Christmas Cupcakes- A Video Tutorial

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The cutest assortment of Christmas and winter themed cupcakes! A cupcake video tutorial by!

This assortment of simple Christmas Cupcake designs is so festive and fun! Whether you make them all or pick a couple of favorite designs, they are sure to bring smiles!

We'll show you how to make simple snowman cupcakes, holly cupcakes, Santa cupcakes and more.

These are perfect for Christmas parties! Our snowman and mitten cupcake designs are great for any sort of winter celebrations also. We hope that you find something that you would like to try!

More Christmas Cakes

We have many more Christmas cake designs to share with you! Some of our favorites are our red truck cake, easy ornament wreath cake, Santa Cake, and Loopy Christmas Bow Cake


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  1. these's cupcakes are just gorgeous, could I ask what brand of sparkle sugar are you using...I have seen some here in Australia, but doesnt seem to have the sparkle that you are using for your cupcakes...

    Thanks :)

  2. Hi Melissa/Bebe

    Just a quick question...can you tell me what colour you used for the red buttercream, I always end up with pink icing or really badly tasting icing if I eventually get red!
    Great ideas, can't wait to make these for my upcoming luncheons/christmas events!
    Thanks :o)

  3. So cute! Cheeky Monkey- I made red icing for cookies the other day used the Wilton "no taste" red. It took quite a bit but it did turn out a great Christmas red and really didn't have that awful "red" flavor. Hope it works for you too!

  4. Love these!!!! Hi,cheekymonkey I use americolor super red and you don't have to use that much for it to be the right color