Elegant White Buttercream Flowers Cake

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Learn how to make a beautiful cake decorated with elegant white buttercream flowers in this free cake tutorial!

This design would be beautiful for weddings or bridal showers, or you could incorporate color for an entirely different look.  

This elegant white on white buttercream floral cake design is perfect for weddings and bridal showers. From My Cake School's member cake tutorial section.

The piped buttercream flowers and leaves are so easy to make yet have such a beautiful look. We just love white on white designs for a dressed-up feel.

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We hope that you enjoy this elegant buttercream flowers tutorial. The elegant white buttercream flowers would be beautiful on cakes and cupcakes for all sorts of occasions, from birthdays to bridal showers, wedding cakes and more.

If you give this cake design a try, we would love for you to share a comment and photo below!

Elegant White Buttercream Flowers- A Cake Decorating Video Tutorial by MyCakeSchool.com!


For this tutorial, we stacked 8 inch and 6 inch tiers. As usual, the top tier is on it's own cardboard cake circle cut to the size of the cake, and it is resting on 4 bubble tea straw supports (cut to the height of the bottom tier.) 

Buttercream- We used our Classic Vanilla Buttercream Frosting. Use a frosting that contains butter as it will firm up in the freezer more quickly and will stay firm a bit longer as you place your flowers onto the cake.

Piping Tips: Tip 104 and 125 for flowers. Tip 12 (medium round tip for leaves), Tip 4 for bead border, Grass Tip 233 for centers, Tip 21 for centers

Parchment or Waxed Paper 

Rose nail

Miscellaneous: Disposable piping bags, couplers, turntable (optional), spatula and or bench scraper for frosting the cake with a smooth finish

Enjoy the Video!

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  1. Thanks ladies!

    @Debbie, I think that you may be seeing the yellow writing/logo on our piping bags. We didn't add any yellow. However, the frosted cake does look a shade or two more yellow in the video than it was-- our classic vanilla recipe only has a slight yellow/ivory tint from the butter in the recipe.

  2. Good Morning This Is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!, Where I Live I Only Use All Shortening Frosting Because of My Temperature, Do You Think I can Achieve This With All Shortening Base Frosting??

  3. Hello! I'm glad that you liked it! I would do a practice run with just piping a flower or two and freezing them to see how they firm up when frozen. It'll take a little longer but I would think it would work.

    Another option is to pipe your flowers and let them dry at room temperature for maybe 1 1/2- 2 days if it is a non perishable, crusting frosting. We used this technique in this tutorial:

    Good luck! ;0)

  4. Hi Kim, you can cut a parchment circle slightly smaller than the diameter of the cake and place where the cake will be resting. This will help to prevent sticking.