Wafer Paper Flowers- A Cake Decorating Video

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In this two part video, you will learn to make beautiful wafer paper flowers!

Wafer paper is a tasteless, edible paper made from potato starch, vegetable oil, and water.  

With these techniques, you can make an endless variety of delicate, lightweight accents for your cakes.  I really enjoyed creating the flowers that you will see in this tutorial, and cannot wait to continue experimenting with this versatile decorating medium.  Enjoy the video!

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(I am using cake dummies in my video that are frosted with a crusting buttercream (high ratio recipe).  To give you an idea of the dimensions, the large white flower is on an 8" round, The large pink rose is on 8",6" tiers, and the three tiered cakes are 8",6", and 4".)

Wafer Paper:  This can be found online in a number of online cake supply shops.  I found my pack of 8x11 sheets HERE. -

Circle Punch & Flower/Daisy Punch- I used a 3.5" circle punch to create petals for the large white flower and large pink flower.  I used a "daisy punch" for the patterned flowers on my 3 tiered cake.  These punches are not made specifically for wafer paper or cake decorating.  I bought them on the scrapbooking aisle of Michael's.  You could cut your shapes out with scissors if you prefer, but the punches greatly speed up the process!

Water or Vodka - This acts as adhesive for your petals, and also creates movement.  I use vodka because it dries so quickly but water works very well also.

Coloring Gel:  I used Americolor Deep Pink & Americolor Bright White

Dragees and Sugar Pearls - Optional.  I used gold dragees (8mm India Tree) for my white flower, and sugar pearls accents for my 2 tiered cake.

Lollipop Sticks- I used a lollipop stick for my white flower.

Scissors- Sharp, thin scissors are good for cutting out your shapes.

Paint brushes- I used for painting designs on my flowers as well as for dampening my petals

Fondant:  I used small balls of fondant for centers on my patterned flowers.

Piping Gel-  (Or your "glue" of choice).  I used for attaching my fondant centers.

Cake Combs- Optional.  I used a set of Wilton cake combs in the tutorial for combing my buttercream.

Enjoy the Videos!

We hope that you enjoy this tutorial on wafer paper flowers! Make sure to check out these other video tutorials as well for more wafer paper flower fun!:

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In Part One: Learn to make a beautiful large flower and pattered blossoms...


In Part Two: Learn to make beautiful, simple roses with dramatic results!


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  1. @Asra~ Here is a link to Wilton's Party Serving Chart:

    You'll see a column for batter amounts per pan (for 2 inch pans) for a two layer cake. This will give you an idea of the amount of batter needed to give you a 4" tall cake in a variety of sizes. (Of course you can split your layers after they are baked if you'd like additional (thinner) layers, or distribute the same amount of batter over more pans.

  2. Thanks a lot Melissa for your reply, love all your tutorials, and the cakes in this one are very pretty and elegant.

  3. I tried to use the wafer paper tonight and every time I applied the vodka, it would crumble. Any suggestions? Thank you.

  4. Hi Mary- I'm sorry that you are having trouble, give it a try with water and see if you like that better...you don't need much moisture at all, especially with water because it takes longer to dry. Is it crumbling as you try to roll it (as with the roses)? There may be a small learning curve as you get used to working with the wafer paper, but after experimenting a bit, I think you will really like it.

  5. @gracie~ That's a good question, but no, the wafer paper is much thinner than sugar sheets. I find wafer paper to be easier to work with, not to mention much less expensive. Sugar sheets are stiffer and thicker, and are not as versatile in creating delicate flowers & ruffles.

  6. Hi, I have been reading about different thickness of wafer paper, do you know how many millimeters of weight is the one you used? I read that o.22 mm is the one to use for flowers also called size 0.Thanks! Lissette

  7. Hi Melissa,
    Great tutorial, I love it but I'm having a problem with the large white flower. Mine kind of looks like a large cone. Please help.