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Beach Cake with Modeled Beach Couple! Cake Decorating Video Tutorial by!

Hi everyone! I'm excited about today's video--it's been a while since we've modeled people! Figure modeling and custom cake toppers are my favorite way to make a cake feel special and personal.

As the days are getting hotter, and school is letting out for the summer, I thought it would be a great time to make a "beach couple". I think that you'll also find our cake design to be really simple but so festive and fun! -

In Part One of our Video, you will learn how to make all of the body parts for our beach guy and girl. I will also begin assembling the girl by the end of the video.

In Part Two of our Video, I complete assembling the girl and guy, and also show how to give your cake the beachy effect that mine has with the help of some cookie sand, a fondant umbrella, surf boards, & a little "painting" with coloring gel/vodka.

Enjoy the tutorial!

Materials--This is a comprehensive list for both Part 1 & 2

Since the focus of this tutorial is not on the cake itself, but instead the people and fondant decorations, we went with styrofoam cake dummies.  I covered my dummies with Elizabeth Marek's Fondant (liked it!)--the dummies are 10"/6" tiers, with the 6" being 6" tall.

Templates for Surf Boards & Umbrella, and approx size guide for our figures

Gum paste-- I used Satin Ice.  If you don't have gp, you can also knead tylose into fondant (approx one rounded tablespoon per pound as a starting off point.) -

Coloring Gels- I used Americolor brand.  -- Copper (for skin), Lemon Yellow, Chocolate Brown, Electric Green, Turquoise, Sky Blue, Holiday Red, Orange, Deep pink

Paper Covered Floral Wire:  I used 20 gauge to connect body parts.  You have some flexibility here (some use wooden skewers, lollipop sticks,etc.)

Vanilla Wafer cookies- For Sand.  You could use a variety of crushed cookies or even cereal to get realistic looking sand.

Vodka or Lemon Extract- To mix with coloring gels for painting.  I used vodka.

Lollipop Stick -Umbrella handle

Food Coloring Pens-- I used what I had on hand--Americolor black pen, and misc. Food Writers

Piping Gel and Sugar Glue --or your "glues" of choice.  (Sugar glue is made by combining 2 tablespoons warm water with ¼ teaspoon of tylose powder.

Styrofoam-  Optional, but I like to use styrofoam to anchor my figures while working.

Piping Tips- Optional -- Wilton 12 for polka dots on surf board, small round for piping "seagulls" over the water.

Miscellaneous- Your usual supports of choice for tiered cakes, cake boards, cake base, etc. -

Small paint brushes, sharp knife or xacto, toothpicks, cocktail straws (barrier for floral wire)



Learn to make a beach cake in this video!


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