Buttercream Ruffles and Roses Cake

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Today, we are going to make a beautiful buttercream cake with piped buttercream roses, rose buds, and ruffles!  

You can apply the techniques from today's tutorial to cakes for all sorts of special occasions, whether you are looking for birthday cake ideas, bridal shower cakes, baby shower cakes, and more.

Buttercream Roses & Ruffles! Cake tutorial by MyCakeSchool.com. (Member section) Online Cake Tutorials & Recipes

If you don't have much experience with piping, don't worry.  The techniques that I will demonstrate in this tutorial are not difficult to master with a little practice!  It's amazing what you can do with a simple petal tip.

With all of the roses and ruffles, this cake has a romantic, shabby chic feel to it. Whether you recreate this exact design or pick and choose from your favorite elements, we hope that you find the tutorial helpful!


Our stacked tiers are 8" and 6".  We frosted the cakes and piped our roses with our Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream Recipe but any buttercream recipe that holds its shape will do. Our Classic Vanilla Buttercream is a great choice also.

Each tier is on its own cardboard cake circle, and the top tier was supported from below by 4 bubble tea straws.

Colors:  We used Americolor Deep Pink (just a touch)

Piping Tips:  Wilton 104 (petal tip), Wilton 12 (med. round tip), Wilton 4 (bead border and dots), Wilton 101 (small petal tip for tiny roses)

Rose Nail

Waxed Paper Squares

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Enjoy the Video!

We have divided this buttercream ruffles and roses cake in two parts.

Part One:  We demonstrate how to pipe buttercream roses (classic as well as a cabbage rose), and rose buds

Part Two: In Part 2, we demonstrate how to pipe the petal-like ruffles around the sides of our tier and also apply our dried buttercream flowers to complete the cake.




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  1. @pk- Thanks, most of the time we are using our "Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream" which is in our Recipes section--this would be considered an American buttercream recipe. Swiss meringue buttercream would work for this, as would any frosting that holds it's shape nicely to piping.

  2. I made this cake this weekend and was pretty pleased with it. I used your new white cake from scratch recipe and it was delicious!

  3. @kdawn22- I missed your message before-your cake is gorgeous!

    @Syliva-- Medium consistency for the ruffles. You may find that you need to stiffen it a bit more for the roses.