Cute Turkey Cake Topper Tutorial- Free Cake Video

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Thanksgiving is almost here, and we have an easy & CUTE Turkey Cake Topper tutorial to share with you! This sweet turkey cake is so much fun to make, and is sure to bring smiles to your Thanksgiving celebrations!




Cute Turkey Cake Topper Tutorial

How to Make a Turkey Cake Topper

In this turkey cake tutorial, we'll show you how to model a simple & funny turkey cake topper using rice cereal treats, gum paste, and a few additional accents.

Once the bird is placed onto the cake, it's time for feathers! I love the feathers for the height, color, and texture that they add to this design.

You could easily create gum paste feathers (with anchors attached) to insert behind the turkey, but we decided to use candy coating!

I love candy coating cake decorations because they can be made so quickly! There's no need to add anchors to these chocolate feathers, you'll just need to make them a little longer, keeping in mind that part of each feather will be pushed into the cake.



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Turkey Cake Topper Tutorial


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Cute Turkey Cake Topper Tutorial- Free Cake Video

Learn how to make an adorable turkey decoration for your Thanksgiving cakes!


  • 1 22g. Rice Cereal Treat bar
  • 2 sugar pearls (eyes)
  • fondant or gum paste (*if using fondant, I like to knead in a little tylose powder to firm it up.)
  • Coloring Gel: Americolor Chocolate Brown, Red Red, Lemon Yellow, Black
  • Candy Coating in Red, Yellow, & Orange OR White Candy Coating with oil based colors for tinting.
  • Food Coloring Pen (for eyes)
  • Parchment or Waxed Paper
  • Lollipop Stick (we used a long size)
  • Piping Gel or edible adhesive of choice
  • Miscellaneous: Parchment or Waxed Paper lined cookie sheet, disposable piping bags, turntable (optional but helpful), bench scraper/spatula for frosting, small paintbrushes
  • Cake (we decorated an 8 inch, buttercream frosted cake)


  1. Mold rice cereal treat (22g) into egg shape, coat with a thin coating of vegetable shortening, and cover in brown gum paste.
  2. Drive long lollipop stick through the cereal treat. Roll ball of gum paste for head, create hole in the bottom with lollipop stick, and allow to set as you work on the rest of the turkey.
  3. Wrap brown gum paste around the top of the lollipop stick to create a neck. Allow space for the head. Add the head, and attach eyes, etc. with piping gel.
  4. Add top hat made from black gum paste or fondant.
  5. Melt candy melts or candy coating (red, yellow, and orange), and create chocolate feathers. Also, pipe turkey feet & legs using yellow candy coating.
  6. Frost your cake. (We used a three layer 8 inch gingerbread cake, frosted with cinnamon buttercream (we added cinnamon to our classic vanilla buttercream recipe).
  7. Insert turkey body into the frosted cake. Push in *chilled* candy coating feathers.


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  1. Hi there! I want to adapt your technique for the feathers to make them less round for a swan cake. Any tips on how to make the feathers more "feathery" to surround an 8 inch round? Thank you in advance.

  2. Thank you so much for this tutorial. My little one's birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year and his request for a turkey with a top hat sitting on a pumpkin felt incredibly daunting. Now I feel up to the task!!!