Easy Chocolate Mousse Filling

1 small box instant chocolate pudding (3.9 oz)
2 c. heavy cream or whipping cream.

Combine the pudding mix and heavy cream in a mixing bowl.  I prefer to mix with a hand held mixer, but a whisk is just fine too.  If using a mixer, start on low speed until well combined.  Then, switch to high speed and whip the pudding until thick and fluffy.  If mousse is too thick, mix in a little bit of heavy cream or milk to reach desired consistency.

If mixing by hand, simply whisk rapidly for a couple of minutes or until mixture is nice and thick.  Refrigerate until ready to use.

I love this as a filling for my chocolate cakes!

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  1. Cindy Nash says: #1

    Do you use all of this recipe to fill one 8″ cake?

  2. Melissa Diamond says: #2

    Hi Cindy—no, you will definitely have some leftover.

  3. cheekymonkey says: #3

    Hi Melissa – do you have to use Heavy Cream, or would milk work? Also, would you still create a dam of thick buttercream around the outside before adding the mousse? Could you use the leftovers as a filling for cupcakes too?

  4. Melissa Diamond says: #4

    Hi there— I’ve had good results with heavy cream or even just regular whipping cream (not whipped topping)–but using milk would give you more of a soft pudding (since the instructions on the box actually call for milk). The whipped cream or heavy cream gives a much thicker/lighter consistency.

    I would still create a dam before using the filling. Yes, you could inject cupcakes with this also–(yum!) —

    **Just keep in mind that because of the cream in the recipe, you will need to refrigerate cakes/cupcakes with this filling.

  5. cheekymonkey says: #5

    Hi Melissa…how long will they stay fresh with the filling? If i keep them refrigerated up until about an hour before delivery would they be okay to be at room temperature for the party?

  6. BeBe says: #6

    Hi, I think they should be eaten by the 3rd day with the filling. I would tell my customer to keep them refrigerated until party time.

  7. nanacakes says: #7

    I am making a wedding shower cake and the bride would like strawberry mousse filling. The cake will be covered in fondant and decorated. Can I fondant and decorate the day of the shower and still have the mousse filling hold up for hours before serving?

  8. Melissa Diamond says: #8

    Hi– are you using strawberry pudding with cream? I would think that you would be okay as long as you are chilling the cake in between decorating and the shower. I probably wouldn’t keep it out longer than 2-3 hours.

  9. nanacakes says: #9

    Thanks so much

  10. ebrub says: #10

    Hi, in ingredients you write 2 c. , is that means 2 cups?

  11. Melissa Diamond says: #11

    Hi ebrub, sorry–yes, that is right! :0)

  12. asproella says: #12

    My spredable ganache came out runny what did i do wrong i did chill it for a few hours.

  13. katia says: #13

    Hi Melissa I am planing to cover my chocolate cake with the marshmallow fondant, what filling would you recommend for the chocolate cake? I want to finish the cake 1 day prior to the party. You mentioned that we should not keep the marshmallow fondant in the fridge, need a good filing that won’t go bad… Thanks!

  14. Melissa Diamond says: #14

    Hi there–American buttercreams (for example, our Classic Vanilla & Chocolate or “Fluffy” Vanilla & Chocolate would all be fine. I love the versatility of buttercreams- you can add flavorings, or stir in chocolate chips or crushed oreos, etc. The spreadable ganache recipe would also be fine for a day outside of the fridge. I still would keep in a cool room in your house though. Good luck!

  15. Angela Murtagh-Scott says: #15

    im from the uk and dont think we have pudding mix, what is it and what else could i use as it sounds yummy.

  16. Mariela says: #16

    I just made a small batch! I was avoiding this recipe coz I don’t like pudding, but tried it anyway… OMG! It’s so delicious! :) thanks!

  17. Rosa Alfonso says: #17

    Hi Melissa, could this also be used with Banana pudding to use with Banana cake? Sounds good .

  18. Melissa Diamond says: #18

    Hi Rosa–I’m sure that it could! I’ve only used vanilla & chocolate.

  19. angelwings says: #19

    This has been my “go to” filling, ever since I first saw this recipe on here. I have also made it with strawberry pudding, lemon, vanilla, cheesecake, white chocolate…. It’s SO good, and SO easy!!

  20. BeBe says: #20

    Great, thanks for posting, those flavors do sound so good!

  21. jules says: #21

    Hi Melissa,
    I’m going to try this mousse on a chocolate cake this week. Do you think it would hold up if frosting the outside of the cake with it too?

  22. Melissa Diamond says: #22

    Hi Jules– I love this as a filling but haven’t experimented with it as a frosting. If you try it, I would do it the day of the event, to reduce the chance of it deflating on you. Or, you could frost the sides with frosting and just smooth the mousse over the top of the cake. It would definitely be one of those swirly applications with the spatula rather than a smooth look.

    Make sure to refrigerate until close to party time!

  23. jules says: #23

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate your quick response; will certainly take your advice. Again, thanks!

  24. cecelia mclean says: #24

    Any suggestions for caramel mousse.Thankyou

  25. Francesca Goldberg says: #25

    I’ve tried something similar to this in the past where i’ve made the pudding first and made whipped cream and then folded them together. It didn’t come out very firm. I would love to try this recipe but will it hold under ganache and fondant? I will be driving the cake (30 minute drive) and then the length of the party as I’m sure the cake will not fit in their refridgerator. your thoughts?

  26. Melissa Diamond says: #26

    Hi Francesca–I think that you’ll find this to be a thicker consistency. It should hold fine under ganache & fondant (although I would pipe a dam as with all softer fillings). ** You are entering into that grey area with the timing of the party and using a perishable filling. I would vote in favor of whipping our “simple spreadable ganache” recipe (which is a 2:1 ratio of chocolate to cream) over this. It is stable at room temperature much longer than this recipe would be.

  27. KARA BUSTER says: #27

    I have a couple of questions. I am making a wedding cake due Sept. 8th, the bride wants a Chocolate Hazelnut Mouse Filling and I can’t find a recipe for this, do you have one? Also, with it being a wedding cake with filling how long before the wedding can I set it up? I have refrigerated cakes in the past but when I pull them from the frig they start getting water droplets all over the cake I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong…………

  28. nadisha hosein says: #28

    Oh my, I just made it with Jello White Chocolate pudding with the whipping cream. Its the best thing in the world. I will be making this over and over and over again! Thanks for the tip!

  29. Lisette says: #29

    Can I sub strawberry pudding to make strawberry mousse?

  30. BeBe says: #30

    Hi Lisette, we haven’t tried that but it sounds good.

  31. Lourdes Velasquez says: #31

    was wondering how long stored in fridge for if not in use?

  32. BeBe says: #32

    Hi Lourdes, I can’t give you a definite number of days because we usually eat the leftovers right away. I would say after 3 days it may start to deflate and become watery.

  33. Lourdes Velasquez says: #33

    ok thats what i thought, thank you for your help . =)

  34. Elizabeth Wood says: #34

    I’ve made variations of this many, many times, and the leftovers don’t deflate nor go watery, they simply mold when forgotten (sob!!). It only molds when forgotten, because it’s sooo good, I usually clean it up within a few days.

    Leaving this open to air makes a weird “skin” on the surface. I would not like it as a frosting unless served within an hour or so of frosting and there were no leftovers, or they were covered airtight.

    I have found that if I am flavoring it (coffee, liquers, rosewater) it needs a stronger flavor to stand up to the cake as a filling than when just tasting it as I’m adding the flavoring.

    I also highly prefer this as a filling to american buttercream (butter and pwd sugar with flavorings) because it is much more stable and slip resistant for transportation! I haven’t used a dam with it for years, but make sure you have the filling to the edges or you can get air bubbles under your frosting. I “spackle” the joint with extra mousse after adding the top layer, then let it set for at least an hour before icing it, to let it all stabilize.

    Also, there will be a small bits of undissolved powder sometimes after you whisk it all together, but after sitting overnight, they’re always incorporated, not seen in the product.

    LOVE this stuff, and so do my customers!

  35. jeanine barrera says: #35

    Can a crumb coated cake with this chocolate mousse filling be frozen? I’d like to prep a large cake ahead and they asked specifically for chocolate mousse filling. Thanks !!

  36. BeBe says: #36

    Hi Jeanine, I’m sorry but we have never tried freezing the chocolate mousse, I’m afraid it would change consistency and become watery when it thaws.

  37. Angela Karlen says: #37

    Hello….I am making a wedding cake this weekend. The cake will be set up at 2:00 but the reception isn’t until 7!!!! How do you go about making sure your frostings hold up okay for wedding cakes like this? I want to use this recipe for a filling but am worried about it getting ucky during the wait time in between the wedding and reception.

  38. BeBe says: #38

    Hi Angela, I’m sorry to say that this recipe for Chocolate Mousse would not be a good choice to use for your cake filling. Because of the heavy cream in the recipe, it is perishable and the wedding cake will be out from 2:00 until late in the evening.

    The frosting you use to cover your cake, crusting buttercream or fondant will be fine for a wedding set up that far in advance. I’m assuming this is an inside reception. Hope all goes well this weekend.

  39. Angela Karlen says: #39

    Thanks Bebe!! I am using the classic buttercream recipe for the cake and it is indoors. I will use my normal chocolate recipe. Thank you :)

  40. Tenia Leyton says: #40

    I use pudding for mousse like this and if I am in a hurry or do not have time to go to different stores looking for cream because mine is out, I use Cool Whip. I mix in a box with a small tub or 2 boxes with a large tub. A favorite of friends is when I use Strawberries and Cream pudding mix. I put a thin layer of strawberry glaze on the cake, then the mousse, then cut up fresh strawberries. I use a white cake and it’s like a strawberry shortcake. People go nuts over it and are surprised to find the filling in the middle. It’s very refreshing.

  41. Trina Treiber says: #41

    Do you have a Bavarian cream recipe?

  42. Ansa Hogan says: #42

    Quick question, can I make this a few days ahead and freeze it till Im ready to use it?


  43. BeBe says: #43

    Hi Ansa, I would not freeze, I think upon thawing it would deflate and become watery. I think it would be fine made 2 days ahead and kept in the refrigerator.

  44. Ansa Hogan says: #44

    Thanks BeBe for the fast reply.

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