Peanut Butter Buttercream

This is one of my FAVORITE buttercream recipes.  It is fabulous with anything chocolate, pipes nicely, and is extremely addictive!  Add mini chocolate chips for a great filling variation!

Peanut Butter Buttercream recipe by


1c.   ( 256 grans)  peanut butter  Do Not Use Natural or Reduced Fat.  We have used Jif  and Peter Pan Creamy brands.
1/2 cup (1 stick)  (113 grams)  unsalted butter at room temp
2 c.  ( 230 grams)  Confectioner’s Sugar
3 Tablespoons  ( 33 grams ) milk
2 teaspoons  ( 8 grams ) vanilla extract
pinch of salt


Blend peanut butter and butter on low speed with electric mixer until fluffy.  Add sugar, milk, vanilla and salt.  Beat on low speed until fluffy again (2-3 minutes).  Yields approx. 3 cups of frosting. (OR- Add mini chocolate chips for a great filling in between cake layers!)

*I use this recipe most often for my Peanut Butter Chocolate Cakes.  Chocolate cake layers, peanut butter chocolate chip filling, and chocolate frosting.  Yum!

 ***Peanut butter brands labeled “Natural” that I have tried do not work as well with this recipe because the consistency isn’t as smooth & creamy.  I’ve used Jif & Peter Pan (Creamy) with good results!

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  1. kiahewett says: #1

    Someone should turn you in to the police. Because this is so good it should be ILLEGAL! Oh my gosh. What a great filling for chocolate cake. It’s amazing. Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

  2. Melissa Diamond says: #2

    Thanks Kia—I know–I LOVVVVE pb buttercream!!! :0)

  3. Melissa Quillen says: #3

    I made this today! It was so good I could just eat it with a spoon!!!!

  4. Suzan Darrell says: #4

    Will this frosting crust or keep it’s shape on cupcakes?

  5. Melissa Diamond says: #5

    Hi Suzan–it does crust over slightly. You should be able to smooth it with a Viva paper towel or roller. You can use it for swirls with no trouble.

  6. Orit Semiat says: #6

    Sorry, but does the T stand for tablespoon, or…?
    I’m just new here :)

  7. Melissa Diamond says: #7

    Hello-Yes, I’m sorry that we didn’t spell that out. T is tablespoon, and t is teaspoon. :0)

  8. lizzy cazalet-schencman says: #8

    So good! HOw long will this last in frig? Just made a batch, and need to do a cake in 2 weeks? Love this website!!!!!

  9. BeBe says: #9

    Hi Lizzy, it will be good in the refrigerator for 2 weeks as long as the perishable ingredients (milk, butter) don’t reach their expiration date. If that is a worry, you can freeze then bring to room temperature when you are ready to use and stir.

  10. Karen Reeves says: #10

    Made this frosting and it is DELICIOUS! After filling and crumb coating a 2-layer chocolate cake, I worried I might have to skimp on the frosting in order to cover my cake. So…I quickly made another batch and generously frosted my cake and still had a good bit of it left over. Getting ready to make some brownies and top with this peanut-buttery goodness! The cake was for a customer but the brownies will be for us to enjoy. YUM!! I’d suggest making a double batch if you plan to frost and decorate a cake with it. It crusted nicely and I was able to smooth with the Viva method. Also worked well for piping borders.

  11. Melissa Diamond says: #11

    Karen–thanks so much for the feedback! So glad that you liked it–I love it too! I’ve never frosted the outside of a cake with pb buttercream (I always use as a filling or maybe just the top of a cake) and so it is great to hear your tips!

  12. Kari Healey says: #12

    I recently made this…I am in love!! This is my new favourite filling. Thank you so much for the very simple, yet unbelievably yummy recipe!

  13. acerola says: #13

    Do you use a stiff buttercream dam when using this PB buttercream as filling? If so, do you use a stiff plain buttercream or do you make some of the PB buttercream stiff to use as a dam? Would this filling stay inside the cake and not ooze out from underneath the fondant?

  14. BeBe says: #14

    Yes, we do use a dam with this and you can stiffen up the PB buttercream or use stiff plain buttercream. Yes, it would be fine as a filling if covering your cake with fondant. Just treat this as you would your other buttercreams…….if you usually don’t make a dam for your fillings it would be fine not to use one with this…..personal preference. Hope this helps.

  15. acerola says: #15

    In the past I’ve used my own PB buttercream (I adapted from a regular buttercream, no exact recipe)and got bumps and lumps under the fondant. I pricked the fondant with a pin, already in the cake, and worked it thinking it was an air bubble but oil came out. It tasted like peanut oil. I stopped filling my chocolate cakes with that and stopped offering it to my friends as a flavor option on big cakes. Everyone loved eating that cake and I called it my Reese’s Cup Cake. (from Bake Me Joy)

  16. tubbyswife says: #16

    I made this for the first time at the weekend, but im not sure it came out right? Although it tasted good, the texture didnt seem right. It didnt seem very smooth in the mixing bowl, and the peanut butter and butter didnt really seem to fluff much in the beginning; it was quite runny, and when i added the sugar, it looked really grainy and dry (even though it wasnt to the touch). The final outcome looked alomost as if it was curdled, if that makes sense? I wish i had taken a picture now to try and explain it better. I’m not sure what I did wrong? I did try to convert the recipe to grams, perhaps I shouldnt have? But im not used to working with american measurements (cups etc) as Im in the uk. Any advice?

  17. BeBe says: #17

    Did you use a Creamy peanut butter? You will not have the same result if you use a peanut butter with Natural on the label. We usually use Jif or Peter Pan. It does have a different look in texture from buttercream…..just not sure without seeing yours. I’ll add gram weight to the recipe for you.

  18. Paula M. says: #18

    I made this today and it is truly wonderful! I filled chocolate cupcakes with it and put it in my pastry bag along side chocolate buttercream for a soft serve yogurt swirl effect. Then topped off with half of a reeses peanut butter cup. Holy Moly!! I want to try these two buttercreams together like on the exterior of a 6″ 3-4 layer cake where you “stripe” them horizontally and then use a spatula to smooth them around and together while the cake is on a wheel…like a watercolor effect…we shall see..:-)

  19. Desiree says: #19

    Melissa, I made this for filling a chocolate cake this week, adding mini chocolate chips, and it was fantastic! Everyone said it was the best chocolate peanut butter cake they’d ever had. It was delicious! Thank you so much for the recipes!

  20. Melissa Diamond says: #20

    Thank you Desiree & Paula M!!! This is one of my favorites too! Completely addictive ;0)

  21. Anny bakes... says: #21

    Hi, What brand of peanut butter do you usually use in this recipe?

  22. Melissa Diamond says: #22

    Hi Anny–I guess that JIF is what I usually go with! That’s the brand of PB I normally buy anyway ;0)

  23. Kate Wolf says: #23


    I have a very big cake coming up, and the client requested a chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream filling. The catch is that they want it decorated as a green brontosaurus, which means that I need to cover it with vanilla buttercream. Is that way too many flavors in one bite? Any opinions would be hugely appreciated!!

  24. Melissa Diamond says: #24

    Hi Kate–No, I think that will be fine! I’ve done many cakes with this same combination. ;0)

  25. Anne says: #25

    Hi Melissa, I am planning on making the PB buttercream within the next week. This may be a silly question, but, what type of milk are you using? We drink skim and 1%. Should I be using something else? Thank you

  26. BeBe says: #26

    Hi Anne, We use whole milk and 2% when we make this……I think it would still be fine using 1% . The peanut butter buttercream does not become as smooth as typical buttercream. We most often use it as a filling or to frost the top of a cake with chocolate frosting being on the outside of the cake. Be sure to use a Creamy peanut butter, we usually use Jif brand.
    Hope you like it.

  27. Nadeen says: #27

    Hi. Just wondering if you have a hazelnut filling recipe. For some reason I cannot find one. Thx :)

  28. BeBe says: #28

    I’m sorry, we do not have one

  29. Martha LeGall says: #29

    Hi Nadeen, I would just replace the peanut butter in this recipe with Nutella and follow the same directions for the peanut butter buttercream to make the hazelnut flavor buttercream. Hope this helps.

  30. Michele Carnevale says: #30

    Melissa this really is to die for! I’m new to the site and just now trying your recipes. I also made the Chocolate Buttercream and it is the best I’ve ever had. Thank you for sharing!!

  31. Shona Tan says: #31

    What is Viva/viva method?

  32. BeBe says: #32

    Hi Shona, Viva is the brand name for a paper towel that is very smooth without impressions. It is used to give a smooth look to buttercream.

    Here is a link to a video showing Melissa using the Viva towel method, link to

  33. paintmycake says: #33

    Looking forward to making this. I usually use Jif or Skippy Natural PB. Do you think this would change the recipe outcome at all? Peanuts, sugar, palm oil and salt. That’s it.

  34. BeBe says: #34

    Hi, The Natural peanut butter will not work as well. Use the standard peanut butter, it usually says Creamy on the container. We most often use Jif brand.

  35. paintmycake says: #35

    Has anyone made the this recipe, wrapping the cake in modeling chocolate? What do you think? Would it be just too much or…..mmmmm perfect combination.
    Thank you.

  36. Melissa Diamond says: #36

    Never tried it, but sounds perfect to me ;0)

  37. paintmycake says: #37

    Hi Melissa, I made this last night and it was delicious, but very thick and dense. I’d love to make it fluffier for my chocolate cake,t hat I will wrap with chocolate. Can I use whipping cream of heavy cream to make it a fluffier filling? If so, can you suggest how I would do this? Thanks.

  38. paintmycake says: #38

    I figured it out and made the PB buttercream substituting whipping cream for the 3 Tbsp of milk- it is heavenly and will be perfect for my cake. I was afraid that the thickness do the other recipe would make my chocolate wrapped cake too rich like a PB cup. Also, I do think that it may have been thicker the 1st time because I used Jif Natural PB. So I switched to regular Jif PB instead. Since I just made 2 changes at the same time not sure, but I do think it had something to do with it. Yummy.

  39. Melissa Diamond says: #39

    Hi “paintmycake”! I’m so sorry that I did not get back to your question in time– it was on my list and somehow I missed it. So glad that you were happy with the consistency with the whipping cream added (and the different brand of pb) — I bet that it was the whipping cream that had the most to do with the consistency change. You are making me crave pb buttercream now! haha ;0) –Thanks for the update!

  40. Paula M. says: #40

    I have a customer who wants peanut butter buttercream vertical ruffles and rosettes. Do you think this recipe will hold up as ruffles/roses? I am afraid of ruffles keeling over and rosettes falling or sliding…help!

  41. Melissa Diamond says: #41

    Hi Paula– I actually just made some peanut butter buttercream & experimented with piping the vertical ruffles on the side of a glass. Seems to hold it’s shape just fine! :0) Good luck, let us know how it goes!

  42. Paula M. says: #42

    I love this recipe and have received rave reviews on it. I think next I will make brownies, then layer this peanut butter buttercream over the brownies, then layer with ganache for the final layer…maybe some crushed peanut butter cups on top of the peanut butter buttercream..or on top of the ganache. Oh man, I need a glass of milk just thinking about it!

  43. Melissa Diamond says: #43

    I need a glass of milk too!! Sounds SO good! Love anything pb & chocolate.

  44. Barbara says: #44

    Super idea !! Is the confectionary sugar just regular white sugar ?
    Thank you xxx

  45. Kim S. says: #45

    I have left over fluffy vanilla buttercream and am wondering if I could mix peanut butter into that versus making a whole new batch of pb buttercream?

  46. BeBe says: #46

    Hi Barbara, Confectioners’ sugar is also known as powdered sugar in the US. In some countries it is called icing sugar. Regular white sugar is granulated sugar.

    Hi Kim, We have not tried that but it might work. I would experiment by taking out about 1 cup of the Fluffy and mixing in peanut butter to see if when the taste is what you want, the consistency will be good for spreading and piping…

  47. leena kothari says: #47

    Thanks f the recipe, can y send me eggless red velvet cake…., please…. I need this as soon as possible. ?.

  48. Denise Oliver says: #48

    Hi All.. I have a question about this pb frosting recipe. Will it be stable enough and crust enough to use under fondant? I am making a carved chocolate cake and customer is requesting peanut butter (either ganache, if there is such a thing, or pb frosting) and the cake needs to be covered in white fondant. Will this recipe work for this? Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

  49. BeBe says: #49

    Hi Denise, It does have a light crust. We have not used it under fondant, but I think it would work….chilling the cake before you lay on the fondant. I’m sorry that we don’t have a peanut butter ganache, that does sound delicious.

  50. Denise Oliver says: #50

    Thank you BeBe! :)

  51. Jenny Sipes says: #51

    Since this recipe does not contain shortening, should it be refrigerated prior to transportING in a car?

  52. BeBe says: #52

    Hi Jenny, It is not necessary , but whenever possible it is a good idea to refrigerate this and other cakes that are going to be transported.

  53. kakelover says: #53

    Will the cake need to be refrigerated using this filling or as frosting for cupcakes?

  54. BeBe says: #54

    Hi kakelover, You will not need to refrigerate the peanut butter frosting. We think all butter creams are best when eaten by the third day when they are not refrigerated.

  55. Cheryl says: #55

    Great for whoopie pie filling too!

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