Yule Log Cake Tutorial

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In this cake decorating video tutorial, you will learn how to make a lovely Yule Log Cake (or it's French name, Bûche de Noël) from a simple chocolate cake roll.

This is a traditional French dessert for the holidays, which dates back to the 1800s (when it was common to burn a yule log on Christmas Eve).  

Gorgeous Yule Log Cake Video- From MyCakeSchool.com's member video library!

Over the years, yule log cakes have become popular in many other countries as well, including the US.  In fact, with each passing Christmas, I notice these elegant desserts more and more!

Not only will you learn to make this beautiful cake, but you will also learn how to make very realistic pine cones!  (Huge victory for me, as I've never been happy with my past attempts!)

* Don't forget to review the materials and notes beneath the video for more information.  I hope that you enjoy it!!

 Materials for Yule Log Cake

Yule Log Cake (from our Recipe)

Whipped Cream filling (or buttercream, ganache, etc.)

Chocolate Buttercream (or ganache) for the outside of the cake.  (We used our "Classic Chocolate Buttercream" recipe)

Confectioner's Sugar-- For dusting the cake log with "snow".  (Note that this is best done close to the event, as the effect tends to fade away over time.)

Paint brush(es)- I used a small paint brush handle for the wood grain impressions as well as for mixing & painting colors.

Sliced Almonds- for pine cones

Gum Paste- (or fondant, modeling chocolate, or anything else you can think of)  - to create the center of the pine cone.  (Holds the almond slivers in place)

Sugar Glue/Tylose Glue - I used this to "glue" in my almonds.  (2 Tablespoons water to ¼ teaspoon tylose) -- Or, just use your glue of choice!

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Enjoy the Video!

Thanks so much for stopping by! We hope that you enjoy this festive yule log cake tutorial. Make sure to check out our full collection of Cake Decorating Tutorials!

Learn to make a gorgeous Yule Log Cake from a simple Chocolate Cake Roll in this My Cake School video tutorial!

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  1. Thank you for all hard work you do to show us .
    Happy holiday to you Bebe Melissa your family and your team work.

  2. Thank you Melissa for this yule log video...I too always wanted to make one but always changed my mind thinking I wouldn't be able to make one. I will try one now that you've shown the way :) I think I'll add a couple of those red Fall berries that you see on the ground sometimes along with the pinecones.Thank you for always making the cakes seem "doable" . :) Merry Christmas and all the best in 2013 to you and Bebe and your families .

  3. Thanks so much, Bernice! I think that you will love it. I like your idea of adding some berries too! Merry Christmas & happy 2013 to you & your family too! xoxo

  4. You make it look so easy...going to make one tonight...have a x-mas party to go tomorrow and if it mine turns out as pretty as yours, I'll make one...I'm so excited...hehehe...wish me luck...Looking so forward to next year on your tutorials...Merry X-mas Melissa and Bebe, have a safe and Happy New Year...;)

  5. Chrissy, SO glad that you are making it! Let us know how it goes for you! Merry Christmas & happy New Year to you too :0)!

  6. Lovely job! So much easier than one I tried years ago. I am so encouraged to make one your way. :) What about airbrushing the pinecones with vodka and airbrush color mixture? Might be a time saver.

  7. May you both have the most wonderful holidays with your family. I look forward to more fun tutorials etc in 2013. Thanks for teaching us so many new things in 2012. I am so glad I joined My Cake School.
    Happy New Year!