St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes!

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Today we are sharing a collection of festive and fun St. Patrick's Day cupcake designs! Choose one design or several for the most adorable platter of St. Patrick's Day cuteness!



Learn to make the cutest St Patrick's Day Cupcakes in this free tutorial by!


How to Make CUTE & easy St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes


Making our Green Cupcakes...

We started out by whipping up some quick White (doctored cake mix) Cupcakes.  After scooping the batter into 6 cupcake liners, we decided to change gears and make the rest of our cupcakes green! 

I used about 12-14 drops of Americolor Mint Green coloring gel.  Since we used white liners, you can really see that green cake showing through!


Let the Cupcake Decorating Begin!

Now that we have our bright green cupcakes, let's talk decorating!  To frost our cupcakes, I'm using a crusting Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream Frosting. {Classic Vanilla Buttercream is a good choice too if you prefer an all butter (no shortening) recipe}

As I often do, I used melted candy melts for some quick & simple toppers (Top hats, shamrocks,  & pots of gold!). I'm using pre-colored green candy melts, which I melted in small increments in the microwave until soft.

Making our Green Candy Coating Cupcake Toppers

Simply add the melted candy coating into a disposable piping bag, snip the tip, and pipe your shamrocks onto a parchment or waxed paper lined cookie sheet.

Chill for a few minutes until firm. (These decorations are best handled while chilled.) *** Oops, someone told me that I've made four leaf clovers and not shamrocks! Haha I guess shamrocks have 3 leaves. Oh well. They're good luck anyway! ;0) 

Adorable St. Patrick's Day Cupcake Tutorial by!

Making our Little Leprechauns

After making the cute top hat cupcake toppers, I decided that at least some of them should have a cute little face to go along with them!  I tinted the fondant for my leprechauns' faces with a tiny speck of copper coloring gel.

Fun and Simple St. Patrick's Day Cupcake Tutorial by!

I think he turned out cute--- but the hat toppers are cute all by themselves too!

Adorable St. Patrick's Day Cupcake Tutorial by! Online cake tutorials, recipes, and more!

Pots of Gold Cupcake Toppers!

With all of these rainbows, we need pots of gold!Learn How to Make St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes in this free cupcake tutorial!

Give Me Lots of Color!

For a colorful swirl, just smear the inside of your piping bag with a few different colors! You can see in the photo below the swirly, fun colors of buttercream ready to go!

Adorable St. Patrick's Day Cupcake Tutorial by!


Rainbows and Miscellaneous St. Patrick's Day Cuteness!

Time for some closeups--- My rainbow colors & clouds are buttercream piped with a Wilton Tip 3!  Piping the clouds was my favorite part :0) 

The rows of green shells that you see on some of the cupcakes were piped with a Wilton tip 21.  I sprinkled some gold pixie dust on my pots of gold, and some of my cupcakes are topped with a chocolate gold coin! :0) --

Adorable St. Patrick's Day Cupcake Tutorial by! Online cake tutorials, videos, recipes, and more!

The other end of the platter......

Adorable St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes! Tutorial by

Group shot!

Adorable St. Patrick's Day Cupcake Designs by! Free tutorial!


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  1. These are too adorable!! What tip did you use to ice the cupcakes with the rainbows on top? I love how flat it looks.

  2. Thanks everybody! --

    Kristin-- I think that it was a tip 806 (Magic Line) OR a Wilton tip 12. I often just grab whatever is closer...a medium or large round tip, pipe a flat spiral, and then smooth over it with a Viva paper towel once it has crusted. (You can see an example of this in my Valentine's Day Cupcakes blog entry) --

  3. Great work, my favorite is the pot of gold and the rainbow cupcake. I'm going to melt some chocolate tonight and see what I can pull off. Thanks for posting!

  4. Hi Lee-Ann, I used Wilton brand candy melts that can be found at Hobby Lobby and Michael's. You could also use any kind of candy coating/almond bark.

  5. Thanks for the great idea! I made some leprechauns to top some bark candy. Of course I liked to your wonderful blog:) Thank you, Melissa!