Wedding Dress Cake Tutorial

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Today, I'm going to show you how to make a beautiful wedding dress cake!

This Wedding Gown Cake is perfect for Bridal Showers! Member Video by Online Cake Decorating Tutorials, Videos, & Recipes!

Inspiration for the Wedding Dress Cake

In this video tutorial, you will learn to make an elegant wedding dress cake.  

As I researched for my design, I found several beautiful wedding dress cakes online.  I also considered lots of possible styles for the dress form.

I was inspired by the vintage forms that I found online, which had decorative metal pieces for a more whimsical feel.  I really enjoyed putting my own spin on this fun, yet impressive bridal shower cake!  Please see below the video for details on materials, notes, etc.  Enjoy the video!


Materials for Wedding Dress cake

6 inch cake (I used White Almond Sour Cream), three two inch layers to form the skirt of the dress.

12 inch cake layer  (I used a single 2" layer for this)

Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream

Cardboard Cake Circles (for beneath dress and beneath 12" round.)

Wilton Tip 2- For small bead border around cake Fondant with tylose kneaded into it. (I use Satin Ice)

White Chocolate Ganache (Optional.  This is what I used beneath my fondant layer)

Black Fondant (I used pre-colored Satin Ice black with tylose kneaded into it) for the dress form

Royal Icing-- Optional.  I used this for the pearl necklace and details on the fondant.You could also use a crusting vanilla buttercream. 

Colors Used:  I used Americolor Super Black, Americolor Teal, Americolor Chocolate Brown, Americolor Ivory

Floral Wire- I used 20 gauge, paper covered wire.  Any gauge that can be bent/curled, yet hold it's shape is good.

Vodka- Optional.  I used this to create "paint" to color my floral wire.

Paint Brushes-- For painting the floral wire.  I also use the handles as a modeling tool.

Tylose Sugar/Tylose Glue  (¼ teaspoon warm water plus 2 Tablespoons tylose)

Stir Straw- Good if you'd like a barrier between the floral wire and the cake (referring to the anchor for the coat stand)

Bubble Tea Straws- (or your preferred method of support) - placed beneath the dress cake.

Lollipop Sticks  (Anchor the form)

Fondant Rolling Pin

Disco Dust/Pixie Dust Pearl Dust

Tulle- For wedding veil

Alphabet Clay Embossing Set--Optional (Used to stamp "Here Comes the Bride" in fondant)--


Additional Notes

You may have noticed that in rolling out/cutting the fondant sections for the skirt  of the dress, I did not measure at all.  

The sections were not necessarily the same width, and it really doesn't matter because once the folds are created, it flows nicely and appears to be all one piece.  

For the length, I cut off the excess fondant  when I was finished applying sections of fondant around the cake.  You may have noticed all of this from our video but I wanted to make sure that I explained this!  

Size of the small Wedding Dress Cake

My wedding dress cake (top tier) is not a difficult cake to make, and you will be so proud of the results!  I did want to emphasize that the carved down 6" tier is not going to yield many servings.  

For me, it is more of a focal point--it may serve approximately 6 and is meant to go on top of another tier.

Enjoy the Video!

Thanks so much for stopping by! We hope that you will give this wedding dress cake a try. It would be so beautiful for bridal showers!

You can find even more bridal shower cake inspiration here!: Bridal Shower Cakes 


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  1. Hi Melissa, video is not loading for me, of the videos are ok...which I am grateful for... I just recently joined, and in time for my recovery from surgery... your videos distract me from the pain...hopefully, I get to do the techniques when I am up and about.

  2. Hello! I"m sorry for those who were not able to see this video! We discovered at the end of November that we were not receiving e-mail notifications of comments left beneath videos. That issue is fixed now but I'm sorry for those who have been waiting on this video!

    I think that it should be fixed now--I just reloaded it. Are you able to see now?

    (@Paper and Flour--Get well soon! xo)

  3. I would like to make this as a shower cake for approx. 35 people. Do you think it would work to add one more 12 inch layer.... maybe with a cake board between the layers?

  4. Hi Melissa--Yes, I think that would be fine. You'll have leftovers as even the "party servings" for Wilton say that a 12" (2 layer) will serve 40.

    You could also go with a 2 layer 10 inch cake which would sever approximately 28 according to Wilton's party servings. In addition to the 6 or so servings you could get from the dress, you would be right around your target number.

    (Also, at showers, and especially if there will be other food served, servings are often cut a little smaller) --

    You could go with a cake board between the two layers if you want to go with a shorter serving size with no filling. Or, each serving could be two layers--either way, you'll come out with around the same number of servings.

    Here's Wilton's Party serving chart in case you need it--

    There are others in our "Member Resources" section under "Helpful Links". Excited that you are making this ;0)

  5. The bride wants the wedding dress as a take home. Would making a double layer base cake be out of portion? What filling is preferable when I would only use butter cream for the dam?