How to Make Number & Letter Cake Toppers-Video

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Learn how to make number and letter cake toppers in this free cake decorating video tutorial! 

How to Make Letter and Number Cake Toppers


These number and letter cake toppers are a great way to instantly make a cake feel more special!

In today's cake tutorial, I'm sharing just a few examples of the methods that I use most often for creating letter and number cake toppers.

Letter and Number Cake Topper Tutorial- Free Video


Should You use Gum Paste or Fondant for Cake Toppers?

I usually like to use gum paste for cake toppers, unless I'm making a red or black topper in which case I use colored fondant with a good amount of tylose powder kneaded into it.

Dry Times for Gum Paste Number and Letter Cake Toppers

It's a very good idea to make your gum paste numbers and letters a few days in advance---they may seem dry after a day if you are using gum paste, but if the number is thick, it will not be dry through and through, making it more prone to breakage.

I just love stand-up cake toppers for the added drama and height that they can give to a cake. Pick your favorite style and do some experimenting!



More Number and Letter Cake Toppers!

Many of our cake decorating video tutorials feature cakes with toppers similar to the ones that we demonstrated in this tutorial! Here are just a few favorites:

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  1. hi melissa, sorry i can't read this video.... need a watch for my birthday cake ;-) hope you're fine ;-) graziella from reunion island

  2. Hi Graziella--I just checked and I was able to view with Internet Explorer, but for some reason, not using Firefox or Google Chrome.

    I just updated the link & it is playing for me now in Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. I hope that solved it for you! ;0) Good to hear from you!

  3. Is there a special way to do some "fondant squiggles" to put on top of a cake along with a cake topper., ie., I see them on alot of whimsey cakes, but don't know the best way, and how far in advance to make them so that they don't crack up when applied to the cake.....

  4. Hi Leera, we bought the block letters from Sur la Table. I think I have seen them on also or alphabet cutters that are very similar.

  5. Hi Ghada, I'm sorry you had a problem. The video is working on our computer. I have re-embedded it to see if that will solve your problem. Are you having a problem viewing other videos? If you are, please go to our homepage and look for the Member Resource button on the right. Choose Member FAQ and scroll down to number 5. You will see various video problems that can occur and solutions to correct them. Often you will need to update your Adobe Flash Player, there is a link for that and it is free. Let us know how it goes.

  6. Thank you, thank you for all these great ideas. The possibilities are endless! I can't wait to get started making some letters and numbers.

  7. Hi Melissa..I love this video! In the forum section you helped me w/ideas for number toppers using gumpaste. Never used it, but I have used fondant. I may want to try the circle's on lollipop sticks like you have shown in this video. Did you attach the stick, inner circle and tappit number all w/sugar glue? You mentioned corn syrup? Can that be used for glue as well? Thank you so much.