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Today, I'm going to demonstrate how to make beautiful, dramatic Hi Hat Cupcakes!

These delicious cupcakes are swirled high with a cloud-like Seven Minute Frosting, and dipped into a Rich Chocolate Coating for a finish that looks as amazing as it tastes! Oh the deliciousness!

Learn how to make hi hat cupcakes in this MyCakeSchool.com free cupcake video tutorial!

*We have refreshed our former hi hat cupcake post with a few tweaks to our recipes as well as a quick video tutorial on the method. Enjoy!

How to Make Hi Hat Cupcakes

First, let's talk chocolate cupcakes! If you are looking for a fantastic scratch chocolate cupcake recipe, we LOVE this one: Classic Chocolate Cupcakes. If you prefer to work with a doctored cake mix, here's a great one for cupcakes: Chocolate Cake {Doctored Cake Mix}

Next, we whipped up a batch of our Seven Minute Frosting.  This billowy white frosting tastes like marshmallows and is wonderfully light and airy, making it perfect for the signature swirl of hi hats!

As we demonstrate in our video tutorial, the method for the Fluffy White Frosting is a bit different than the traditional seven minute frosting recipe (no double boiler, yay!) but the final outcome is just like the traditional seven minute frosting that we all know and love!


Hi Hat Cupcake step by step tutorial and video! MyCakeSchool.com.

A Quick Lesson on How to Fill a Cupcake

(Optional) Using a piping bag fitted with a medium round tip (I used a Wilton 12), I injected each cupcake with our Fluffy White Frosting.  

Injecting the filling is just a matter of inserting the piping tip about halfway down into the cupcake and giving a quick squeeze of frosting (I usually pipe about 2-3 seconds worth! This is a completely optional step but I love a surprise on the inside)!


Hi Hat Cupcake Tutorial! Free step by step cupcake tutorial and cupcake video by MyCakeSchool.com!

Using a round piping tip (I used a large Ateco 806 in these photos), I swirled my frosting nice and high.  If you don't have an 806, a tip 12 works too! (I used a tip 12 in my video). These are hi-hats, not lo-hats, so don't hold back!


How to Make Hi Hat Cupcakes! Free Cupcake Tutorial by MyCakeSchool.com!


And here they are, sitting pretty!  Place your cupcakes on a cookie sheet, cake board, or whatever you have handy...and chill.  

We chilled our cupcakes for about an hour in the refrigerator. Twenty minutes in the freezer would be fine also. You just want to have them nice and chilled before dipping!

Look at these pretty cupcake swirls! I just love fluffy frosting!

Hi Hat Cupcake Tutorial by MyCakeSchool.com! Free cupcake video!


As our cupcakes chilled, we prepared our chocolate by melting 10 oz semi-sweet chocolate in the microwave. We then mixed in three teaspoons of vegetable oil.  You can find the details of the simple Chocolate Topping/Coating for hi-hats HERE!


After the chocolate had melted, we poured it into a more narrow, deep container for easier dipping.  A liquid measuring cup would work well for this too. You'll want your chocolate nice and fluid...but not overly hot and runny.


We kept our tray of cupcakes in the refrigerator and pulled out just a few at a time to dip.  Simply flip, submerge the cupcake to the point where the frosting and cake meet, and pull straight back up.  

Some of the excess will drip away as you lift your cupcake so you may want to hold it above the chocolate for a second or two.  Through all of this cupcake dipping, not one of my cupcakes lost it's swirly frosted top.  Whew!

Learn how to make Hi Hat Cupcakes with fluffy white frosting and a chocolate shell coating in this free My Cake School blog and video tutorial!


Here they are, freshly dipped!  That gloss is going to take on more of a matte finish once chilled, but aren't they beautiful?!  Although still very soft, the chocolate stays right where it is supposed to, thanks to the chill of the frosting beneath.  

Hi Hat Cupcakes Tutorial by MyCakeSchool.com! Featuring fluffy white frosting and a chocolate shell coating! Free cupcake video by MyCakeSchool.com.


Hi-hats are best served chilled... this is what they look like fresh out of the refrigerator. You can see that the lose some of their sheen and take on more of a matte finish. Still beautiful!


Beautiful hi hat cupcake tutorial by MyCakeSchool.com! Featuring fluffy white frosting with a chocolate shell coating. Free cupcake video!

Here's a shot of the inside, I just love the contrast of of the thin chocolate layer against the fluffy white frosting.  So pretty!


Hi Hat Cupcake Tutorial by MyCakeSchool.com! Free cupcake tutorial and video tutorial! My Cake School.


I used Wilton heart sprinkles as simple toppers, but the decorating & flavor options are endless!  I'm already daydreaming about more hi-hats!

Hi Hat Cupcake Tutorial by MyCakeSchool.com! Featuring fluffy white frosting and a delicious chocolate shell! Free cupcake video!



I hope this tutorial has inspired you to give these a try.   Next time, I'm going to make minis...I think they would be adorable!

See you next time!


Beautiful Hi Hat Cupcakes Tutorial by MyCakeSchool.com! Delicious fluffy white frosting with a chocolate shell! Free cupcake video tutorial!


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  1. Can you top this with colored candy melts or would it be best to use white chocolate morsels and food coloring? I'd love to make a variety of colors of these hat cupcakes.

  2. hi just wanna ask, instead of cream of tartar can i use lemon? for stabilizer. i think it will add flavor too. thank you

  3. Would you be able to use a buttercream frosting with the dipping chocolate if it's chilled? I'm nervous about using a frosting with eggs for kids.

  4. Hi Angela, I am not sure about using buttercream, my worry is that it might be too heavy for dipping into the chocolate.

  5. Oh my God this is delicious!!! I'll do this over the weekend, then post photos of the result. Thank you!!!

  6. Hi dear Melissa thanks for sharing the most delicious recipe!I'v a question;how many days the cupcake & also the chocolate cake layer (which it's the same recipe) remain in the refrigerator?

  7. I make Italian meringue frosting. isn't this the same recipe without adding the butter.. I heat my s ugar water and as I heat it I whisk my eggwhtes and cream of tarter.. then I add the sugar water.looks like the same recipe.. is it???