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Today we made the cutest EASY Puppy Cake tutorial for you! This is such a sweet cake idea for children's birthday parties, or dog lovers of any age, and perfect for decorators of all skill levels!


How to Make a Cute and Easy Puppy Cake

First, I frosted a 6", two layer cake with vanilla buttercream. (We used our Classic Vanilla Buttercream recipe.)

How to Make a Puppy Cake! A free cake decorating tutorial by MyCakeSchool.com!

Next, I tinted some of my fondant with ivory coloring, rolled it out on a lightly greased countertop, and cut out a 3 ½ inch circle.

Learn how to make a Puppy Cake in this free My Cake School cake decorating tutorial!

While my fondant was still soft, I used a toothpick to draw my puppy's mouth. You could also just pipe it on or use an edible marker. I also used the sharp point of the toothpick to give him "freckles".

Such a cute Puppy Cake! Learn to make it in our free Puppy Cake Tutorial! MyCakeSchool.com.

I added small little black fondant eyes and a nose. You can improvise with buttercream, candy pieces, etc. if you'd rather not use fondant. I brushed the nose with a little stroke of light corn syrup for shine.

Learn how to make a sweet puppy cake in this free MyCakeSchool.com cake decorating tutorial!

Next, puppy ears! I kneaded a little tylose into some chocolate fondant so that they would dry more quickly.

Cute Puppy Cake Tutorial! Learn to make this easy Puppy Cake in MyCakeSchool.com's free cake decorating tutorial!

I rolled out the fondant, cut out 2 ½ inch circles and slightly elongated them. You could leave them floppy--or you could pipe chocolate candy melts/candy coating ear shapes onto parchment paper and chill until set. Our little guy is starting to come together!

Free step by step cake tutorial for a CUTE Puppy Cake! MyCakeSchool.com Online Cake Tutorials and Recipes!

I used the edge of my cutter to snip away and slightly narrow the tops of the ears. (Optional)

Cute Puppy Cake! Free Cake Tutorial by MyCakeSchool.com! Online cake classes and recipes!

After the ears had dried enough to hold their shape, I placed them on.

Adorable Puppy Cake Tutorial by MyCakeSchool.com! Free step by step cake tutorial!

I gave him a little puppy hairdo with tiny little pieces of fondant. Piped buttercream would be sweet too!

Cute Puppy Cake Tutorial by MyCakeSchool.com! This free step by step cake decorating tutorial is great even for beginners!

Next, a little pink fondant tongue (teardrop shaped)--

Adorable Puppy Cake Tutorial by MyCakeSchool.com! Online Cake Tutorials and Recipes! (Free Step by Step!)

Almost done! I made a red fondant collar/bottom border & made a little yellow doggie tag. (I embossed with a little plastic "stone stamp" with the #2...sweet for a 2 year old!) -- This is a totally optional step as you can easily use a food writer or piped number for your fondant tag...but in case you're curious I used this Stone Stamp Set (aff.).

Adorable Puppy Cake Tutorial by MyCakeSchool.com! Free step by step cake decorating tutorial, perfect even for beginners!

Around this time, I started wondering if Puppy should have a brown patch of fur around his eye...hmmmmm.....so this is what that would look like....

But in the end, I stuck to the original design :0) ...and we're DONE!! Woo hoo!!

Adorable Puppy Cake Tutorial by My Cake School! Online Cake Decorating Tutorials and Recipes! (Free step by step tutorial)
Sweet Puppy Cake Decorating Tutorial by MyCakeSchool.com! Free Step by Step Tutorial. Online Cake Tutorials and Recipes!

Another Sweet Puppy Cake!

*You may also like our cute Fluffy Puppy Cake tutorial which is in the Member Section of our site. This cake design is surprisingly simple and so much fun to make .

Cute and Easy Fluffy Puppy Cake Tutorial by MyCakeSchool.com! This adorable dog cake would be perfect for dog lovers as well as young birthdays!


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  1. Hi Liz! Yes, I almost always frost my cakes on a turntable. The cake is on it's own cardboard cake circle cut down to the size of the cake. After frosting the cake, I like to chill it in the freezer for about 10 minutes (or until the frosting is firm). Then, I carefully slide it off of the turntable with the help of a spatula and onto my hand. It's best if the frosting is firm because you don't have to worry about accidentally touching the frosting when you transfer it to the cake base or pedestal.

    I use a 9" angled spatula (rounded) like this one most of the time:

    Hope this helps!

  2. What a nice puppy cake tutorial. Thanks for sharing it here. I must try this at new years party. Thanks for it.