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Summertime themes continue in our blog today as we break out the flip flop cupcake toppers!  The cheerful color, design, & pattern options are endless…and the theme is perfect for so many events– summertime birthdays for all ages, beach parties, pool parties…or just because ;0)

We’re using one of my favorite decorating mediums today… candy coating!  I love candy coating (aka compound chocolate, chocolate bark, candy melts, etc.) because it can be microwaved, piped,  & applied to your cakes in minutes.   An added bonus is that they can be made in advance &  will add a little depth to your design too!

You can find pre-colored candy coating (Wilton Candy Melts for example), but you can also tint white candy coating to all sorts of bright colors using  (oil based) candy coloring. *Do not add regular frosting/fondant coloring gels to your chocolate as it will cause it to seize.

Let’s get started!

Below, you can see my tinted white candy coating– After melting the coating in the microwave, I tinted the pink & blue shades using Wilton Candy Coloring.  The yellow was pre-colored Candy Melts (Wilton).

Flip flops are pretty simple to freehand, but you may like to use a template to ensure that everything is about the same size.   I slid my template beneath my waxed paper (on a cookie sheet)– I piped the melted chocolate from a disposable piping bag with the tip snipped off.  (If you’d rather use a piping tip, it would be about the equivalent of a Wilton 10.)


Flip Flop Tutorial-MyCakeSchool.com

As an optional step, I also piped small little flowers, stars, & hearts using a piping bag with a small opening.  These will be my accents for the flip flops later.

Free Flip Flop Cake Tutorial-MyCakeSchool.com

More piping…this time in blue.  After piping my chocolate designs, I chilled them in the freezer for about 5 minutes until firm.

Free Flip Flop Tutorial-MyCakeSchool.com

Time to start decorating!  I flipped the chilled flip flops over so that the smooth sides were facing up.  Then, I piped on the straps with buttercream (using a small round piping tip (3)) –You could do this step in candy coating also, but I thought that buttercream was a little faster.

In the photo, I applied a dot of buttercream to the center of the straps & then placed a chocolate flower on top.  This raises the decoration a bit & acts as a nice glue also. Free Flip Flop Tutorial-MyCakeSchool.com

I love these colors together!

The straps & dots are buttercream…everything else is candy coating. (Buttercream colors: Americolor Deep Pink coloring gel, Electric Pink,  Lemon Yellow, & Sky Blue).

Free Flip Flop Tutorial-MyCakeSchool.com

Now for our cupcakes!

I tinted a crusting vanilla buttercream with Americolor Sky Blue & Americolor Ivory coloring gel.  Some of my cupcakes were frosted entirely in ivory, but others like the one below were half and half.  The most important part of these cupcakes is the two dots of icing that I piped on each one with a Wilton tip 12 (10 would work well too).  These dots will prop up our flip flops so that they sit at a nice angle.

Flip Flop Cupcakes Tutorial!-MyCakeSchool.com


If working in advance, you can store these toppers in a cool room and then chill just before applying to the cake so that they are easier to handle.

Finished!  I love how these came out, so simple and cute!




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  1. Jacquie says: #1

    I love what you are doing and would love to do it. So where can i go and how much will it cost.

  2. Graciela V Avalos says: #2

    I love it! I am just about to make a pool party for my granddaughter and this will be perfect for it. Thank you so much, God Bless you!

  3. MsGF says: #3

    Super cute! Great idea. Always thinking outside the box. Love that!

  4. Anita barron says: #4

    So cute and easy

  5. Kathy Zebert says: #5

    I love these, Melissa! 😀

  6. PattyBug says: #6

    Sweet! And looks fun to make! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Amy says: #7

    Your cute ideas never end! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Michal says: #8

    Wow what an amazing tutorial and lovely photos. thanks so much

  9. Lucero Jimenez Flores says: #9

    Hi Melissa

    I would like to know if I can use tylosa on my fondant and if is edible or not?

  10. stella Nanna says: #10

    beautiful and it look so easy to do thx

  11. KimMJ says: #11

    Those are adorable! It is nice to know you can easily pipe designs with wilton melts as opposed to buying a ton of molds. It is great to have something decorative that tastes great too. I have to give this technique a try. Thanks so much. :)

  12. Peggy Wilson says: #12

    How do u make the cases stick to the cakes. Mine seems to come off

  13. BeBe says: #13

    Hi Peggy, One common cause is storing the cupcakes in an airtight container, leave an opening in your storage container so that some air can get in. Sometimes the problem is the recipe, a very moist recipe can cause the cupcake liners to pull away. At the end of our recipes (in the recipe section) we note whether or not the recipe is good for cupcakes. When your cupcakes have baked, remove from the baking pan immediately and cool on a wire rack. Also, if your cupcake liners are too large for the well of the cupcake baking pan they can fold over and this can cause pulling away from the cake. Hope some of these suggestions will help.

  14. Adriana Pereira says: #14


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