Gold Sequin Cake with Wafer Paper Flower

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Today, I'm going to show you how to create a beautiful gold sequin cake.

Elegant Sequined Cake with Wafer Paper Flower- Member Video-

Why we Love It!

Sequined tiers continue to be an elegant trend in cake decorating.

There are a few different decorating techniques for this dressed-up look, and today I'm going to show you one of our favorites which involves chocolate chips! ;0)

We are also sharing an oversized wafer paper flower that is not only beautiful with it's layered petals, but also very simple to make! Enjoy the tutorial! -

Materials for Gold Sequin Cake:

While this cake decorating method would be beautiful in any size and shape of cake tier, we are using a 6" double barrel cake construction.

(If you have questions about double barrel cakes, you can find everything you need to know in our Double Barrel video tutorial. This construction involves two cake cardboards, and 4 supports within the bottom half of the tier.)

Buttercream (We used our fluffy vanilla buttercream recipe which is a medium consistency.)

White Chocolate Chips - We used Nestle (two 12 oz packages)

Gold Luster Dust (edible/non-toxic) -*see more details in notes below

Vodka or lemon extract (a high alcohol content allows the gold "paint" to dry quickly)

Soft paintbrush for applying gold paint

Coloring Gel- We tinted our buttercream with Americolor Gold for a golden/ivory shade.

For the Wafer Paper Flower

The wafer paper flower really takes our gold sequin cake to another level! You will love how simple it is to create.

Wafer paper - 3 sizes of petals...plan on approximately 6 petals each.

Lollipop stick for anchor

ball of gum paste or fondant

Dragees or your sugar pearls/sprinkles of choice for  the flower center

Pearl Dust (optional)

Table knife for curling petals

toothpick (or sharp tool)

*You may also enjoy these other cake tutorials that feature wafer paper flowers!: Marble Fondant Cake with Wafer Paper Flower, Wafer Paper Flowers, Decorating with Gold Leaf

Notes for Gold Sequin Cake

*Make sure that your gold luster dust is edible/non-toxic.  I used Rolkem Super Gold. If you have other favorite brands of edible gold luster, I would love to hear!  

While I really love the gold sheen of this brand, I haven't been able to find a US vendor--only Australia--so it takes a bit longer to arrive! ;0)

The container itself does not say edible/non-toxic...but the site that I ordered from did and so that's what I'm going with! Use whatever luster you'd like...silver, gold, pearl, would all be very striking.

*The chocolate chips do make for a heavy cake (much like a thick ganache), so make sure to use sturdy supports if doing a tiered cake!

Gold Sequins/Sprinkles Option

*At the end of the tutorial, I demonstrated using confetti sprinkles (glued to fondant with piping gel) which were then painted.

On the plus side, sprinkles can be applied much more quickly to the cake by the handful (over a pan to catch the excess!) 

However, I really liked the look of the chips because of the larger and therefore more reflective, the white makes for easy paint coverage. 

Both are great options though. Kara Andretta of Kara's Couture Cakes has a great YouTube video for very realistic gelatin sequins also if you are interested in researching other options!

 Enjoy the Video!

Thanks so much for stopping by! We hope that you enjoy this gold sequin cake tutorial!

The giant wafer paper flower would also be perfect on so many cakes- it makes a great, lightweight (but dramatic) accent!

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  1. Hi Melissa, I'm planning to make this today and I was wondering if this cake will be okay on a 100 degree weather. You think the chocolate chips will melt? Thanks!

  2. Hi Luna- Will the cake be outside? I would chill the cake before transporting and keep the cake indoors for as long as possible. You wouldn't want to keep it in that kind of heat for long. (Same with buttercream frosted cakes.)

  3. Hi! I made this cake in silver and used it as the top tier of a 25-th Anniversary cake. The silver "paint" made from vodka and luster dust didn't cover as well as the gold in your video. But, I went and got a spray can of Wilton silver spray color and did a couple of coats of that after the paint dried, and it looked great in the end. Thanks so much for this tutorial!