How to Make a Turkey Topper~Blog Tutorial!

Hi everybody– As I mentioned earlier in the week, I’ve been wanting to make a cute turkey topper!  If you need something cute to put on top of your Thanksgiving cake, or even as a cute centerpiece for a cupcake platter, keep reading.   (Even if you have no intentions of making a cute turkey topper…keep reading, it will be fun!..)

Let’s get started!  Grab a box of Rice Krispies Treats (or any version of Rice Cereal Treat you can find).  My turkey is kind of big.  Modify amounts if you want a tiny turkey instead.

I coat my rice cereal body with a little shortening before applying fondant.

Now for the head and neck….

My favorite part!  (You can use any number of materials for feathers.  Gum paste feathers, royal icing feathers, and chocolate feathers are all other possibilites).  This method is just the fastest!

Push the feathers into the Rice Krispie Treats body.  They slide right in and stay in position.  (Whoever thought of using Rice Krispies Treats under fondant is my hero!)

Now for the grand reveal!!  (I know, he should be on a cake….but I didn’t have one ready.  Plus, this little bench seemed perfect.)



I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!  Using the Rice Krispies, lollipop stick support for the neck and floral wire really sped things along.  I made him (and he was ready to pose for pictures) within 30 minutes.  (And that was including all of the photos that I snapped along the way) —  :0) —


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  1. Camilla Storvik says: #1

    Hi there, I really love your blog! I have just started blogging today, and was wondering what to write about. You seem very talented and your cakes are beautiful, congrats!

  2. Camilla Storvik says: #2

    sorry, i got the link to my site wrong in my last comment! here us the right link. *_*

  3. Nisreen Naser says: #3

    I’m like a little kids in wonderland lol don’t know where to go or what to see, everything I see amazes me. I thank you very much for this website, God bless!

  4. Darlene says: #4

    What a great turkey and so easy to make … Thanks for the great idea and easy to follow steps. My nieces 8th birthday will be celebrated this year at thanksgiving so my turkey will have a birthday hat and balloons tucked under his wing.

  5. Melissa Diamond says: #5

    Darlene, that sounds precious!!!

  6. TerriLynn_TN says: #6

    I just can’t handle the ‘cute’ on this one! So sweet!

  7. Melissa Calegan says: #7

    Perfect idea for me to use this year! Thanks so much! I love it!

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