Thanksgiving Cornucopia Cake Tutorial

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Today I'm going to demonstrate how to make a beautiful Thanksgiving Cornucopia cake topper!

We love this simple Thanksgiving Cornucopia Cake Topper! Free cake tutorial by!


Today was my first try at creating a cornucopia cake topper, but it came together surprisingly quickly!  With rice cereal treats on our side, anything is possible!

This will not only make a great cake topper, but for all of the cookie or cupcake fans out there, it would also make a great centerpiece for the middle of your dessert platter.

Let's get started...


How to Make a Thanksgiving Cornucopia Cake Topper


First, I mashed and shaped four Rice Krispies Treats (22g) together into the shape of a cornucopia.

How to Make a Cornucopia Cake Topper! Free Cake Decorating Tutorial by!


You can see in this photo how I made a depression where the opening of the cornucopia would be, to give it a little depth.  I also rolled out some white fondant.  (Gum paste would be fine too if you would rather!) Cute Thanksgiving Cornucopia Cake Topper Tutorial by! Free step by step cake tutorial!

Next, I rubbed a light coating of vegetable shortening onto my cereal treat cornucopia before covering it with a layer of fondant.  I trimmed away the excess with a pizza wheel.

Adorable Thanksgiving Cake Topper Tutorial by! Learn to Make a Cornucopia in this Free Tutorial!

Next, I used a toothpick to create impressions.  (Use whatever you'd like...the dull side of a knife, paintbrush handle, scriber needle, etc.)


Thanksgiving Cornucopia Cake Topper Tutorial by! Free step by step cake tutorial!

Next, it was time to paint!  I painted the cornucopia with Americolor Chocolate Brown, which was diluted a bit with vodka.  Mixing vodka (or even lemon extract) with coloring gel is really helpful when painting because the alcohol greatly speeds up the dry time.  If you'd prefer not to paint, you can tint your fondant brown with coloring gel from the beginning.


Cornucopia Cake Topper Tutorial by! SO simple and festive!

Here's our cake of honor, an 8" cake which is frosted with our Classic Vanilla Buttercream Recipe.  I used my small offset spatula to give it a little texture.

Fabulous Cornucopia Cake Topper Tutorial by! Try our free step by step cake tutorial!

Here you can see that I pushed a bubble tea straw (cut to the height of the cake) into the center.   This is an optional step, but it's not a bad idea to add a support beneath your cake toppers to prevent any chance of sinking.

Free and Simple Cornucopia Cake Topper Tutorial by!

Next, I rolled out a bit of fondant (tinted Americolor Chocolate Brown), and used my 2D piping tip to cut out circles.  

Using a  Stone Stamp Set (aff.), which can be found online and often at craft stores (like Michael's, etc.).

I embossed the fondant circles to spell our Thanksgiving message.  I used a little of my vodka/coloring gel paint to darken the letters so that they would pop out a little more, but that is optional!

Free Step by Step Cornucopia Cake Topper Tutorial by! Perfect for Thanksgiving cakes!


I placed the cornucopia onto our cake and filled it with assorted colorful fall candies--you have some flexibility with this step.  

Use whatever candy or piped designs you'd like.  I went to our local candy store and bought a little bit of everything...(gummi raspberries, Sixlets, Indian Corn, and candy pumpkins).  

I filled in with fall colored sprinkles and buttercream leaves (tinted Americolor Avacado Green and piped with a leaf tip 352).


Cornucopia Cake Topper Tutorial by! So quick, easy, and festive!

I glued our fondant letters onto the cake with a little bit of buttercream.  

As a final touch, I piped a small bead border around the top edge with a Wilton tip 4, and used a brown ribbon to create my bottom border.  (When I use ribbon on a cake, I lightly grease it with a little vegetable shortening to prevent splotchiness.) -

That's it! I love how this sweet cornucopia topper turned out! If you ever give this fall cake design a try, we would love to see your photos in the comments below!


Cornucopia Cake Topper Tutorial by!


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  1. Thanks for all of your comments!

    @Gracie-- I lightly greased the ribbon with vegetable shortening and wrapped it around the cake. This is what I like to do whenever using ribbon so that there is no splotchiness from the frosting (everything is evenly "discolored"). I let the two ends slightly overlap in back and glue together with a dot of buttercream.