that your cakes could be falling in the center because your oven is not heating properly. I would buy an oven thermometer to check for accuracy. They are sold at Bed Bath and Beyond, probably Target also.
    Another thought…..are you using cake pans that are deeper than usual? If so, you would need to use a rose nail to even out the heating and bake a bit longer.

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