Beachy Cupcakes~ A Free Blog Tutorial

Adorable Beach Cupcakes! Free Tutorial by

Hello everybody!  After making my sandcastle cake earlier this week,  I decided to continue the beach theme with cupcakes!   For this tutorial, I’m demonstrating two fun designs— we’re making some cute little crabs, and a school of colorful fish!

First, let’s make some crabs.  My base frosting is just piped on with a tip 12….

Now…for the eyes!  I used Sixlets candy, which I bought at Party City…but any white candy will do. (White fondant would work too…or even dots of stiffened white icing!)

Cute crabby friends…. aren’t they funny?

Next, we’re onto the school of fish—-a very special variety of lollipop fish!  I used flat round lollipops and Dots candy for this project.

Any lollipop would actually work for this project–but I really had my mind set on the flat round ones.   We tracked down a bag at a party supply store (Party City) after looking with no luck at grocery stores (how dare they not carry these lollipops!)  :0)  So be warned…you may have to go with a different variety of lollipop fish.

As you’ve seen in other posts, I like Dots candy because it rolls very easily into thin, colorful pieces. You can use your candy of choice..or even fruit roll ups…

And here they are!  I think that the more colorful the fish, the better!  They’re swimming to your house for the beach party!  Get ready! 


Adorable Beach Cupcakes! Free Tutorial by

Have a great weekend!  See you here again next week!

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  1. Andrea says: #1

    Hi Melissa! I love your beachy cupcakes! They are so nice and also be delicious. The crab is really spectacular. Good job!
    Andrea. (from Spain)

  2. Melanie Couch says: #2

    Those are just way too cute!!!!! Love them!!!

  3. Jennifer says: #3

    These are so cute! I work at a daycare, and have been trying to come up with a fun idea for birthday’s, these would be perfect!!

  4. Trisha says: #4

    Ooooooooh this crab is PERFECT for how I feel today!!! CRABBY!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHA….ok, LOVE these and the fishies….really creative Madame Cake Queen!

  5. sweetmoments says: #5

    Adorable! I see both designs in someone’s future. :)

  6. Patricia says: #6

    I love them, summer is allready here with your beachy cupcakes.
    Best wishes from Spain Melissa

  7. Brenda says: #7

    Just love the inspiration. I have to put all things on hold for now. Veggies are in and I’m doing pickles today. Then Roma’s. Then ahhhh…..Maybe I can try some of your out this world ideas!

  8. Melissa Diamond says: #8

    Thank you everybody!!

  9. Grammy Sue says: #9

    Soooooo cute. I especially love the crab!!! I am going to have to incorporate these into some sort of party this summer!!! Thank you for sharing your talents!!!

  10. Hahaha, those crabs are just about the cutest things…ever! Love them so much!!!

  11. BreEntertains says: #11

    These are absolutely adorable!!

  12. Paula says: #12

    How original and cute!

  13. milenna says: #14

    love it!!! so cute!!

  14. CakesOnTheLane says: #15

    Melissa, these are so cute!!

  15. Super cute cupcakes! I am always amazed at what you will come up with next! Your creativity is so inspiring! What a fun batch of cupcakes for the beach this summer!

  16. sweetcakes says: #17

    The crabs are adorable, but I really love the lollipop fish! Gotta try these out!

  17. Serene says: #18

    Wow…these are CUTE!! I’m going to have to try these for the next pool party we have!

  18. Tesla's Mom says: #19

    Such cute cupcakes! Perfect for a summer party! I love your blog! Makes me want to bake for sure!

  19. Renata cortese says: #20

    Melissa,these are beautiful!!!!! Im your fan!!!!!!!

  20. Hi Melissa! I just wanted to let you know I included your crab topper tutorial in a post on my blog! Here’s a link:

    link to

    Thank you for the fantastic inspiration – as always! : )

  21. Melissa Diamond says: #22

    Of course, thanks for the feature Heather! Love your site :0)

  22. Brandee Wells says: #23

    there all look good

  23. Krizza says: #24

    I love this beach theme! Great for summer get together. Thanks for the simple tutorial. :)

  24. Maureen Zaccaria says: #25

    These are so so so so cute!!! Love them!! Can’t wait to make these!! Thanks Melissa!!

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