Elegant Bride- A Cake Decorating Video Tutorial

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Today, I'm going to share a beautiful cake that would be perfect for bridal showers and engagement parties!


Bridal shower cake designs are always in demand, and we're happy to have another cake design option for you!

Using our template as well as buttercream and a few fondant accents, this elegant (yet simple) cake design would make the perfect centerpiece!

We hope that you enjoy this quick tutorial. Keep this bridal shower cake design in mind for sheet cakes and double barrel cakes also! 


Materials for Elegant bride cake:

This bridal shower cake design consists of 8 inch and 6 inch tiers (3 layers each). Each tier is on it's own cake cardboard cut down to the size of the cake, and the top tier is supported from below by 4 bubble tea straws cut to the height of the bottom tier. Use a little fresh buttercream to attach the top tier to the bottom as usual.


Vanilla Buttercream (We used our Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream recipe but our Classic Vanilla Buttercream Recipe is good for this also, or your preferred vanilla recipe for piping).

Coloring Gels: Wilton Leaf Green, Americolor Deep Pink, Warm brown for hair color 

Piping Tips: 104 petal tip for ruffles, 352 leaf tip, Tip 3 for borders and dots

Fondant- (I kneaded a little tylose powder into mine for added strength & faster dry time). You only need enough for the cut-out of the bride, the veil, hair, and bow.

Small flower cutter (optional)- for details of the veil & bouquet. (You could also use buttercream piping for this or sugar pearl accents on the veil)

Miscellaneous: xacto knife or sharp knife, disposable piping bags, pedestal or cake base of choice.



Notes for Elegant Bride Cake:

Tylose Powder to Speed Up Dry Time

I kneaded a little bit of tylose powder into my fondant before creating the cut-outs for bride and wedding dress. This is optional but I find it helpful as it strengthens the fondant and speeds up the dry time.

Attaching Bride to the Chilled Cake

I attached the bride to the cake with a little buttercream. If possible, you may find it easier to place the bride onto a chilled cake so that the buttercream will be firm in case you need to adjust the position of the bride.


Adding Buttercream Ruffles to the Wedding Dress

As you saw in the video, I carefully removed some of the frosting on the top edge of the bottom tier before piping on the ruffles of the dress so that they would like a little flatter as the dress moves from the front of the tier to the top of the tier.

I had assumed that I would need to remove a small amount of the cake for this step but the frosting was thick enough that I didn't need to. 

Mapping out the Shape of the Dress on the Cake

I used a toothpick to lightly map out where the dress would fall in relation to the top half of the bride. This made it easier for me to pipe my ruffles evenly. This design would also be pretty with a fondant dress.

At the last minute, I decided to add a small flattened circle of fondant to the top of the bride's shoulder to create a sleeve. A sleeveless bridal gown would be pretty also! 

How to Make Tylose Glue (Edible Glue)

In the video, I used a "tylose glue" which is a small amount of tylose powder combined with a touch of warm water.

As it dissolves, it takes on a gel consistency. If you don't have tylose, you can use a little piping gel or even a very small amount of water to attach the hair, veil, etc to the cut-out of the bride.

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Elegant Bride- The perfect bridal shower cake! Learn to make it in our cake video tutorial!


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