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Owl Love You Forever! Today I'm sharing the most adorable owl themed cake decorating video!

In this free cake video tutorial, you will learn to create simple {but precious!} fondant owls and buttercream balloons. As someone who LOVES owl themes, this simple "Owl Love You Forever" cake design makes me so happy!

Keep this  sweet owl cake design in mind for all sorts of occasions from Valentine's Day and Anniversaries to baby showers and birthdays!

No matter what your cake decorating skill level, this cute cake design is totally doable! In fact, you can transfer this same idea to fit a one tier cake or sheet cake of any size. Have fun with it!


Precious "Owl Love You Forever" Free Owl Cake Decorating Video Tutorial by MyCakeSchool.com!


How to Make Fondant Owl Cake Decorations

*You can find the full, printable how-to below, but here is a basic rundown of how we made our sweet owls for this cake!

  • I kneaded a little bit of tylose powder into the fondant but that is an optional step. Doing this just makes them dry a little more quickly.


  • Using a medium sized round circle cutter, I cut out a pink circle and a green circle of fondant for the owls' bodies. Then, I used the same cutter to cut a little notch out of the top of the circles, giving it a more owl-like shape and creating the ears!


  • The eyes are just circles cut from piping tips- the larger size was cut using the round end of a 2D piping tip (and large tip is fine) and the smaller circles are cut using a standard size piping tip. 


  • The texturing of the owls is optional- I used a 2D tip to texture their bodies.


  • The beak and wings are also shaped from fondant, and I added a little bow for the girl!


  • The eyes are drawn in with a food coloring pen, and then I added a small dot of white buttercream to that also.


  • The owls are attached to the cake with buttercream.


**This same process could be used to make owl cake toppers also for another cake design! If you go this route, I would either make them from gum paste or add even more tylose powder to the fondant so that they will dry very firm. Allow a day or two to dry. Then attach a lollipop stick to the back of the owls with a lightly dampened strip of fondant so that they can more easily be anchored into the top of the cake.


Owl Love You Forever!- Free Cake Decorating Video

Free Owl Cake Tutorial

This sweet Owl Cake is simple to create and perfect for so many occasions! Keep it in mind for Valentine's Day and anniversaries as well as children's birthdays and baby showers! We love owl themed cake designs!


  • Materials:
  • For this cake, we used 8 inch and 6 inch tiers. Both tiers are resting on their own cake cardboards cut down to size, and the top tier is resting on 4 bubble tea straw supports cut to the height of the bottom tier.
  • The cake that we are working with today consists of 8" & 6" stacked tiers, frosted with our Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream recipe. The tiers are stacked as usual, with 4 bubble tea straws beneath the top tier. Each tier is on it's own cake board. 
  • Fondant
  • Tylose Powder (I like to add a little to my fondant as an optional but helpful step to speed along dry times and add elasticity)
  • Coloring Gels: We used Wilton Rose, Americolor Electric Green, & Lemon Yellow
  • Black Coloring Pen for the Owl's eyes
  • Letter Mold- Optional.
  • Circle Cutter (Ours was 2 ¼ inches. Use whatever size you like.)
  • Piping Tips- 2D and standard size tip for cutting our circles, Tip 2 for balloon strands, Tip 4 for bead border, Tip 12 for balloons
  • Piping Gel


  • Roll fondant to about ⅛ or less in thickness.
  • For the owl bodies: Cut out a circle of pink and a circle of green. Add texture if you'd like. I added texture using the tip of a 2D piping tip. Then, cut away the very top portion of the circles using the same circle cutter to shape the top of the owl's head/ears.
  • Next, use a 2D (or other large) piping tip to cut out two smaller sets of circles (I did a set of yellow and set of pink)- These will go behind the eyes. And then the wide end of a regular sized piping tip to cut out 4 white circles for the eyes.
  • Layer the owl eyes onto the owl bodies, using a little piping gel or tylose glue to adhere. Shape little yellow beaks out of fondant and attach with piping gel. (You could add teardrop shaped wings to the owls at this point as well...but I waited until I placed them on the cake.0
  • After several minutes, when the eyes feel dry to the touch, you can add black dots to the eyes with a food coloring pen.
  • Attach the owls to the cake with buttercream.
  • Attach teardrop shaped fondant wings with a little buttercream as well as their feet.
  • Give the girl a little fondant bow (I attached with piping gel)
  • Add little white dots of buttercream to the center of the eyes with a tip 4
  • Add pink buttercream balloons to the top tier using a piping tip 12.
  • Add strings with a piping tip 4, leading down to the owls' wings.
  • Add the fondant letters to the cake.


  1. Roll out fondant
YouTube video


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Free Owl Cake Tutorial- Owl Love You Forever! This sweet cake is perfect for kids birthdays, baby showers, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, and more!





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