Sweet Woodland Owls Cake

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Today's Sweet Woodland Owls cake was so much fun to make!

In this free cake video tutorial, we'll show you how to create a textured buttercream stump cake with a heart shaped opening for two cute little owls! 

This cake design would be perfect for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or woodland themed baby showers! You could also experiment with putting different little animals in the opening ;0) 

Sweet Woodland Owls Cake Tutorial

Enjoy the tutorial!

Materials for Woodland Owls Cake

This is a four layer 6 inch double barrel cake, filled with vanilla buttercream. It is resting on a cake cardboard and also has a cake cardboard (trimmed down) halfway up with three bubble tea straw supports.

This cake design would also be cute as a top tier, or for other sizes of tiers. The cake is frosted with our Classic Chocolate Buttercream. (The lighter shades are a combination of vanilla bc + chocolate bc)

Templates for Owls and Heart

Fondant for owls and mushrooms. I used about 46 grams for the owls. Add additional for desired amount of mushrooms, etc.(We kneaded in a small amount of tylose so that it would firm up more quickly).

Heart shaped cutter or template

Small offset spatula(s)

Coloring gels: Americolor Super Red & Yellow, Americolor Avocado Green + a touch of Wilton Leaf green for leaves, Black for ladybugs

Piping Tips: Small round tip 3 (vines around heart as well as dots for mushrooms & flowers), Grass Tip 233, Leaf tip 352

Sprinkles: Optional- I added on one Wilton heart sprinkle as a last minute detail (optional) above the owls.

Piping Gel or edible "glue" of choice. 

Edible Ink Pen/Foodwriter in black for details on owls.

Miscellaneous: Disposable piping bags, couplers, pedestal or cake base, small paintbrush & toothpick(s), ball tool for owl eyes,  

Notes for Stump Cake:

After adding your middle cake cardboard (with dowels beneath), make sure to make the "front" of the cake so that you will know which side to cut the heart from. 

Use my templates as guide, but you may need to adjust the size based on what makes sense for the size of your cake, etc. 

Sweet Woodland Owls Cake Tutorial

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Enjoy the Video!

Thanks so much for stopping by! We hope that you enjoy this sweet owl cake & tree stump tutorial!

You could easily apply these techniques to other cake designs as well- or change things up and put one little owl with a party hat on, or another little animal. 

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  1. I absolutely love it! The design, colours and owls - perfection! :-) I hope I have an opportunity to make one! :-)

  2. Hi Marlene, I'm sorry that you are having viewing issues. I just checked and am able to view as usual on my laptop & phone (I skipped from beginning to middle to end to make sure).

    It's hard to say what could cause the choppy video playback as there are many possible causes. It is likely a temporary issue. Here are some things to try: Visit the site in a different browser, restart device, reboot modem/router by turning it off for a minute and back on again, your browser could need an update, your network speed may be having a temporary issue, etc. -

    A temporary solution (aside from visiting the site in a different browser) is to click the bottom right corner of the video to adjust the video quality. This isn't ideal, but if you go one step down in quality, your computer or device may be able to play the video as it will load more quickly. Feel free to send an e-mail to info@mycakeschool.com if you continue to have issues!

  3. Just the perfect design. Cakes settled a little too much and I have to give smaller owl a tonne of extra feathers after smudging it but generally very pleased how it came out.