How to Make Number & Letter Cake Toppers-Video

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Learn how to make number and letter cake toppers in this free cake decorating video tutorial! 

How to Make Letter and Number Cake Toppers


These number and letter cake toppers are a great way to instantly make a cake feel more special!

In today's cake tutorial, I'm sharing just a few examples of the methods that I use most often for creating letter and number cake toppers.

Letter and Number Cake Topper Tutorial- Free Video


Should You use Gum Paste or Fondant for Cake Toppers?

I usually like to use gum paste for cake toppers, unless I'm making a red or black topper in which case I use colored fondant with a good amount of tylose powder kneaded into it.

Dry Times for Gum Paste Number and Letter Cake Toppers

It's a very good idea to make your gum paste numbers and letters a few days in advance---they may seem dry after a day if you are using gum paste, but if the number is thick, it will not be dry through and through, making it more prone to breakage.

I just love stand-up cake toppers for the added drama and height that they can give to a cake. Pick your favorite style and do some experimenting!



More Number and Letter Cake Toppers!

Many of our cake decorating video tutorials feature cakes with toppers similar to the ones that we demonstrated in this tutorial! Here are just a few favorites:

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  1. Hi Paula-- For the circles with tappits, you can attach with your glue of choice. I went through a phase of using light corn syrup as my glue....that would work also but lately my glues of choice are sugar glue or piping gel. Either would work for this project. For the strip that you attach to the back of the lollipop stick, you can dampen one side with sugar glue, piping gel, or even water before pressing over the lollipop stick.

    It's a good idea to make extra circles just in case something should break. That's a good rule of thumb whenever you are working with gum paste (or fondant) pieces that need to dry in advance.